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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Slim Console with 250GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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  ps3 at its best

| | See all blacksight's reviews (9)

i got this from my nan she is rich and i have to say it is amazing if u have a hd t.v. and a hdmi cable the graphics are amazing i would definetly recomend it

  an amazing console

| | See all MeanMrPringel's reviews (33)

A got my ps3 a week ago and I have to say its just amazing the exclusive games are awesome ie Resistance2 (one of the best online games ive played and it has no lag) the online itself is also good Xbox Live better but for a free service its brilliant and playstation home is just amazing and its free as I own both and Xbox360 and a PS3 I can say tht there both just as good as each other

  best thing since sliced bread

| | See all ps3foreveryone's reviews (6)

i love my ps3 had the old 60 gig then bought this so i could have 1 for living room as a dvd/online media centre and 1 for upstares so can play on with my kids they have their games i have mine we all love somthing it offers im using 1 now to leave this review awsome

  Best Playstation

| | See all scuzz49's reviews (1)

I got this PS3 SLIM for Christmas and its by far the best playstation yet and it was better than the 360. unfortunately i purchased the newest XBOX 250GB and well the newest xbox is cheaper and does the same stuff. obviously you have to pay for xbox live but after playing on PSN, XBOX live is much much better anyway

This IS a good console. but the xbox is better
but i dont mind - i have both anyway :D


| | See all SammyStrud's reviews (1)

From a person with experience on the x-box 360 in the past, i am delighted to say that the ps3 is actually better. I never believed it when people said it but now that i have one, it is truely better. My friend has the old shape ps3, and this compared to his is a lot better; its lighter, smaller, and makes less sound. I even here it uses less energy?
Who cares, its great with a hdmi cable and hd tv, outstanding picture compared to normal ext. I would highly recommend this to all other x-box 360 users as it is outstandingly good.
The only downfall to ps3 in general is online play. No-one uses headsets! Common pull your wallet out, its so much better! But obviously, its free so you cant complain :).

  lighter, smaler, more gb, what more do you need?

| | See all onewiseman's reviews (7)

I was lucky enough to have a ps3 60 gb on launch day in the uk, I thought it was a really good console and as a blue ray player it would match any other top end blue ray player on the market. I never thought much about the slim because I was happy with my big power house but then right out of the blue it died on me R.I.P So I could either send it away and get a referb for over 100 pounds or go get a new one. I decided on the 250gb slim and I have to say I love it if the 60gb was 4 stars the slim is 5 out of 5. Its quieter smaller and a lot lighter it uses less power to run, apparently its loading times can be a little quicker and it comes with a 250gb hard drive so no need to replace it. In my view it is the best consol on the market. *****

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  good choice

| | See all nigerep's reviews (2)

Well, i was browsing some consoles on PLAY and i want to say a few things about this PS3 product. For me this is a great choice for those who wants to buy this and i recommend this to those who are interested in it. So, I am an Xbox 360 user and until now i'm on the edge to buy this PS3 and i wish that PLAY.COM deliver it to my country because it's worth it. The things about online i don't use Xbox LIVE because i have a monster PC to play fine online and free and the PS3 that's what i like from it, because you can play free online plus you have many contents to download, so the Xbox 360 has many contents too but i don't like the monthly fees to play a game online or download contents and the last thing i'm going to say that the PC has everything and it can beat the overheating of both PS3 and XB360. And the last thing, I recommend this PS3 to everyone.

  Gets a bit warm, but what a console !!!!!!

| | See all OldJellyBelly's reviews (8)

I was going to buy a Blue Ray DVD player, but instead i got this, which not only plays games, Blue Ray, normal DVD's, BUT i can also watch BBC Iplayer, stream movies on WiFi from my PC to this and when watch on TV. Upscales my old DVD's. Excellent graphics, oh, and it does play PS2 games !! 250HD is more than enougth, I can store my pics and movies on it.

Only thing is it only comes with 1 controller, for this price, it should have 2.

After a while, it does get quite warm, so this is something to keep an eye on. I have also noticed, that it has frozen up, not whilst playing a game, but whilst moving across the menu. This is annoying, as you have to switch the power off to restart it.

The kids love it also.

I am really happy i got this and stronly recommend it. !!!

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| | See all EggyUK's reviews (1)

Apart from the torture of the game I ordered turning up 7 days after the console, very impressed. I was a die hard 360 user but now the PS3 has blown me away.

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  An unbiased PS3 review

| | See all thedarkknight666's reviews (25)

I have reviewed the xbox 360, now i will give an honset review on the PS3. This really is a great console, that can do a great deal, and is reasonably cheap compared to how much they were when they first came out. I think they were 400 pound or close to. You basically have a machine that can play games, can surf the internet, store music etc. Oh and is a blu ray player.
One thing i have noticed with the ps3 slim, is yes its really quiet, but it seems to get a little warm, and this causes it to make a crack sound maybe after its been on for an hour or so, and after you have switched it off. The console seems fine though.
Now if there are any of you out there that are looking for a console for online gaming, i'd say xbox 360 has the edge. You see the playstation network is free of charge, and is great for anyone who wants to play games online. But what i have noticed is, the only games that play with no problem what so ever are the ps3 exclusives. Where as games like modern warfare 2 or anything that you can get for the 360 too, play ok on the ps3 online, but the headset can cut off when talking sometimes, or the servers can be a little temperamental. The ps3 exclusives don't get this, they are always fine. If that doesn't bother any of you, then a ps3 is a good choice for online gaming as it is free, and you don't need to purchase any wireless adapters because it has wifi built into it.
Now onto graphics. The ps3 has more power, and the use of blu ray discs can make games look amazing. The ps3 exclusives are superb quality. But games you can get for both systems, there is really no difference at all. You would have to put the 360 and ps3 on 2 tvs side by side to spot the difference... if any.
So in a nut shell, if you want a console that has reasonable online gameplay, then the ps3 is a great choice. But if you want an online service that has more features, then a 360 is for you.
The ps3 works out cheaper in the end as you dont require any extras to take it online ie network adapter, online subscription etc..
And it has a blu ray player built into it too.
So have a read of both my console reviews, to help make up your own mind. Thank you for taking the time to read. And enjoy your console.

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