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Moto GP 09/10

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Very poor

| | See all JedPB67's reviews (14)

It pains me to say ,but this is a dreadful game. Handling, sound, looks are all terrible. The bikes look great, however when you are racing the circuit and all its surroundings have a sepia tone effect, which considering this was said to be a simulation game is very unrealistic.
The final DLC (2010 Moto2 and 125cc) took a long time to be released and when it was none of the PS3 users were able to install it as the add on file size was incorrect. After a further months wait (now the end of November 2010) it was released correctly. However the Moto2 bikes sounded like you were riding onboard all the time.

Save your money and buy SBK X, or SBK 2011 when it is released in May 2011.

  Just Annoying !!

| | See all Jim120's reviews (1)

Really poor game. The game itself looks nice enough but is let down by poor controls and bike reactions.
Also has a really bad in game soundtrack (they should of left it off) and a pitman that issues instructions whilst riding that adds nothing to the game. Although this can be turned off.
This game is a missed opportunity really and could of and should of been better.

  Simulation or just a game?

| | See all BMWJAZ's reviews (1)

Moto GP 2008 was and still is a great game. So why have CapCom changed the style so much and called it Moto GP 2009/2010? Myself, as an ex- motorcyclist bought the new game thinking it would be so much better than it's predecessor. What it is, is a much more involved, more complex game. It tries to simulate the 'behind the scenes' buisiness side of Moto GP, which is ok for a bit of fun, but come on CapCom and partners, all we want to do is race around on the most realistic bikes on the most realistic tracks ever.
To sum up, a good game, but what is makes up for in added features, it lacks in playability.
Best feature; Earn money and upgrade bikes faster.
Worst feature; Not easy to control the bike. Handling is too heavy, even the 125's.

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  Very Enjoyable but slightly more arcadey than simulation

| | See all qprledge's reviews (20)

I enjoyed this game, it takes a while to get used to the bikes but after that it becomes easy, and that is when you start to realize its more like an arcade game rather than a full MotoGP simulation, which is ok for the newbies and people who have just bought the game for fun, but if you like me actually watch Moto GP and ride motorbikes you will find this game average and not very realistic, i think there should be different modes for the newbies and arcade type people and a mode for the hardcore motorbike fans, as just making it a simulation game might not attract as many people to the game so having two types of game mode would help the game increase in success, this could be a feature for the new game, if and when it comes out.

I liked the idea of making your own team, hiring your own staff etc, but it was very basic and did not have much depth, researching the bike and improving it made no real visible difference and was just there to make it look like you were controlling the bike, the actual designing of the bike was very basic too, with not many designs for the liverys but there was a good range of colours, the man doing the voice overs made the game have a "Nintendo" feel to it, like playing "Mario & Sonic at the..." games, the actual depth of the career mode could be better, the idea of ranking up your reputation does nothing to your rider and has no affect on anything in career mode.

Although there are many downsides to this game, once you get used to it, and look past the drawbacks the game is very enjoyable and fun to play and should keep you interested for a while, overall a good core game with a few improvements on the last outing but the add-ons to last season have no impact on the game what so ever.

  A let down

| | See all ShelfStacker's reviews (2)

Was looking forward to this after really enjoying 08. However I am significantly underwhelmed. My main problems being
Bike controls are a step back (hate the tuck in)
Staff management is tedious and adds nothing
That Scottish bloke who talks right at the worst second

Will just go back to playing 08.

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  pretty good but bike handling lets it down

| | See all bikeschick789's reviews (1)

Im also a bit motogp fan and have all the games. this one is quite good but as said by others bikes are extremely hard to control, also the graphics could be better in places. ive noticed on all motogp games there is no podium! come on capcom. up your game. career mode quite good.

  A step backwards

| | See all rossispeed46's reviews (2)

I'm a big MotoGP fan and I found the game too Arcade-like and has quickly lost it's realism.
The bikes are too heavy and don't accelerate, even if you use the ARTHRITIC FINGER INDUCING tuck-in feature.
The other new features (inc. reputation achievements, etc.) are out of place and have no proper meaning for the game or are just irritating to make you switch the console off.