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Grand Theft Auto 4 (Platinum)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Gameplay could have been better

| | See all GudduFrmKolkata's reviews (17)

Honestly speaking..I did not like the game as much as i liked GTA vice city.
The storyline is good..graphics are great but you get bored after a while. The map is huge, just huge..and it would require great patience and effort to explore. Driving has always been fun in GTA but in this version, you are sure to lose control of your vehicle. In missions, the driving gets real tough and frustrating.

Seems to me as an overrated game !! Wait for GTA V..

  i love this game. may be some very very very very very hard

| | See all arjanvirdi's reviews (4)

but i love this game.
i played it before and some other place and i totally loved it so i bought it ALL for myself. O la la!

  Love it, but not the best gta game

| | See all alexandroo's reviews (3)

I bought this game a year ago and now I've probably spent too much time playing it. Wonderful game, a lot of fun, but something's missing compared to other GTA games, like for example GTA Vice City or GTA III, which in my opinion presented a whole different mood and game experience. But overall I still love this game and I'm looking forward to play the next one too!

  As all other GTA were: amazing!

| | See all RicardoBR's reviews (4)

Very good game. Who played GTA in the past will not be disappointed with Liberty City. The episodes and story are really cool, full of surprises. For me, one of the best things about it are the races, where you run against other cars (it is even better than many racing games currently available for PS3). I strongly recommend this game!

  4 stars for the 4th installment.

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

One of the best sandbox games to date, a real tour-de-force in the series and an epic story to play through. The only thing that stops this getting 5 stars is how buggy the game can be, but don't let it stop you playing the game. At over 30 hours it is amazing value for money at this price.

  Excellant well worth the small price

| | See all todda1973's reviews (2)

Best game I've EVER played, graphics are great, missions are great, there is so much to find and do in this game you'll play it once and play it again, it has two endings, so if you didn't save it at the right place the 1st time you played it you can play it all over again to experience the 2nd ending, also you'll find side missions you may have missed 1st time round.
Can't wait for R* to bring out GTA V

  Excellent game and for the price, you cannot go wrong!

| | See all masterwayne10's reviews (5)

I don't have to say much for this game, it simply is one of the best games I have ever played.

There are so many things to do in Liberty City, and you simply have to get this game. I cannot put it in simpler words, it is a must for gamers.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

The controls are confusing and hard at first, but as you keep playing, they get comfortable and easier and you soon start to like them.

From strip clubs to gangs and shootings, absolutely anything, hookers even..Guaranteed fun with this game!

I'd say 4/5, maybe an 8 or 9/10!

  Like it

| | See all CaptainShoe's reviews (23)

I bought this game shortly after it first came out, i enjoy all the GTA games since the very start.
Again another good game, graphics, gameplay story all decent but it has picked up some annoying liitle bits.
Whats with the having a girlfriend and having to hang out with mates in the game, i liked the novelty at the start but it got very tiresome after a while. I think the game could have done without this bit. You can ignore it but you have to keep some people on friendly terms to get favours.
I like most other parts of the game, the story is quite good and long so offers a lot of game time, plus you can always break off from the storyline add one of the gun codes and pick a building to start sniping from.
As a platinum game it is well worth buying, great value. 8/10

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  Wonderful, cheap, long, funny, great

| | See all DarioDHS's reviews (4)

i think it's the best game i've ever played, it's a masterpiece in graphic.
you have a lot of missions to do and secondary missions,
quite long game...
trophies are a lot, among them some takes you a lot of time.... online playing it's amazing and takes you in competition with other people, that is very funny.
the story offline it's appreciable, you can move sixaxis to control heli, motorbikes, boats, charge the weapon by shoking it..
there are also shows that are really funny...

i'm italian: it contain's ITALIAN language, italian menu and subtitles, but english voice.... as all the gta rockstar made

finally... a must have!!!
too wonderful game

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  Good game, with some frustrations for OVER 18s.

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Yes this is a good game, and well worth playing. Especially at the platinum price and considering the hours of content to play.

If you are easily offended though, by violence, foul language, sex and general rudeness... give it a miss because it will offend. Its an 18 for a reason and not something which young kids should play.

But this is a very over rated game also. While it is very good, with a strong storyline, lots of quests and a large area to explore... its also nothing original, and its certainly not perfect or a 10/10.

Its mainly let down by the controls and considering this is meant to primarily be a driving game... its the driving controls which are the worst aspect of the game.

Steering isn't great, but you get used to it, but if you try to use an external view when driving the camera swings all over the place and obscures your direction. If you are doing a timed drive, its a nightmare. Driving just isnt as good as it should be for a game this new which is meant have a strong driving aspect to it.

And driving a motorbike or shooting while driving makes it harder.

The other annoyance is how failed missions are handled. If a mission fails, you are returned right back to where you start which requires you to then re-drive to your destination AGAIN, which can be a tad frustrating if its quite a distance away.

A lot of missions involved driving to one place, changing car and then driving somewhere else. You would think a failed mission might restart you at point 2 in the equation, but unfortunately not.

But if you fail a mission, you can very easily just skip it and restart it ANYTIME you want, so its not all bad.

The other tiny gripe is fist fighting... its just awful. AWFUL!! Stick to using guns or at least your baseball bat, because hand to hand fighting is just rubbish and SLOWWW.

Otherwise.. not counting those 3 issues, this is a good game which should be played by people OVER 18, who can distinguise reality from fiction.

I can see a lot of young kids playing this and copy catting it, so if your a parents, have some common sense!!

But otherwise.. buy it.

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