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inFamous (Platinum)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  great game!

| | See all jacknicol's reviews (2)

this is an excellent game, although there is no multiplayer and no online, i dont recall missing either of them as the game is so much fun! MUST BUY FOR ANY PS3 GAMER!


| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

yeah a good game, better than what i was expecting. for the price a bargain and you deffinately get your moneys worth. very addictive, lots of side missions to do but they do become repetative after a little while, good story, graphics are a little poor for sonys standards though. finished it in around 20 hours.

  An essential game for any collection.

| | See all TheHypnoToad's reviews (8)

In the aftermath of a disaster that he may be the perpetrator of, our hero Cole McGrath, must come to terms with the powers he has been blessed/cursed with and decide whether to use these for the greater good or his own ends.

Set in the slowly recovering, quarantined ruins of Empire City the authorities have lost control and the city has been divided up between different gangs, each of which has their own separate identities and motives.

Your immediate power is the ability to fire bolts of lightning from your fingers, these are soon expanded using experience points that you gain from completing missions and side quests, all of which have a decent amount of variety, and don't get boring.

The powers you choose come in 2 broad categories, Good and Evil, and while they are similar, they retain their own identity. Choosing one path over the other will also have an effect on Cole's appearance, the missions available to you and the outcome of the game.

Graphically, the game is very good, Empire city looks the part and the gameplay is extended by the differing paths you can take. The voice acting is decent, not stellar but it doesn't descend into cliche and cheese territory either.

This game is well worth the money being asked for it and a game anyone can enjoy. Those of you who enjoy sandbox games will find this all the more entertaining.

  fantastic-blew my mind

| | See all skot123's reviews (6)

absolutely great! quite easy for me but still fantastic. completed under 19 hours and definetly recomended by me! worth the money spent on it-definetly getting infamous 2


| | See all Kendellstein's reviews (7)

This is like Grand Theft Auto but so much better, the storyline is great the gameplay is good, graphics top class. The only dissapointment with this game is its a very slow paced game it would be better if the missions came to you more like a followed on structure rather than actually hunting for stuff because theres so many places to go on the map you kinda dont know where you have been but overall top game, very addictive.

  Seriously addictive...

| | See all jami777's reviews (22)

I'm probably in a minority group who will say this game is more engrossing than GTA4. I found the latter game fairly disappointing, and I've long been a fan of Rockstar's franchise. But Sucker Punch's inFamous is fantastic! It's very accessible, fun to play and I find it very difficult to put down. At this price you'd be stupid to pass on the chance to experience this game. One of the better PS3 exclusives available =D Buy it!

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| | See all Spike48's reviews (45)

just played the demo and like it so much i just bought the game and waiting to get it delivered !!! i cant wait looks good !!.


| | See all Sotore's reviews (7)

The story off this game is a mystery until you begin playing a bit further and beggin to understand what is really goin on, so i can say from my part i liked the story it's interesting. The gamplay is not bad it has a minor faults but nothing that i can actually point out sometimes you cant control very well the caracter but the gaming experience it's pretty cool. At the begining of the game you dont have much off powers so it's get's a bit borring the worst part off the game it's definitely the side missions they are allways the same. As for the graphics it's nothing amazing you get some details and some things but most of the game could be work more to get more detail off the console itself.

For thous who are looking for a free explorer action type it's good, the story grabs you and some part that you just wana know what is goin to happen next, but be ready because the first hours off gameplay are goin to feel a bit booring playing until you can get some off the most good powers.

p.s. Dont forget on playstation store you have a free power to get to your collection, just go there and download it. It's not overpower and will get you killed iff you try to use many time especially if you try to pass the game on hard mode.

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  Quality Ps3 exclusive

| | See all ThePS3Oracle's reviews (19)

Infamous is basicly a cross between GTA4, Saints row in that its a free roam sandbox game and also raiden from mortal combat in that you have lightning based super powers. I should mention the cutscences as i think these are superbly done in a cartoony Sin City sort of way some of the best ive seen really top quality.
The gameplay does get a bit repetative towards the end of the game as youve blasted the 10000th dude with a lightning blast. Some very basic moral choises to be made which basiclly effect the route of your super powers if you choose to be the hero or the villian it will slightly effect your powers. Well worth buying at platinum price

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