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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (354 reviews)"

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  good football game

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

i now fifa 11 is out now but thought i do a quick summery of the game.

i must start of by saying it is a good game good player control easy to pick up and play all so very fun playing with m8s and that the graphics are good for a old game but over all a worth while football game.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This is an excellent game and what a difference there is between PS2 and PS3. The graphics change is phenomenally different but the gameplay is so much better which will give you more hours of fun than the others would. Great start to life on PS3 and as we know they get better from here. Enjoy

  not as good as other reviews portray it to be

| | See all djfletcher's reviews (13)

I have played the previous 5 fifa games and in my opinion, this is one of the worst.

Firstly, the good points.
-There is a lot of detail and information on players and teams from all over the world
-the graphics are pretty good
-there is a good variety of tricks to perform

The bad points
-gameplay is poor
-there are a lot of bad decisions made by the ref. e.g. if you perform a slide tackle and win the ball before touching (sometimes not even touching) the opposing players, the opposing team gets a free kick!
-the ref will not give out straight red cards. you can do a sliding tackle on an opposing player from behind when he is through on goal and you will not get a red card. This may seem like a good thing but it is not realistic which spoils the game
-the camera angles on the replays are not manually operated. you have to press square to choose from preset angles and so cannot zoom in on the action which is a dissapointment.
-the gameplay is very repetitive.

hope this helps. I would recommend buying fifa 09 or 07 instead as these are better

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  best football game of 2008

| | See all bendee's reviews (4)

Fifa 08 is a good game however the gameplay is slow and the players in lower leagues dont look as good as they could. However the game is fun.

  fifa 08 good but euro 08 great.

| | See all ellmondo's reviews (8)

Definately worth £18 but euro 08 was brill. So judging by ea improvements maybe fifa 09 will be amazing. Fingers crossed.

  Very Good But ...

| | See all JOEJUTSO's reviews (11)

I love this game but for some reason it doesnt feel right. Its really slow and sometimes the first touch is appauling and the defenders can easily muscle you off the ball. Online the game is brilliant with little lag (even less on 360) and it is a better game on ps3. Cant wait for 09, loads of stuff will be sorted and as this years it will be better than pro evo which is hideous online and nothing like real football.

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  Not that good!

| | See all PortsmouthFCfan's reviews (10)

This game is not that good. The tournements are rubbish, you dont even see the celebration of the cup after winning.

Go away and buy PES 2008/PES 2009.

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| | See all Breeg69's reviews (1)

I have played every fifa since Fifa 98 road to world cup and i have to say this is by far the best one to ever come out. Ever since FIFA 2004 which i thought was the poorest of the lot since 98, i thought that i would never waste my money again until i borrowed 07 of a mate and thought that they had improved it a lot over the 3 years, which led me to pre ordering this one.

Between the years i didnt own a copy of fifa i turned into a big PES fan and thought that i would never buy fifa again, PES6 was by far the best footy game i played and i dont like to say it but is by far the best footy game i have played still to this day. When i brought PES for the PS3 i thought if FIFA was this good then PES must be amazing but it turned out that it would only just manage a 3star rating because it seemed that all the fun had been wiped out of the game and that they had lost what made PES 6 so special and that was the smoothness of the gameplay and how well it flowed no matter what was happening on the pitch.

To me now FIFA 08 gives me the footy excitment i want from a game eventhough i still play my PES6 which to me is unbeatable for a footy game and still brings me more enjoyment then FIFA 08 but the graphics bit i am struggling to handle on the game because it was for the PS2.

FIFA was the original footy game to play until PES game along and took over but only for a few years before FIFA became the better game on the PS3 and now it is time for PES to try and step up and take back its place on top of the footy gaming world, however, they have a lot to do to manage this and if the next FIFA is going to be as good as what is being said about it, then there is no chance that this will happen.

If you are going to buy this game so late this is a good price for it but i would suggest just waiting for the FIFA 09 to come out on 3rd October.

hope this helps

  No trophy but a good cup run

| | See all mcqdave's reviews (2)

Fifa will always be compared to PES after PES 5 & 6 set the standard. Since then FIFA have closed the gap, especially on the new gen systems. And this maybe true here. But this doesn't do enough to take the lead. There are allot of new nice things ie one player career and the online leagues. But the same game problems exist. The ball is attached to the players and not controlled by them like PES. The game at times plays like old EA ice hockey games not like footy.

And who cares about the teams kits. Footy is about football not T-Shirts.

PES won't have to work hard to stay ahead of this.