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Super Street Fighter IV

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  For 9.99 you don't have an excuse to not own this

| | See all planescape's reviews (4)

Now don't get me wrong, fighters aren't for everyone. Street Fighter certainly isn't. Almost negating the ability for a player to button mash and win unlike other franchises (ahem: Tekken) SSFIV makes you earn every bit skill that you acquire through playing.
Although online is great, I actually find it more fun sat with friends round having a bit of banter going because them playing against, what I'm sure will be your brilliance, will make them better fairly quickly (with any luck)
But like the title says. For 9.99, if you do not own this game then your console isn't being used for what it was made for


| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

I started playing this because I was bored. I've now been playing it 16 hours straight this is classic street fighter

  Best fighter out there

| | See all RajaMedare's reviews (9)

after i thought street fighter couldnt get any better and then i played this. And for this price its more than a bargain.
Hadouken !!!

  Why are we here writing and reading these!!! LOL

| | See all tink83's reviews (2)

I couldn't see Street fighter 4 being beaten by anything......

I was wrong.........

Its younger, more filled out and pumped up brother has smashed it out the water and hung the elder sibbling out to dry...........

Amazing game, beautiful to watch, adore and take part in..... let the other games i own gather dust this wont be coming out of my system anytime soon......... see ya all soon...


  The ultimate fighter!

| | See all Fufinu's reviews (6)

Being an old school SSF2T affecionado I could not resist getting my hands on this game. And what a delight it turned out to be!

The game features the same depth and characters of previous iterations making it easy to delve into for someone with prior Street Fighter experience. There is also a well structured training and challenge area which can help you build up the skills needed to compete online.

My performance online is not stellar but I am still having a good time and it is really easy to get into. The new characters, Juri and Hakan are also great fun to play. The good thing about it is that it you can still enjoy the experience even if just having 5 minutes of available time.

Truly recommended!

  Best Fighting Game Ever!!!

| | See all Ghost0fSparta's reviews (2)

This is by far the best, most reactive fighting game ever made to date. The moves and combos are even more diverse and the online play will never become boring. The standards of gameplay required to become the best rated fighter online are unmatched and you will always find someone who can challenge you regardless of how good you become. The best Street Fighter game period!!! 25.00 quid is a bargain.

  Great improvement in comparison to the previous game !

| | See all Chriss790's reviews (10)

I am really delighted that I've decided to buy this game. In my opinion it beats any fighting game produced in over last 2-3 years. Graphics are great, sound is perfect, fighting is very challenging but as you get into it it is really easy to enjoy every second of the game. New characters refreshed the series so that it is not just another boring outcome. New ultra combos have diversified the existing characters and some of the characters who were clearly unbalanced and overabused (Zangief, Sagat, Seth) were improved very effectively (fe. you can't just spam lariat or send fireballs to win, more of the strikes go through them and it is easier to get things done when you fight a loony who does just that). New online battle modes are really good and they are something different to the concept of the game which makes it better.

My only issue is that some storylines could have been extended by more than just a bit (fe. Akuma - Gouken) and it kind of affects the excitement when you play in arcade mode.
Also I do not really like the bonus modes. I mean.. what's the point of smashing the car or destroying barrels ? This isn't some cheap record-counting game.
N' IMO Seth is still a bit overpowered on medium for any ordinary player. It would take ages to go through him with likes of El Fuerte,

Even though, I have to give it a 5. It would be unfair to lower the grade just, because of my personal views.

  excellent game !

| | See all NEONDVD's reviews (45)

this is the best fighting game ever created !
it improved a lot from sf4. now it is balanced and the graphics & sounds are improved. many hours of gaming !

  Best Street fighter out!!!

| | See all Proevoking's reviews (5)

Online play, new ultra combos, new characters, new trial games and saving replays makes it 5/5. Since i've bought it i can't stop playing it!