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Demon's Souls: Black Phantom Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  I don't do reviews, but...

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I bought the US version of this game last year. I lose interest in games very quickly, example I bought Red Dead Redemption, I have played it for about two hours and haven't picked it up again. Not that I think it's a bad game, just never seem to be in the mood.

Demon's Souls on the other hand is a different game, different experience, different story. I have to date clocked up 300+ hours and have the platinum. Every good thing you read about this game is true. It is hard and brutal, but only when you make the mistakes. It takes a very special game that can punish you time and time again, but never stops you wanting to play.

The online features are unique, the games atmosphere is superb, everything about this game is quality. It won't be eveybody's cup of tea and the less then patient will not enjoy it. But I guarantee, if this is your type of game, be prepared to spent a lot of time in this game.

Buy it, and enjoy it, game development at it's best

  One Hard PS3 Game

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This game will make you say alot like lag,hack,omg,no i died again and again and again.does it get easier...No.This RPG game is great fun when winning if you die you can summon someone to help you though the game or even invade another persons game Great fun. ive got the Asian version and gone through the game about 4 times and still not got all the trophies so expect to spend hours on this game

  A MUST BUY!!!!!

| | See all OneEyePie's reviews (4)

An excellent game by any means, should be more like it. New comers will find it hard at first but 3 or so deaths later you will start to get the hang of it. I did have the US demon's souls deluxe edition but sole it to make 95 pound and have just been waiting for it to come out in the UK. Just hope my game data works on UK servers so i dont have to start from scratch. PS3 id: OneEyePie

  Hard but Great RPG

| | See all Lgarner122's reviews (1)

Ok This Game as you may have already got the hint IS HARD and i mean unforgivably as in you make a simple mistake and you will most likely die even after playing for weeks you will still get killed by simple mistakes and it never gets easier only harder but you will still pour hours and hours of your life into it and it is very stisfying when your are beating enimies you had to run from at the start, it hase a great combat system that tests your brains as well as your skill and there is so much customization with stats,weapons,spells,armour,fighting style ect. ect. it realy is great and there are so many things to work for like special areas and bosses that you will spend time doing little things just for them. and the online is....well unique i mean really although getting owned is never fun but winning is very fun and with all the different play styls no two PvP fights will be the same and there is a very usful wiki if you get stuck.


| | See all Vimesy's reviews (4)

Like the other reviewers I have nothing but praise for this game.

It has a reputation of being incredably difficult but thats not strictly true. There's just more thnking involved than slashing. You have to plan your attacks and take into account the patterns of the enemy and how they are grouped. Just the little things like choosing to use a "thrusting" weapon like a Rapier instead of a "wide arc" one like an axe in enclosed spaces so you don't keep wasting your attacks hitting walls.

The combat is really solid and it's good to have a game where not every foe falls with a couple of slashes. Took on a blue-eyed knight and it was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. He fought using cunning and tactics, even backing away to swig a health potion when I'd got him low. Because I was a lighter character I had to use my speed to flank him and stay well out of the way of his attacks as I wouldn't last long against them at all.

I love the fact that you're always on-line and other players appear in ghost form and can leave you messages. Several times I avoided traps thanks to these timely warnings...brilliant traps though they were. Clicking on a bloodstain on the floor allows you to see a ghost replay of a recent players death which you can use to determine the sort of foes you may be encountering ahead.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that it is a stunning looking game? The vistas when you break out of the dungeons are vast and gorgeous. The whole game is veneered in a fantastically epic theme, a mixture of isolation and heroic exploration. Really tense yet never terrifying.

Buy this game, you'll not regret it ... ever.

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  about time , buy it!!!

| | See all robgti's reviews (4)

got US version in Nov and I am amazed it has taken this long for European release, it is awesome,no other word.,,, ok i lie the other word is HARD! ok and NO SAVES!, if you play dragon age turn the difficulty on to the hardest setting... then imagine that doubled for demons souls. the in game graphics are fantastic, the enemies numerous, and the bosses are incredible. replay value is immense also ive gone through it 4 times and still havent got all spells and achievments. it will take over your life...... buy it!

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  Almost on Uk shores, released in May all being well

| | See all daveuk2's reviews (20)

Well, I could not wait and imported it last year! I got this in November and yes, I am still religiously playing it!!! I have sank hours into this game not because I have to (finished it many times) but becasue i want to. It;s just so playable!! then theres all the player vs player action as you forge the perfect character with the best combination of weapons and armour!!!
If you liked Resi 4 , monster hunter and RPG's in general, you will fall in LOVE with this game, but be warned, the game will never love you back, it will vaguely tollerate you and not try to befriend you. It will test your patience, fear and skill thresholds to the limits, you will have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and spend hours thinking of ways to improve your skills, (even when you sleep) it will consume you. Oh and when another player invades your game and is there in front of you 1 on 1, wanting to kill you and take your body (and souls) , you will feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins!! the fight may be over in seconds or minutes, but either way you will be back for more, even though you will never really know why you are hooked on this game, you just will be. Enjoy, and be prepared to let the dust settle on ALL your other games for a very long time!! But ONLY if you are up for the challenge and are a competent gamer.

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Having bought a copy of this game from the US, i can safely say its going to be one of the better games of 2010!! It looks fantastic and the way you can interact with other users on the PSN is a great touch!! The only downside is the very average AI of the enemies, but otherwise its well worth buying!!

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