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God Of War: Collection

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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  god of games

| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

These games are brilliant, i never played them before and was going to buy god of war 3 first, until i seen this collection and decided to buy it. Boy am i glad i played these first, with over 10hrs of play on each game they are awesome, even though they are ps2 games updated in HD, the graphics are pretty good. Well worth the money, cant wait to play god of war 3 and volume 2 of collection.


| | See all TheFours's reviews (2)

When I buy a game I want something that is enjoyable but presents a challenge. Not a game that tries to wear my fingers to the bone mashing the O button an impossible number of times. This frustrating feature has taken the fun out of the game for me and made it feel impossible to proceed any further with.

Also found that the controls appear a little slow in that when I try to get it to move one way it will decide to do something else entirely.

In principle i think this should be an entertaining game that I may come back to but I cant waste time smashing the O button needlessly. So those of you that have the same issue I suggest you avoid it, but if like most people it appears and you have superman fingers then go for it.


| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

I have never played the GOW series on ps2, and now I am living the hype that i heard about on ps2 year ago. This game is addicting and alot of fun! It has gore, blood, and some other MATURE items you should look into before getting it for a kid. The remastering makes it look great and the sound is wonderful. I have played just a few hours and can't put the controller down. It also comes with a demo code for GOW 3 as well! Great package, and the only real knock i can give so far is the cut scenes are playstation 2 graphics, but it still looks good! I have been spoiled by HD Gaming and this game will not dissapoint! Must own for fans of the games and for new fans to come!

  God of War: You can't Go Wrong

| | See all Nomzy1's reviews (1)

What can i say?...
God of War is the best series on the playstation.
Hands down.

It has all the key ingredients for a tasty tasty experience:
Badass Character : Check
Epic Cinematics: Check
Amazing Storyline: Check
Plenty of Adrenaline filled Killing: Check
Superb voice acting: Check

Basically, god of war hits the spot whatever you look for in it.
The collection is essentially the first 2 games, which were arguably the best games on the ps2, remastered for the PS3.

The graphics are polished, slick looking and pleasing to the eye.
The framerate is steady, God of war 2 looks slightly better than the original God of War, but that is to be expected.

The cutscenes mind you, didnt recieve an update like the gameplay, so the ingame rendered cutscenes are a slight letdown, but nothing that spoils the experience.

Its a wicked ride through greek mythology, with giant monsters, titans, gods and a man seeking his revenge.

If you plan on playing the ps3's blockbuster title God of war 3.. i highly recommend playing through these 2 games first.
The story ties in perfectly.

Along with the games, which have tons of replay value for extra stuff (god mode which is the hardest mode unlocks special extras, making of the game,characters etc).. the additional features on the disk are great, Levels that didnt make the cut, characters that didnt make it, Ideas that didnt make the game.

All in all, for 18 pounds you can't go wrong.
All the reviews on the major gaming websites agree with me on this one, its one of the best series ingaming history.

A must have for any ps3 owner.

  great value for money

| | See all aaslan's reviews (3)

this gow collection is very good for money its two games for like 18 pounds if you have played god of war 3. then you have to play this collection to understand the whole game. ok i know the graphics arent the same but how can it because this collection was made for the ps2 but still a great quality and a great game because its more polish then the ps3 version of the game.

  Value For Money?

| | See all JordanLeePreston's reviews (1)

Indeed. I purchased this collection to supplement my copy of God of War 3 and I was skeptical at first but any doubt I may have had was gone the moment I inserted the disc into the PlayStation 3. I think for the price it is absolutely brilliant and provides enough game time to occupy you for a while. The narrative is spectacular and the gameplay is the same as it's always been. It is to be noted that the cutscenes are NOT high definition, only the gameplay is but it's hardly noticeable. The 2 games have trophies and "making of" videos on the disc too, granting you more time to explore the world of God of War.

Conclusion? Buy it if you're into pure hack and slashing fun and Greek mythology, you'll regret it if you don't and encounter it elsewhere.

  The Brush-up That We Needed!

| | See all Plato67's reviews (45)

This is just the game all God of War aficionados just cannot miss out on. A fan of the hack-and-slash, action-adventure genre, I have been into this series since its first PS2 release back in 2005, when the game really represented an innovation in a genre that had hitherto been mostly limited to two-dimensional platform video-gaming and to a much limited assortment of three-dimensional ones.

In terms of graphics, the developing team from Santa Monica, California, has surely done a great job in porting the game over to the PS3, using anti-aliased graphics locked in at 60fps, and, therefore, adapting them to the demands of today`s gamers who are used to High-definition graphics . While the core games remain entirely untouched, and the animation, models are exactly the same as in their PS2 counterparts, the gameplay has been slightly improved. As I played both games on two different consoles, I have noticed that the gameplay here is a little smoother than it was on the older console system, probably because of the increased framerate which has significantly reduced the annoying screen-tearing. As a result, accompanying Kratos on his quest has never looked better! What is more, as it is now mandatory for all Playstation 3 releases, this collection comprises a trophy pack of 71 trophies between the two games, including a Platinum trophy for each game - an addition that will probably fulfil many gamers` wishes of seeing a version of their favourite game packed with trophies without having to wait for the third chapter of the game!

Naturally, this game was released as prospective chance for old gamers to brush up on the first 2 chapters before plunging themselves into the third mythological adventure of the series, but also for gamers who are new to the series (and believe it or not, a few of my mates just happen to be new to it!).

My personal recommendation to all fellow customers would be to get this game right away. However, the reason I have got this collection is that I no longer have the original PS2 core titles, so getting this re-mastered, high-definition version is my chance to add this gem to my collection. Also, notwithstanding the slightly improved gameplay and the high-definition rendition, PS2 owners who already have the original titles might well consider sticking with their original copies, as they won`t be finding any new addition in terms of story.

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  God Of Games

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

Seriously....how good are these games? I've never played them before ever, and i saw god of war 3 trailer, and it looked mint, so i bought it (i know should have played god of war 1 and 2 first) and wow what a game it was, so before going any further, as i wasn't too sure what was going on, i bought this god of war collection and i been on it all day. No work on due to snow, so god of war has kept me company for about 7 hours lol. Cant believe never played these before, so if any1 wondering what games to get for ps2/ps3....get these little badboys. Nearly completed god of war, haven't played god of war 2 yet, but im 100% sure it will still be the shizzle :)

  Epic beyond comprehension

| | See all davidmcveigh's reviews (16)

Two best games on the PS2, even better, on one disk and with two platinums on one disk? What more can you ask? Also if you play these before GOW3, it just makes the whole experience even better.

  Epic gaming

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

God of War 1 is a very special game compelling story line, looks great considering age, combat is ace but very difficult as the game goes on but if you do select a hard setting if struggling and you die repeatedly the game offers to vhange combat to easy level (trust me no shame), puzzle sections challenging but fair.

God of war 2 is as above the story line sets up number 3 beautifully and delves deeper into the mythology.

Both games have and extra hard difficulty to try once a 1st play through is complete and there are also challenge rooms opened up as well which as per main game provide a hard challenge.