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Need For Speed: Carbon

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Last of the Classic Need for Speed's

| | See all ollierc101's reviews (1)

This is a fantastic arcade style racer, with incredible modification abilities. I have bought this game on the PS3 after having it on PS2 a couple of years ago, mainly for the customisation since thats what "Need for Speed" is really all about. Yes the racing is a bit lack-luster and from what I remember the drifting is almost impossible, but realistically if you want an amazingly accurate racing simulator get GT5 or Grid (which is quality btw). However if you want a game that's a bit of a laugh with almost limitless modding to be done, get this game. For 13 quid you cant go wrong...

  One of my fav NFS's!

| | See all chief85's reviews (1)

This is a good little game, my favourate was defo underground 2 back on the ps2, since then ive played most wanted, shift, pro street and undercover but none of them had the feel of street racing and career that this has!!! you can tune the car so it is responsive so people shouldnt moan about the cars handling!!! Great if you want a fun racer that doesnt take its self to seriously!

  need for speed carbon is not boring and my feelings are

| | See all mickwill's reviews (1)

As i am 67 and have had ps1,ps2,and now ps3 the need for speed series are far from boring i have completed this game and i was far from being bored frustrated at times but you learn to handle the cars ,you know how to get the best out of them and yourself.i will be buying all the need for speed games in a while

  I thought I was playing a PS2 game.

| | See all Travers400's reviews (17)

I got about 30% through this game and got bored. This was the first game i got with my PS3 and to be honest i thought it looked the same as a PS2 game. The racing is all during the night so it doesn't really show off what the PS3 can do.The racing is ok but can get boring after a while. I was really dissapointed. Don't make the same mistake as me!

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  Good game abit slow

| | See all Cooper01's reviews (4)

Whoever wrote previous reviews mustn't have hd tv's i have and thought graphics for this sort of game where fine. Much better than pro street.
If you liked this on ps2 you'll love it on ps3.

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  Good Game

| | See all Candyman1980's reviews (1)

Good Quality Game, Enjoyed Playing A Lot. Doesn't Really Showcase The PS3s Capabilities, But Really Good Fun

  No. No. No.

| | See all safeaz's reviews (10)

What the hell happened here, then? This was one of the games in my PS3 package - put it this way, it was lucky it also contained Motorstorm too, otherwise I might have considered returning the whole lot!

I played this for a total of 23 seconds, but was so put off by the shoddy graphics, and lack of excitement in the gameplay I left the race - never to return.

It felt as if I was driving a giant box, i've seen tanks handle with more grace, i've seen my GRAN handle with more grace.

Need for Speed? Need for different game, more like. I'm sure the cd and it's case make a good coaster/ashtray combo one day.

Harsh, but true.

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  Needs speed

| | See all Muqaddas's reviews (1)

The game you would think would be fantastic but it was the complete opposite the amount of little races is very annoying. Another annoying thing is that you cant copy game saves. The worst thing was the online gaming i saw some where on a site that they were gonna have a photo feature but that didnt happen. This game was a complete shambles and if you want to but a good racing game all i can say is either motorstorm or a long wait.

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  Could be better

| | See all Namrud's reviews (1)

In the follow up from the last three titles, there is exhilarating game play, where they have brought the best of the three titles to one game. Very dissappointed with the graphics but understandable that it is only an upgrade from the PS2 version. Not particularly designed for the PS3.

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