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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Slim Console with 120GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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  hard to explain its...

| | See all tigger120's reviews (3)

im a kid and i got this for my birthday. its like a buggati veyron you love it more than anything(as a object) the noise when you turn it on is great it has a nice shape it has graphics youll never see again in your whole life sounds more relistic than the real world. your mental not to buy it.


| | See all JackSephton's reviews (1)

PS3's are better than xbox's because you dont have to pay for online gaming and your getting a blu ray player for like 50 more than a xbox

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  Not bad but...

| | See all gno101975's reviews (14)

Not the quality you'd expect from Sony. Doesn't look as good as the old model, cheap casing, looks a bit bland. Also, you can't really stand it up like the old model as you have to buy a stand so that adds to the cost. £250.00ish isn't much of a price drop even though you get a bigger hard drive which to me, isn't such a big deal. The hard drive can be taken out to upgrade just like the old model. All in all, I think it's worth around a £200ish price mark.

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  first impressions are superb

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i got my ps3 lsim 120gb today and its really easy to set up,everything loads up fast on my wireless connection,the userface is simple but has more options than iv seen before lol
im really glad i got one and the slim is lovely to look at,is very quiet & uses minimal electricity which is good for the enviroment.
iv had a 360 since launch and its been good altho im on number 4 but the slim seems better built,and everything is smoother and more proffessionsal looking on ps3 interface.
i got one soley for ps3 exclusives which i really like and use xbox for live and cross platforms.
looking forward to playing god of war,uncharted etc etc :)

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  Better than big 60gb ps3

| | See all churchy21's reviews (26)

I sold my old 60gb ps3 to get a ps3 slim and must say it is amazing, you can hardly hear it when its on, its so much lighter, doesn't get hot and looks awsome.
The pictures of it don't do it justice, it looks so much better in the flesh and its so much easyer to keep clean as it has a matt finish.
It looks very discreat sitting on your tv stand.
I would say if you are thinking of choping in your old chunky ps3 for the slim don't hesitate do it you won't be dissapointed.

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  PS3 or xbox 360??? hmm???

| | See all Luke8392's reviews (13)

well almost every gamer has the dilema of wether to either get an xbox 360 or ps3. i had an xbox 360 since launch and well i said A xbox 360 i had 3 the last two where replacements from my first one dying from RROD and yep you guessed it the others did aswell. so i decided to get a ps3 and well wow am i glad they all broke on me. the playsation 3 is an amazing machine with all the features you already know about. the controllers i think are much better than the xbox 360 i had got used to the xbox ones so when i got the ps3 it took a day or two to get used to the ps3 controlls but once you do its awesome. i understand that people here about YLOD with the ps3 however it has been much more hyped up than it really is it is nowhere near as big of a problem is as RROD is for the xbox 360. so for reliability and for the console with the most features built in ie blu ray,wireless etc the ps3 is definatly what you should choose!

  will b a merry x-mas if u get 1 of these jems

| | See all gamertron101's reviews (1)

the ps3 is all things to all people its a bold statement but it realy does every thing u want or need.
Blue ray/ upscaled dvd player
internet browser ( will even stream movies from certan sites)
games console with free online gaming
acces to home a free ps3 members meeting area to explore and socialise
great photo album just plug in a good digital camera and store all you high res photos and vew them on a hd tv better than they will ever look on a print off
rent or buy blue ray films straight from sony on line for prices that better shop rentals
people try to rubbish the free online gaming (which other consoles charge for) but any lag u get on a game is due to your internet not the device u play on.sony are always trying to please and update your system all the time with stuff to keep u interested in the system ( also for people on a buget will be gratefull to now if u get a ps3 online there is a huge selection of demos and trials for games that give u a few levels of the latest must have games great if u are a bit short of cash and dont want to buy a game baised on hype.
what more to say than the ps3 is a gift that keeps giving

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  The Best Console Ever!

| | See all thestog's reviews (8)

I have owned the Xbox and the Wii, don't get me wrong they are good consoles but I have found that they were just ornaments after the novelty had worn off. I mainly got the PS3 for the BLU RAY and so far I am not disapointed. I consider myself a casual gamer and what games I have played on it are excellent. I loved the PS2 but I am totally head over heels for the PS3. I love the look of the slim version and it is a great addition to my set up. Get one, now that it is affordable I personally think the PS3 is about take the next gen crown as king of consoles!!!!! At £250 this is a bargain!!!

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  Good, but not the best

| | See all Lbenohhh's reviews (22)

Already owning a Xbox 360 and a Wii before buying my PS3, i was pretty skeptical wether to not i should actually buy it, and after the month ive had it now, i can gladly say im glad i did buy it. Its a good addition to any avid Gamer, and also a good edition to the Casual gamer. The Blu ray player built in is a great feature of it.

The first thing i want to touch upon is the online. Sure, its wonderful not having to pay for it like Xbox Live, but im afraid to say, i think the Xbox live service is better than PSN. Xbox live has things like Inside Xbox, Ign Strategise, and the likes. While PSN has...nothing.
Also, the PSN's connection compared to xbox live is worse. I find myself not being able to join a friends game VERY often. and in fact, On Call of dutys Nazi Zombie mode, ive found 3 games in a month. I also find my connection being Laggy as all hell, while if i go play a game online on my Xbox, the connection is perfect.

A main reason i was skeptical about not buying a Ps3 was due to the amount of exclusives games that actually appealed to me. It was pretty much, next to none. And also, what games are on here that i could just get on my Xbox any way? Now dont get me wrong, Ps3's got some great exclusives coming to it in the near future, but now all these big brand games seems to be crossing over to xbox aswell. Cmon Guys. Wheres all the exclusives?

over all, i think the Ps3 slim is a good buy. I would recomend buying one if you dont have any previous Games consoles, or maybe if you have a wii. But if your more of a hardcore gamer, Then my Suggestion is: Xbox all the way

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  Much Improved...

| | See all Inggrish's reviews (3)

I did own a launch 60GB until recently when it got the YLOD (BTW, ignore watchdog on this, it really does not happen very often to many people at all.)

A slim was announced and I decided to take the plunge and pre order my own to replace my 60GB; and I am very glad I did:

- This new slim is completely silent; even when its been running in a hot room for a few hours

- The new model is tiny; and in a good way too. I loved the look of the old phat models, and didn't think much to the look of this at first, but the look of the new slim has really grown on me, and I now like it more than the old

This console is also a quality blu ray player; upscales to a good degree DVDs; and also has an insanely good line up of exclusives coming in the next year; namely: Uncharted 2, MAG, heavy rain, GT5, ratchet and clank, etc. As well as this, all you need (apart from a HDMI cable and headset); is included within the box and you don't have to pay any subscription for online.

Don't hesitate in buying one of these; an absolute stonker for £250; and with a great life ahead of it too.

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