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Demon's Souls: Black Phantom Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  The best game on the PS3 bar none.

| | See all Gazman01's reviews (2)

If you've got a PS3 then you would be an absolute fool not to buy Demon Souls: Black Phantom Edition, as every other game in this genre quivers in the sheer awesomeness of this classic RPG. Get it now, you won't regret it.

  Tough. Really, really, REALLY, tough.

| | See all Soothslayer's reviews (38)

Heard the hype and thought I'd try my hand at this relentless and massively challenging RPG game. First up, I'm not a hardcore gamer and perhaps that is why I struggle so much with this challengeing yet very addictive game. All I will say is be prepared to be frustrated. This is a gamer's game and don't expect to be able to just waft through it. This game demands a degree of dedication and patience that I simply do not posess. A wonderful game, but be warned.

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  game of the year

| | See all johnstew12's reviews (2)

im not a fan of rpg games but demons souls is the best game ive played in years,you ll get killed alot but you will keep coming back for more.a must for any gamer who likes a challange


| | See all fella4's reviews (3)

i was put off this game by the difficulty. I seen in videos of this game and just thought na aint worth the stress but then i brought this limited edition of the game and gave it a try i found it very hard but if you are struggling you can summon help from other users on psn. The GREAT thing about this black phantom Ed is that you get a guide so if you dont have psn then you can follow the guide that is very in depth and easy to follow. my fav game for long time.

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  Game of the Generation - no question!

| | See all gimpboy22's reviews (1)

I play games...a lot of games. Not the movie tie-ins or party games...real games. I've played and completed the best this generation has offered - Metal Gear 4, Halo 3, Fallout 3,God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Battlefield, Mass Effect 2, COD, Street Fighter 4, Gears 3 and Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. I know good games! This is truly special. The most original, atmospheric, challenging and rewarding game of the last decade. To be better than the games I mentioned it has to be. Find it! Buy it! And remember...never run and always have your shield up!

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  best rpg ever!!!!

| | See all benjammin123's reviews (2)

i am a big rpg fan and this is in my top 5 right next to fallout 3 :) the gameplay is brilliant, the graphics are beautyfull and its also very challenging. i like The way u leave messages to other players and seeing how they die so u can avoid a similar fate is very clever. its what dragon age wishes it was lol ps3 really do the best exclusives very proud to own this game

  Best Japanese WRPG ever?

| | See all spatss's reviews (17)

Just like everyone else has said, the game is very challenging and you will die A LOT. The reason I don't count this as a minus is that the deaths are never cheap, but a result of the player's own carelesness, which will just motivate to do better in the game. The atmostphere is superb, you'll never feel this lonely in a videogame.

You can get hundreds of hours out of this game with consecutive NG+ playthroughs, great value.

  testing - tough and an astonishing game.

| | See all SNAKEDOCTOR001's reviews (1)

The basic reviews are true - this game IS hard - but also absaloutley fantsastic and so addictive from start to finish.
You will curse and shout and maybe have to put it down for a while as you strategically prepare for another onslaught on the demon that felled you. For all of those that love games in general, you MUST try DEMONS SOUL'S. Simply put - its - BRILLIANT.

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  excellent,addictive..cant stop playing!!

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i wasnt sure when i got it as im not a hardcore rpg nut but do love action/adventures like god of war,ninja gaiden etc and this has wowed me and there is no turning back.
im writing this review after having the game a day and already spending 6 hours on it.
great combat,customizations are sublime,game looks goegeous,great levels and areas,hard but one of the most rewarding games your ever play.
another reason (in my opinion) why playstaion 3 is THE definitve console to own for exclusive gaming!!

  Demons souls

| | See all godkiller's reviews (10)

Finished it 2 weeks after it came out in japan,over year ago now i think.got plat for it,so if anybody needs help psn clearwaterunin.
demons souls is done by same people done kings field a classic game.
To me demons souls IS ONE BEST RPGS I HAVE EVER PLAYED,and ive been playing sice 1981,wizardry series ,might magic,beholder ect.
ps the american version here has been made easyier than my japanese version,but its in my top 5 best rpgs off all time. BUY IT!!!

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