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PlayStation Move: Motion Controller

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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  Surprisingly Good

| | See all EssexLad's reviews (52)

Let me start by saying i was not really looking forward to the Move being released. Im a huge PS3 fan, ive a few friends who own the Wii and ive always hated playing it. Then i got 2 Move controllers for Xmas and since then i havnt been able to put them down. They are really accurate even when playing at night with the lights in the room off.

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  The future is here - Simply Awesome!

| | See all BeBeejay's reviews (1)

IGNORE the reviews complaining about accuracy.

These people probably own or play the Wii. Let me make this clear. These people think flailing your arms around assuming you are at one with your console is an idea of gameplay. They have been sold short and THEY WILL be disappointed with the Move.

If you have no co ordination YOU WILL HATE this system (initially).

However like everything, with time, patience and practice you will become better and become amazed. This system separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of console peripherals and is a genuine attempt to integrate the virtual world into reality.

1:1 tracking is here. Table Tennis on SC is an awesome display of this, lag is practically non-existent.

Play in low light, even dark? No problem as the glowing orbs allow the Eye Cam to track you with pinpoint accuracy (with different colours so you know whos belong to who, nice touch)

There seems to be a general attempt to denigrate this system as some sort of Wii clone but slightly better.

Utter rubbish, I own both a 360 & PS3 and am no fanboy.

This is to Motion Control Systems what Blue Ray is to DVD i.e., Blue Ray, like DVD's play movies but is infinitely better in terms of quality and content.

If the Move is this good from launch I can only imagine what treats are in store once developers get used to the system, look at the initial games on the PS3 a few years ago compared to recent games and those coming onto the PS3 now and in the future.

A must have if you own a PS3 or any SERIOUS GAMER for that matter.


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  good but

| | See all bestoffilmngame's reviews (49)

this is very good but everyone
seems to be putting it against the wii
i have found the wii easyer to use
for one its much easyer to use sitting down
ie no camera so u dont have to be slap bang in front of tv

i like playing games in the dark at night saves on the elec bill
camera cant really see you in the dark
so yes this is very good but it depends on the camera very much maybe a bit to much
not so much of a problem but when you put it in a gun
doesnt look as good as the wii gun ie how can it look like a gun with a dirty great ball on the front
but hay each to there own
seen a lot of these sold 2nd hand on playtrade so there not for everybody

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  I like it

| | See all Awayze's reviews (18)

To the person below me saying you have to sit slap bang in the middle, well you don't, for one my camera is usually pointing towards the right side of my TV, don't ask how but it's because of the USB wire and well I've move say at least 45 degrees to each side of the TV and the Move still works.
Never got a Wii but no need for a Wii now, is there if you got hardcore and Wii like games on just one console...

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  Play in the Dark

| | See all irlandes's reviews (1)

I'm not sure if the first reviewer on the list has used the Move because he reports issues with playing it sitting down and in the dark.

I have played Shoot and Heavy Rain sitting down in the dark, on a projector screen with no problems. In fact, because of the light on the Move, it works even better in the dark, bright light is what Move doesn't like so much.

The Move has so many advantages over the other types of controller and can be used in true games like shoot-em-ups as well as the Party type games that the others are aimed at.

Get it (if you can find one in stock!)

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  This make any WII player cry....

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

When I buy my PS3, I dont imagine that nintendo will release a console like WII, and I have to admited that i was tented to buy one,but then they noticed about the move, and all was diferent then. Thanks Sony for this controller. Keep IT this good work.

  A work of art

| | See all blastercast's reviews (4)

When i recieved my playstation move controller i held it in my hand and felt at one with it, its perfect. Then i got some demos off the store and now i am addicted, the wii had its day but the playstation move is something special. Buy this now, no doubts needed

  Must have for PS3

| | See all hwlife's reviews (3)

It is bit shame that PS3 wasn't launched with PS Move. Initially I just bought one, to test it out. I have to say that it really impressed me. The built quality is excellent, accuracy is sometimes too accurate which gives you really a challenge not to do mistakes as system reads even a small tiny movements. I like more hardcore games, meaning mostly sitting on my couch and enjoying playing. It does not mean I am a lazy person, I do exercises almost every day -running etc., but don't really like to just stand infront of tv and wave my hands. If you own PS3 then just go and buy it, you won't regret I can guranttee you this. Games coming like KZ3 etc. will just blow you away.

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| | See all andrew2you's reviews (9)

Its really good and so much better than the wii the graphics on games such as sports champions are beautiful.
my only worry is will developers carry on making stunning games with the ps3s ability to have hd graphics or will they just make games which they can just put on the wii and moves by compromising the graphics

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