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Lost Planet 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Take two.

| | See all barney12's reviews (9)

Ill be honest i bought this on day of release and traded it in the next day. After being an avid fan of the first game i stuck this in the system and thought it was a load of crap. I was aproaching it from the wrong angle. Ive just bought it again and given it a second chance. It is a brilliant game. It is co op orientated and there are still people playing it online however you can make do playing single player. I think i went into the game originially with the wrong mindset. Graphics are amazing gameplay is solid. couldnt recommend this enough.

  an awesome sci-fi shooting game!

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

Insane weapons, huge aliens and crazy environments! What is there not to like? It has a nice single player campaign and it is also fun with multi-player and co-op. This game definitely didn't disappoint me and is one of my favorite 3rd person shooters on the PS3.

  alright game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

not a bad game good enimes , levels , weapons if not a little short and not one for the trophy lovers

  the updates and patches makes this acracker.

| | See all clairebear8's reviews (3)

after playing through the 1st one whitch i furrely enjoyed,abit short but thats like most games today,i decided 2 give the 2nd one a go dispite all the negative reviews i.e a complex story,screen tearing,lack of hints in what to do,but once u update the game with all the patches that capcom gave 4 free,in my mind it turns out 2 be a cracker of a game even better than the ist,bigger guns,bigger bosses and twice the fun,so if u r in doubt give a go and have a absalute blast.

  love it or hate it

| | See all tomd23's reviews (8)

alot of people dislike this game but i love it, the variety of weapons, monsters and locations are amazing and the set pieces are some of the best ive played.If u play with co op u get a real sense of achievement when u bring down a huge monster with your friends


| | See all siyatola's reviews (9)

my 1st impression of this game were that i hated it,the beginning missions were over in a matter of minutes and that really put me off.so with selling it in mind i held off and gave it another chance,and now im so glad i did.after the short chapters it gets so much better. the gameplay is excellent,the AKRID can be tough at times but thats part of the challenge.the boss battles are always great because of the sheer size of the things.so give it a go,i did and loving it.

  Not for me.

| | See all hollowimmunity's reviews (11)

Never played the first game but brought this one purely because i saw there was a split screen multiplayer option and the trailer looked pretty good.

Graphics look fine, play is quick, but there is nothing hear to make me play the game for an hour nevermind go back to it for a second play.

The split screen mode would have kept me interested but the screen split is so small (i.e. not 50% or even 40% of your TV) that unless you have a mega sized TV there is not much point because you can't see anything.

I can see why people would get in to this game but as the title says,it's not for me.

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| | See all beef2017's reviews (2)

Not bad. Having not played the first one i can't really compare the two, however i cannot stop playing it! i love the easy play style of the controls, the decent graphics, range of levels and weapons.
my only dissapointment is having a fruit machine style unlock bonus scheme. It can be frustrating at times and brutal. facing a VS with nothing but a machine gun, mind you it was on hard.
overall i think its a buy, mixed gameplay, ok onlineand a great campaign.

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  Like Marmite - It's a love or hate thing

| | See all GiggleBerry's reviews (1)

I've not played through the entire campaign but so far I've enjoyed every minute of it. I can't understand why the reviewers rate it so low. OK yeah the AI is not the best but it is at it's best when playing the campaign with other people online. The controls can get some getting used to, but I found using Type B in the options suited me better.
I've had a couple of goes on the online game and was quite impressed considering the bad reviews. The only negative thing is that the game suits to small to medium size maps and not the larger scale ones.
The graphics are nice, and to me it is a good shooter with some epic battles with the Akrid. The VS's are a nice touch especially the ones where one person does the driving and 2 other people can get on the turrets on the side.
All in all it is good mindless fun maybe it's not for everyone Ok it's not brilliant but I like it and to me it doesn't deserve some of the bad reviews because it has alot of good points which overcome the bad points.

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  could have been better

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

ok first off the campaign, i haven't played it all the way through yet but it doesnt feel as good as the first game's. you don't really follow a set path around a character but you play episodes from different army's or watever. there's no connection with the characters whatsoever though. it's split into episodes each about 15mins in length with about 4-5 episodes in each chapter. the one annoying thing is that if you die you go back to the start of the chapter NOT the epidsode, which can make it tedious to have to keep replaying the same episodes over and over. Also, you aren't alone you can have up to 3 additional players on your team (either AI controlled or by people online) it does help to have other people fighting with you but the AI isn't that great and if you play with these characters you'll probably end up doing most of the work. The campaign gets 3 stars for me because although it can be frustrating it looks good and the bosses are pretty epic, but i'd recommend playing online rather than the AI.

On to the online play, i never really played the online from the 1st one but this one seems pretty good. It hasn't really pushed the boat out, just 3 match types available (deathmatch/team deathmatch/capture the flag) but the variation in each match is quite fun and unique. Numerous mech's/VS suits scattered around, shotguns, rocket launchers & also your grappling hook which is great for getting around the maps (which are pretty well designed) i'd give the online 4 stars as it's a nice change from all the fps' & the use of mech's/mobile armour suits/vs' makes it more fun to play.

Overall i'll give it 4 out of 5 it's a pretty good package but they should have done a more original and involving storyline like the first one and fleshed out the online but it's still fun to play. Also it's not a bad price for 30 quid