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Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Prison Break is good

| | See all xgametester's reviews (12)

I enjoyed this game as I like a game with a story. The story and fighting was ok, but what i liked most was the stealth missions, & the fact that the game saves frequently so it does not become frustrating if like me playing time is limited. The sequences where you have to react by push the button that appears on screen are good, similar to Bourne conspiracy.

  Prison Break disappoints

| | See all seoirsem's reviews (1)

Was a huge fan of the tv series, but like a lot of tv based games this fell well below all expectations. The graphics are spot on and the rendering of Fox River prison was sweet. That, however, is were the positives end. The gameplay is devoid of imagination. The whole game is like a bad version of Metal Gear Solid on the PS2, where your waiting for the guards to face the wrong way and trying to dodge the security cameras aswell. The interaction with the main characters is practically none existent. Almost no interaction with Schofield, Burrows, Sucre etc and some of the main characters are missing completely. Rent this game, finish it in a week and send it back thanking your lucky stars that you didn't buy it.

  Be a part of the conspiracy!

| | See all GamesnDVDS4U's reviews (15)

Fans will enjoy this game version of the hit TV show as Tom Paxton, a Company agent sent to moniter Scofield's activities in Fox River. It has all the atmosphere of the show and the likenesses and voices of the actual actors are a nice touch. The combat system isn't great although better than Saw and passable. The graphics are cool and is not 'PS2 graphics' as a reviewer said on here (360 version i think).


| | See all tomcarz's reviews (6)

All i can say is BRILLIANT i am a massive fan of Prison Break and looked forward to this game coming out. the Storie is Brilliant just like season 1 & 2 i will give the game 10/10 a must have for any Prison Break fan!! (WE NEED GAME NUMBER 2 TO FOLLOW SOON)

  no good

| | See all GameFreaks1's reviews (16)

this game was sort of need for me when i heard about it but when i played it oh how i cried apart from you dont get to play as the main character you are stuck with a boring agent character that helps the main character apart from that the graphics are poor the game is so simple and there is no challenge at all its really boring to play i give it a 3.5/10

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  Oh dear, one to avoid

| | See all stevom2004's reviews (1)

So i got this game for 25 quid brand new and even then felt short changed. Game play is painfully simple, you are left to figure absolutely nothing out for yourself-constantly told where to go, what to pick up and what to do. If you like games with freedom and options, AVOID. If you like games that pose a challenge and take longer than two hours to complete, AVOID. If you like games you could play again and again because there is so much to do and explore, AVOID.
As a prison break fan i held high hopes for this one...being a game from a TV show maybe i should have known better as they are rarely worth a look at.

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  you watched the experience, now BE the experience!!

| | See all Pbob10's reviews (5)

as a massive fan of the prison break sequel and im talking MASSIVE!! i was already getting the game no matter what !! however as it arrived earlier in the day i kept thinking will it build up to the hype or will it be another fantastic series ruined by an awful game brought to the playstations!! not the case with this, in fact nowhere near the case!! they thought of every little detail which made the first season great plus more!! missions are fun and keep you on the ege of your seat !! prison break is a fantastic series with now a fantastic game under there belt !! wel done !!

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  The TV series was only the beginning!!!

| | See all EDPEBtheps3master's reviews (3)

I got my copy of this game the other day and theres only one word to sum it up.....AMAZING! I have been playing it on and off over the past couple of days and i have enjoyed every part so far. Im going to be honest, the graphics aren't brilliant and are no way near in the same league as games like God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13. Most games in the past which have come from TV series have been disasters for example, Lost. That game was unbelievably boring and made me want to shoot myself lol but prison break is nothing like that. I have seen every single episode of prison break and i thought it was superb and this game alowed me to compare the game to the programmes and to let me reinact the whole of the first series (the best series). I advise prison break lovers, like myself to purchase this game as you wont regret it, and for the price it is, you cant go wrong! oh one last thing, this game also has two player which allows you to take the role of any character in the programme and fight a friend. They really have thought of everything! I love this game and i hope this review helps :)

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