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EyePet (Game & Magic Card)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Toddler experience

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I played with the eye pet for about a year and my 3 and 4 year old loved it. However it was always sightly hard work as a parent, until Move support was added. Unfortunately, at around the same time as Move support appeared, Kinectimals became available for the xbox and my kids have completely forgotten about Eye Pet. The difference between the two titles is night and day. If you only have a PS3 get Eye Pet - it's a great title that won't disapppoint. If you have an Xbox get Kinectimals - it's a vastly suprior, more cohesive version of the same concept.

  Great potential, too buggy!

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

This game really is a great concept, and it starts off really fun to play, but after a while it becomes so buggy that it really detracts from the overall experience. If you are looking to buy it, I really suggest the Playstation move version, as the 'magic card' isnt that magic at all.

  Thought It Will Be Good!

| | See all relaxSingh's reviews (1)

I Was Really Excited But It Turned Out To Be Boring.The Pet Hardly Listens To You.All It Does Is Walks Around.The Day I Got It I Played It For 2 Hours Trying To Figure Out How It Works But Since Then Never Played It

  Was totally enjoying this

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

Until i realised it's not what it's cracked up to be. It just isn't as fun as it's made out to be, no matter how hard you try, it just won't 'do it' for you. I bought this with full intention of having my pet out every day, but it just doesn't take the place of a real pet. The only good thing is the drawing ability, that can produce fun results. Yes this game is obviously suited to the younglings, but i couldn't see how they could really think this is gods gift to the world. It's plain and simple, and although the graphics are rather good... it's only on one object, the rest of the game has been put towards trying to make this game stand out, but what developers don't know is, having to sit down and stroke you carpet whilst breaking your neck trying to look at the camera/screen and pet doesn't enduce fun into it. I'd buy this if your looking to show off to your grandparents, otherwise you will find yourself asking why about a month later.

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  Not just for Xmas

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This game is alright, you just need alot of space in your room for this game no good if you have a coffee table in middle of room unless you want to keep moving it each time you want to play this game, however for 15 quid its quite entertaining & interactive, plus it has trophy support if you like to get trophies. You can also go online and share with the world your best moments, there are some funny clips online too. Children will love this game no doubt and even for grown ups for 15quid this will keep your kids entertained and for adults too, bargain!


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This is not my usual type of game, im more into action and adventure, but I also have an 8 year old daugther. Ive been playing with our EyePet all over Christmas, and it really is a Wow game. It works perfectly and is both easy and a challege at the same time. All the challenges award a bronze silver and gold on completion, so the difficulty ramps up, if you want it too. For all you Trophy hunters this is going to be a real challenge to get a platinum!!! It really does show what the PS3 can achieve, and dares to be different, go on give it a go, it really is a wonderfull game. Drawing a car on paper and having it pop onto your floor whilst using the controller to remote drive it is fantastic to watch. You do need reasonable lighting, but I have been playing at night under artificail lighting without any problems, do not let this put you off, you would be missing out on a truly unique experiance.

  kids between the ages of 2 and 9 should enjoy this

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

to start with this game is for the young children in your life and so the score i have given this reflects that,. My 2 year old daughter just loves her Eyepet and has managed to almost complete all of the challenges by herself. just watching my little girl play this is great as its almost like watching her play with some puppy. she washes it styles it and plays games with it. and she misses it when its not on. for the adult there is very limited fun to get from this and the what fun you get from it will be watching your kids enjoying themselves.

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  An Absolute must buy. Heaps of fun

| | See all ollybug's reviews (6)

Hey Everyone,

Thought I would write a few quick words about Eye Pet. Ive had my eye on this game for a good few months now and it always looked good so I thought I would risk buying it even though I was worried it might be shallow and nothing like the trailers. Well, let me put that myth to bed!! From the first ten minutes of playing you can see this is a well produced title as the presentation is fantastic. From the moment I switched it on we were playing for about 3-4 hours solid and loving every minute. You start the game with an egg and you have to perform a number of tasks to hatch your creature and boy when it hatches isnt it the cutest thing you've ever seen!! The animation is absolutely superb and they convey the sense of realism very well. The way you interact with the camera has been executed perfectly and im playing it in low light no real problems. The pet card works really well as this acts as all your toolbox objects and tracks the camera flawlessly. Simply Brilliant!! The only thing that they do need to improve on is when you teach the pet to draw; we had real problems getting him to see our drawings even though we used thick black marker.
Don't be fooled into thinking you will get bored of playing with your pet. There are heaps of challenges and trophies to win which will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you are 7 or 77 im sure you will find this a hard to put down experience (im 29!). I would highly recommend this to people with young children as it will teach them how to look after their own animals and bond with them. And what's more, no poo to clean up or messes!! Buy this now you won't be disappointed - especially for the price you can buy it for here. An absolute steal-a great xmas gift. Also a great way to get the playstation eye (the other version) which would cost the same on it's own!! Enjoy!!

  Eyepet it's part of my family

| | See all Ready180's reviews (1)

This game is a must have if your 5 or 55, my kids have not stopped playing this from release on Friday it is fantastic from Hatching your eyepet, washing it dressing it up , bowling with it or driving it around you living room, winning prizes opening new challenges downloading new games and cloths.

Sony have just opened up the PS3 to the kids and this Xmas one word eyepet?


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  An original game which is fun for both kids and adults

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This game is so cute you just have to like it!
When the game first starts up, it shows you how to set up your camera and get your play area ready. You need to put your camera on something about 60cm high and point it towards the floor. I put mine on the TV stand. You could even use your coffee table as your play area if you wish. To get the best experence you need to have a well lit room so the camera can detect your movement.
Your pet starts off as an egg and you have to warm it up using a heater. You use this heater by pointing your magic card (included with the game) to the camera and a heater magicaly appears on you TV.You then move the heater around the egg to help it hatch.
The magic card is used throuout the game. You can wash your pet, feed him/her, play endless games, oh and did I mention it is sooo cute!
What is really good is that your pet reacts to all your movements on screen. Wave your fingers in the air and you pet jumps up. Tap your fingers on the floor and he comes running. Stroke him and he smiles, rolls on he's back then slowly dozes off to sleep.
You can also draw things and your pet copies them and makes them come to life. You can then race around in a remote control car whilst your pet runs around trying to jump on top.
This is a really good game. Young children might need some help from parents with some challenges as some can be a bit tricky. Not that the adults will mind anyway as this is fun for all the family.
I've called mine 'Fluffy'

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