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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS3)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  its not bad but not grate

| | See all paul4lin's reviews (12)

i will give this 3 stars because i fort it was good at 1st but then i got bored of it i will not play it again because its all the same moves and stuff its only a good game at 1st then after a little wiyle you will stop playing it like me but i gess some people like games like this its just not my tipe but this 1 is better then the 2nd 1 whats just come out ok

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  Good Game

| | See all bennyrules's reviews (29)

I really enjoyed this game because of the variety of characters that you could play as, i also liked the idea of choosing your own team of superheros!! The only downside is the fact that it has the graphics of a ps2 game

  not that great

| | See all milkman4356's reviews (29)

i thought this game was not just that great i dont get the appeal i turned it on played for awhile and i think thats where it goes the graphcis are very poor and the view leaves something to be desired if you have ever played theme hospital well its the same veiw and to be honest worst or same graphics id give this a miss

  Ultimate Marvel Game

| | See all JacobKreed's reviews (14)

For the Price, its an excellent Buy, the game uses the same technology as the Xmen RPG, but when you have the right Alliance, say the Fantastic 4 or New Avengers, the team works even better. The sound is game, graphics what you would expect in this type of game, the action never stops, its a pity that they didnt add dualshock to game. Online is beautiful....

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  Join the Alliance

| | See all converted's reviews (32)

Marvel super hero's has 20 + playable characters plus hours of great button bashing action and game play through some of Marvels greatest landscapes ... what's not to like?
Eventually you be able to pick your team of 4 super heroes each with their own (but sometimes similar) moves and techniques. But to at the begin of the game your stuck with Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Captain America which all things considering ... not a bad team to start with. The Marvels universes biggest and bad'est enemies have pulled together to hunt down and collect certain items/ info that when put together and used properly create and bigger nastier weapon or does it? That one you will have to find out on your own.

If you have played the x men legend games you will know what to expect in this game. The game is a dungeon crawler you run around beating up enemies with your various combos, techniques and powers there are also "team up" attacks where you and other characters can team up to unleash a powerful attack together. Another little bonus add to the game is that you can pick up various items such as broken pipes to use as weapons which does allot more damage than standard fist to fist fighting.

However as all dungeon crawlers the game can get very repetitive. But don't worry the game offers a great story that helps pull you through this and also some new and interesting challenges, such as interesting versions of old arcade games such as pitfall and breakout.

Each character as you progress through the game will level up making that character stronger and unlocking new techniques/ powers for that character to use. You can work through and assign these new powers yourself or let the computer do it for you. Even if you don't play as certain characters these characters will level up as well just not as much but it does mean that half way through the game if you do fancy a change of character you can knowing that they aren't completely hopeless and you haven't got hours to wait before they catch up on level.

The game also tries to make boss fights more interesting some which require you to work out simple puzzleish techniques to attack, other bosses are so big you will have to use the environment around you to offer support, or may require you to press certain buttons at a certain time to help you defeat these bosses. So it's not just a rush in bash em up then go home job some bosses may require you to step back and re think your strategy.

The game will take you a while to complete (not a hour like some people seem to think) and you may want to play through the game again once completed to see alternative what ifs! You see as you progress through the game your given choices, missions to do, people to save etc these choices affect what, what if story boards you get the at the end of the game that show future events within the Marvel universe so if you want to see them all you will have to go through the game at least twice

If you have played the x men legends games you will know that the graphics on the characters are quite basic, the same goes for this game but this doesn't spoil the game at all in any way and the graphics on the backgrounds are fantastic.

Overall a great game that has long lasting appeal, although quite repetitive the story and extras will help pull you through the game. A great game for everyone and well worth the price tag.

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  good game

| | See all ted370's reviews (30)

this is a good game got it 2 weeks ago when bought my ps3 bought couple of budget titles and am happy with my ps3 had 360 before. overall good gameplay and cheap enuogh to trade when finished with-:)

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| | See all Bec0890's reviews (51)

A good,solid and not to hard game to play,brilliant grpahics and stoyline, i dont see why so many people dislike it

  Cant wait for number 2

| | See all bragsta's reviews (5)

I loved this game, but the downfall was that hulk wasnt on it :(. that all i can say awsome game, best marvel so far.

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  I got given this game, want to chuck it back at them.

| | See all Kiccorro's reviews (7)

i h8 this game, 1 hour wonder, now im tryin to pwn it off however i can, DONT GET, ULTIMATE IN BOREDOM!!!!!!!!!

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  Its about men in tights!

| | See all thezipsteruk's reviews (4)

I actually like this game, it caused me some deliberation because of the conflicting reveiws. I do see why tho technically the game is a run around and beat em up affair with the odd mini puzzle thrown in. But if you love your superheroes and want a good and varied selection then this is your game.

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