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Demon's Souls: Black Phantom Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  demon souls starts here!

| | See all badkarma81's reviews (2)

Its a frustrating game but very addictive. Online activity is awesome. You can leave message for people informing them about whats up ahead and you can summon other players to join you to take on tough levels and bosses. The environments are awesome, scary and beautiful at the same time. Not a big fan of RPG but after playing this I'm slowly turning. Time will fly by when your playing. I dare you to play it!!

  Best RPG on PS3 by a long way!!!

| | See all Timmo34's reviews (1)

Got this game last week and can't stop playing, even cancelled football one evening feigning injury to get home and complete a level.

Yes it is hard and unforgiving but in a very satisfying way, you take each hit personally and constantly say to yourself, I should have blocked that or used this weapon/spell instead, one mistake against even an easy foe can lead to death, but get your tactics right and don't leave your back exposed and you can defeat most foes comfortably.

Dying lots is part of the fun as when you complete a level and defeat a boss you get the most satisfying feeling that most games leave you without :0)

In a nutshell buy it, you'll love it, hard, frustrating and shout at your screen annoying it may be, but that's the appeal, be prepared to lose your social life and get less and less sleep, oh and the graphics and sound are sublime too.

  The best RPG Ive played by far!

| | See all LeeAngry's reviews (1)

Allthough I died quite alot I was still enjoying the game experience. The way you interact and leave messages online is a great idea. If you love RPG and like a challenge then this is a MUST! Well worth the money. It's not a game that you can finish in a week. If you have the spare money then get this game. You wont be dissapointed!


| | See all nae1000's reviews (11)

First things first, this game is tough, not unfairly so, but in an age of continuous save points some modern gamers may be a little put off by having to restart after each death, but one thing's for sure you'll value your 'life' all the more for it!

Great game, nice hack/slash/spell casting action RPG which, if you so choose, is as deep as an abyss. The supplied strategy guide is testament to this but, unless you're going to play through with it, I'd leave it alone until your second play through and only use it to get you moving past parts you really can't do.

Only on the second world myself but loving the game, thankfully I found a Bastard Sword on the first proper level, which has saved my bacon with many a harder villain!

Bottom line, buy it. If you're an action RPG fan you'll love it, if you've never played one, you'll possibly never play one like this ever again!

  Wonderful game

| | See all Davidhawken's reviews (3)

This really is a great game - fun, tough and in-depth. Granted, there is a lot to pick up and learn, but with the mini strategy guide (that isn't really a strategy guide, it's just a full instruction book) and of course the internet, you should be able to remember things once you've got the basics. Combat is fun and different to normal games and there's a perfect mix of pure action and RPG elements such as the levelling up.

I really do recommend this game to anyone that likes action and/or RPG games. It's the first game since COD4 that actually makes me excited to play


| | See all ZOPPEY's reviews (19)

There is something very old school about this game, a simplicity thats both addictive and great fun in its purity.
I havent found it as hard as many people say i think my style of play, slow and cautious helps me so dont be put off thinkin the game is maybe too hard for you.
Its a great game and though you die often its never a pain to play the level again, your able to run fast knowing your route back to where you die and just get it right next time.Have to say the phantom box-set its great too,,,i love the little guide which gives nice tips.

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  Hardcore dungeon crawling at its finest.

| | See all RealWeaponX's reviews (1)

Firstly, let me just say how good this game looks. The models of the NPCs, enemies, weapons and armour are painstakingly crafted, and the worlds they are set against are huge, detailed, and bleak. Each of the worlds has its own feel, but there is always an air of oppression; a stark reminder that this is a world in conflict. If you want to show just how good a dungeon crawler can look, this is the game to choose.

The progression system is deep, with plenty of stats to upgrade, and weaponry which can be upgraded along multiple paths, meaning you have to choose between pure physical damage, magic, fire, stat-dependent damage. The upgrades cost souls, which are gained from killing enemies, and weapons require various stones, which occasionally drop from enemies. The scarcity of some of these resources mean that choosing an upgrade becomes an important and sometimes difficult decision.

The combat relies upon knowledge of your weapons, knowledge of the enemies potential attacks, and equipment that complements your play style. Everything affects how your character fights, from the size and weight of your equipment, your stats, the type of weapon, whether you wield two weapons, weapon and shield, or a two handed weapon. The combat seems simple at first, but is a suprisingly deep system, and the blocking, parrying, and dodging abilities give a solid, immersive feeling to the fights, aided by the brutal animations for critical strikes.

Everyone talks about the difficulty of this game, and it's true, this game will relentlessly punish you for every mistake you make. That said, the game is not unfair, and each time you die, you will learn from it, and hopefully not try the same thing that got you killed again. Suprisingly, getting killed is not as frustrating as it sounds. You keep all your items, but lose any souls you had aquired; you will have one chance to get those souls back by finding your bloodstain, however, if you die before finding it, you lose all those souls for good. As souls are required in order to improve your character, this nurtures a healthy respect for a cautious approach in players. Those who run in swinging will die fast. This is not God of War.

Other players can be invited to your game to help, or they can invade in an attempt to kill you in order to ressurect themselves. Player interaction is kept to a minimum quite deliberately. Messages left by other players can only be from a list of set text in order to avoid others giving away very detailed strategies for some enemies, instead restricted to basic hints, or notes on which direction to go, although not all messages can be trusted...

I have played an awful lot of RPGs, from Baldur's Gate to The Elder Scrolls, and for a pure action RPG with an authentic battle system and engrossing world, you can't beat Demon's Souls. You will get obsessed with this game, and if you own a PS3, you owe it to yourself to visit the realms of Boletaria, and try your skill against a truly brutal game.

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| | See all MikeeA's reviews (6)

First off, yes, this game IS as difficult as all the review say it is, and NO, it doesnt get easier, and YES is it entirely awesome and rewarding! You start off with some very cool class choices which seem to have had a lot more thought put into them than most western RPGs, and the choice can be quite difficult as there are a lot of good points as well as weaknesses in each class. The game is in a constant online state, with the ghosts of characters plodding around the level much like the glowing orbs in fable 2, except in this game, the level of interactivity is staggering. You can leave messages for other players advising them on obstacles ahead, traps, enemies and hidden drops, and once you start getting into the levels, you will be bloody thankful for people taking the time wo warn you of what's ahead, and you feel like you are helping a world of people enjoy the game more by leaving your own hints so it never feels like a chore or an obligation. There are lots of customisation options such as weapons, spells, armour etc. with each class being more highly trained in certain weapon styles than others, but you can mould your character pretty much any way you like by paying in the souls of defeated baddies to level up. From a gameplay perspective, you will die lots. You will die often, and you will find yourself back at the start of the level, minus any collected souls (although you can retrieve all lost souls by returning to the area that you died in and finding your glowing blood stain). This game truly is rewarding, I've played about 10 or so hours and i'm only just getting to about halfway through some stages, however ive never found myself bored or wanting to give up, even retrying the same boss over and over until you get a lucky hit, and especially taking down a huge armoured spider boss a fraction of a second before you are about to die yourself is truly magnificent! Graphics are nice and tidy, a bit dark in some places but it is mainly intentional to give the game a dark and bleak feel. This is a game i'll be playing until the end, and then starting right back from the beginning with a new class! 10/10

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