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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Great Game!

| | See all DarkEmpire's reviews (6)

This game is the best, it may seem the same as the PS2 games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series but who cares the controls are easy and fun,a 4 year old could play it. i like the next game if there is to be one, to be like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. I like to work for my favourite characters powers. After recently seen all episodes of DragonBall/DragonBall Z series i am a new fan of the great TV series.

  Very Good however not The best out there

| | See all DaMaRI's reviews (4)

Story- Very Good however there is a problem with the unlocking of characters and stars. (very repetitive) 5

Gameplay- Fantastic just one very annoying floor is the camera just can't seem to capture gamplay to well. 3

Sound- great can choose from japenese to english 5

Online-lag free awesome 5

Entertainment 4

  Dragon Ball, truly transforming to the next generation.

| | See all pyroz786's reviews (1)

So, I got this game and to be honest wasn't expecting much after reading reviews from some websites, and some user reviews. In my short review I will address some of the most common cons of the game I have found in the reviews.

Firstly the camera. Now the camera issue is two fold, one when your next to an object in the game, or when your below / above the opponent. When your next to an object, your camera goes beserk and you basically see... jack. However, if you simply press one button it gets sorted... easy. So far no issues with that. And as for being above / below your opponent, for me, thats not an issue. I just dash towards my opponent and very quickly find him, so I can hurt him some more.

Secondly, the controls. This was my first Dragon Ball game in a long time, and I mean long. I went through each of the (very handy) dojo missions. I came out with the knowledge but no idea of how to apply. I played a little bit of story mode, after the first saga I was pretty fluent and beating all my opponents on normal difficulty with quite minimal ease. Now you may be thinking thats easy, but I am a beginner who has owned this game for a short period of time.

The reason why this game doesn't get the fenominaly fantastic five star rating from me is simple, and although its minor, I'm finding it really difficult to customize people and I am one of those people who hate (and I reiterate the word, hate) going back and playing the same missions to unlock things in the game. However that is personal, and I am sure many of you will have your own views on this.

Overall, a good buy.

  One of the best DBZ games ever

| | See all Rulez09's reviews (1)

Ok i bet your thinking if i think it's one of the best dbz games ever then why did i give it 4 stars. Well it's brilliant and all apart from characters.... Theres not nearly as many as the tenkaichi dbz games i mean what's up with that? Well if you did preorder it you get extra downloadable characters and there in a section of the character select menu called downloaded characters or something and theres alot of blank spaces where extra characters should be so i think there will be future downloadable characters. So anyway 4/5 great game keep it up guys.

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  R.I.P. Goku

| | See all marsopaviejuna82's reviews (1)

As a big fan of the Dbz world i feel shame to see what they have done with this new game, which is another tenkachi with some better graphics ( not a big difference from the ps2 ). If this is supposed to be next gen game i think they forgot many things in the way, like the original music from the tv serie. So, sorry goku i do love you, but i will wait to next dbz game for ps3 and see what happens...I dont recomend this game to any dbz fan right now.

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| | See all Metal1's reviews (14)

k i played the demo and was pretty annoyed because its the exact same as tenkaichi 3 on ps2 the graphics might be slightly better but not by much, this is just so lazy and i dont understand why they cant get a bit creative becus its the same gameplay.

im a fan of the games i have them all and this one i wont be buying

its gets two stars because of the name

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| | See all coolboycool21's reviews (1)

This is a very fun game, I have been overplaying the demo on the PSN network for a while and I keep playing, this is one of the best games I have played in a while and its highly addictive. Nice work

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  It is cool.

| | See all lathan24's reviews (1)

The graphics are great plus there are two new exclusive characters which are super sayain 3 vegeta and super sayain 3 broly. Im definetly going to buy it. i like the move super rising which lets you discover new areas of the battle stadiums. And its a must buy game.

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