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PlayStation Move: Motion Controller

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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  This is the future.

| | See all JezKun's reviews (6)

Got earlier this week, and I have to say it delivers what it promises and then some. Every little movement you make is tracked, unlike with the Wii. Sports Champions is a great showcase game for this hardware, I definitely recommend buying SC with the move.

  No reason not to

| | See all wardie1's reviews (4)

There are 24 reviews that were written before mine and all say that words 'Precise' and 'Accurate'. These two words have been used time and time again, because they describe the product perfectly. As we can all admit, these are the wii motion controllers just so much better. The Kinect will be coming onto the market soon and I would predict it will sell much more, as it will have that new wow factor. I do however not believe it will be the better product. The Move has so much potential. There is a limit to what you can do with out a controller and a limit to what you would actually want to do without a controller. At the end of the day the next gen in motion controller needed to be much more responsive and precise. This is exactly what Sony have managed to do. Call it a wii remote with a ball on top if you like, but give it a try and you'll see what the fuss is about. I know my mate will purchase a Kinect, I'll have a go and I'll find it fun at first, but I know I will come back to Move for longevity. This will work for casual gaming and for more serious gaming. It's a win win.

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| | See all Exley51's reviews (3)

10 minutes into Racket Sports I was dripping sweat. Very precise and an amazing experince. Being a hemiplegic (can't move my left arm or hand) this was awesome for me. Being able to playTennis again after 4 years was just fantastic. A clear evolution from Wii's concept.

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| | See all MarkGi's reviews (20)

This really is good. It makes the WiiMote look rubbish by comparison,. The intial games are really good, I love Echochrome II, Sports Champions and the Jenga game.

If you have a PS3, you need one of these (or the pack that included the camera), if you don't have a PS3, then you need to get one. This is where the party starts! Your HDTV will love you for it.

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| | See all plankrider's reviews (26)

So accurate and responsive! Sports champions is so much fun and MAG and Heavy Rain are really intuitive too!
Ive used this and kinect and will take this over kinect any day. Kinect was buggy, lagged (ALOT) and the games sucked. I highly recommend PS MOVE.


| | See all snooks's reviews (9)

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy gaming using the Wii like controllers but from the first minute of using it I was blown away. The sensitivity of the controllers are amazing and 1080p graphics for the games just makes this a must buy. Can't wait until some of the better games such as Killzone come out for this.

  Move over Wii

| | See all christhegooner's reviews (2)

The playstation move idea had me in two minds, will it be amazing or will it be awful especially having previously owned a Wii and getting bored with that. Thankfully the move is amazing. I have the sports champion game and i love it, the beach bowls game is great when you can throw the balls off sign posts etc... volley ball is alright as is the archery but the battle game is immense and i will be playing that more and more. I reccommend buying two sets of motion controlers and navigation controllers and invite friends round especially after a drink or two.
Overal this move by sony has been really good now i just hope they support it with loads of great games (waiting for play to deliver R.U.S.E - cant wait to try that out), come on sony give us a good cricket game for the move controlers :-)

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  Better then Wii,

| | See all nastynick93's reviews (23)

This is the best thing to happen to the ps3, i had a wii got rid of it for this, cant speak highly enough for it and i cant wait to see what games are going to come for this. if there is one thing you must buy its this!

  It just feels right

| | See all Dannehkins's reviews (18)

I will mainly focus on the actual motion controller in this review. Although, there are some reviews present on the 'PlayStation Move: Starter Pack' which describe the games that you can enjoy.

The first thing that should catch your attention is the orb on the top. It is not solid, it is in fact squidgy. It offers an array of different colours as you may of noticed, which look fantastic if you are playing in the dark. The technology behind PlayStation Move, means the colour and the intensity of that colour changes depending on the light in the room; thus, allowing the PlayStation Eye to accurate track the orb.

It also is very light. I was pleasantly surprised when I first got it in my hand. You would expect it to have some weight behind it, but it justs fits nice and comfortably in your hand; it just feels right as my title states.

The tracking is truly 1:1 and there really nothing else to say, but that it is a fantastic peripheral. I was pleasantly surprised by the price as well.

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  Extremely impressed - didn't expect to be

| | See all Beninjam's reviews (1)

I wrestled with the idea of ordering this, and actually expected to trade it in the same day, but it really is fantastic. Got the Starter Pack, and an extra Motion controller initially, and very glad that I did. You can use the SIXAXIS controller to navigate anyway, but the combination of shield and sword in sports champions (bought after playing the demo) is intense, cannot wait to see what they do with this technology. Check out Tumble by the way, its a very impressive demo of the 3D movement abilities of the controller, and a great "simple but fun" party game.
In short - I was pessimistic, expected Wii levels of disappointment, but am very happy with this product, may well buy two more to duel with a friend.
Play also delivered early - sweet.