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PlayStation Move: Motion Controller

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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| | See all weepingindigo's reviews (6)

I wasnt a fan of motion control until now. After a few hours with a wii it was obvious each game wasnt tracking every movement. Playstation move is a whole new experience!! The accuracy is perfect and totally 1 to 1 with your movements. I have sports champions and start the party. Both i highly recommend also. If you cant decide if move is worth it, please just take the plunge!! BUY IT!!

  Improved version of the wii remote! Simple!

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

I had my doubts, but after buying a controller, navigator and charging unit for Move I'm impressed. I already own a wii, so knew what to expect and this basically works the exact same way.

How ever it feels a lot more accurate and responsive and it definitely has an edge over a Wii controller in the respect that it moves in all 3 directions.

Basically its the highly improved version of the nungchuck controller for the wii in HD graphics. Its that simple.

I personally already owned the P3 Eye so only needed the other bits. My only issue issues are..

1) Price. Ultimately this will be expensive because you will not just need a controller and navigator (although a normal PS3 controller can replace the navigator, but the navigator feels more natural), but also the charging unit which is highly advised as it makes life a lot easier.

2) Sony failed to mention that some games will require two Move controllers to work best, which ultimately means two the cost in that area. Now imagine needing 4 controllers for two people!!

Aside from some pricing issues, this is a good technology and I can see it being a lot of fun when friends are around or at xmas.

You have to also realise that early games for the Move will ultimatly be rubbish, and it will take time for developers to really shine. Jusst as with the Wii controllers too.

Give it time and we will have some very good games using the Move.

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  Putting yourself into a game = wow!!

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

I bought this with sports champion and is very accurate & responsive, could do with 2 of these if im being honest reason is some games require 2 controllers, plus if one needs charging i can use the other also ive preordered the protective skins as you get a better grip overall ps3 has done amazing once again, cant wait for time crisis when it comes out!


| | See all MonkeyFud's reviews (4)

Bought on day of release, charged it up and bought 'Sports Champions' game. So much better than theh Wee, very, very responsive and because it glows, you can use it in the dark, which you need to because you do look like a plonker waving it about! Highly recommended

  Great add on which will only get better with time and games

| | See all Inktank's reviews (11)

I have used it with res evil 5 and sports champions and it is very accurate compared to wii.

The build quality is top notch, it feels light but steady and well built. I find it more comfortable than the wii mote.

As time goes and more games use the controls well you will buy one anyway! and i doubt it'll get much cheaper than 29.99!

My navigation controller hasnt arrived yet (2 days after pre ordering from play) but i can confirm that using the DS3 is a functional solution although holding it in one hand takes a lil getting used to.

My only complaints are that you have to be a certain distance from the camera (about 2 metres) .

The 'constant collaboration' is only in sports champs. If your lowering the score for this because of the game you use it, thats a little silly.

  Brilliant !!!

| | See all peckers's reviews (60)

The motion controller is so accurate and responsive - much better than the wii remote. Also the controller lights up the room and looks fantastic - worth the money excellent - 10 out of 10


| | See all anthony665's reviews (5)

Is all i can say, i gots this today & cannot believe how much better this is to the wii, the accuracy is just top notch ..... just really does make you wanna keep playing all day, no more waveing your hands about like a tos*er . amazing job sony, just need a few more games !!! 10/10


| | See all jamie1981's reviews (1)

i was blown away by the accuracy of this controller and the potential for this is very exciting with the ps3 3d enabled surely now the ps3 is a generation ahead of the 360.. not kidding this is really that good

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  Better than I thought

| | See all Ricky1981's reviews (2)

I got the motion controller with my new 320GB PS3 and I originally thought I'd hardly use it but I've been on it all day. It's so much better than I thought it would be. It's better than a Nintendo Wii controller, much better accuracy. I've been using the motion controller with the game Tumble and TV Superstar and I haven't laughed so much in ages. Get it, it's great.

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