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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  I liked the game but...

| | See all ironheade's reviews (1)

I enjoyed this game alot the music and style had me hooked from beginning to end sadly i received a version that would not allow me to play the dlc i should've really looked into that but the preview image shows the uk version so i didn't think to

  Buy me!

| | See all bluemonk's reviews (2)

I didn't play this for ages after buying it due to FF13, Fallout etc and it got left to one side. This is probably one of the best games I have played (as an RPG fan) - it has a fantastic storyline (the type FF has been missing for a long time) and a real twist to it. The game is very dark-even more so after the 2nd playthrough, it makes you regret most of what you did the first time round. Loved every minute of it. Hope the sequel is released her.

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  One of my favourite games of the year!

| | See all JArtie's reviews (2)

I bought this game for just a tenner after months of ignoring it on the shelves just because critics didn't love it - ignore them! This game is a fantastic RPG with a simplistic story-line, which is a welcome change for me when so many RPGs of late focus on the massive task of saving the world (cliche). The characters and voice acting are great. The combat and magic are easy to come to grips with. There are hours upon hours of side quests on top of the 20+hr story. I've owned this game for just under a week now and I can't stop playing it, its addictive to say the least. Buy this game, Final Fantasy fans in particular (pre-FFXII) will love it. For RPG fans everywhere. BUY BUY BUY! Seriously BUY IT!

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| | See all Chubzy's reviews (6)

If you are interested in RPG games then this will be for you. The graphics to be fair are not great but the story line will keep you interested with many twists as you progress. Its a typical Square Enix production with similarities to the Final Fantasy Series.

For the price of this game you cant complain as i picked it up for 13GBP!!! Great value for money.

  Ignore the critics

| | See all xlgarry's reviews (17)

very good game, easy to play and understand, good story, variety of bosses and enemies. fighting controls are not too complicated and magic isvery cool and unique to this game.

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  Has potential if you have patience

| | See all Wingy9's reviews (1)

Unfortunatly this game takes a little patience to get into, but the story line takes off right from the start.

combat system is...well a little complicated , the system is what you make of it, you can button bash, or time your combos right and have some very good melee/magic combos.

as for the actual fights, the boss fights are brilliant, interesting and out of the ordinary, where as normal minions or 'shades' as they are called in this, genuinly require alot less imagination when fighting but again, you make the fight.

This is what FF13 should of been, or at least they should started from this and built upwards. over all I feel like Square Enix have taken thier RPG's in a new direction with Nier. They need to work some things out, but overall 3/5.

  Just like people .............

| | See all iusedto's reviews (2)

This game is just like the people you will meet in real life.
Some of them you will instantly like and some will take a while to like but once you get to know them they kind of grow on you.
And this game is just like that. All you have to do is take your time and maybe this game will turn out to be your best "friend" :)


| | See all beepbeepitsajeep's reviews (1)

one of the main story quests requires you to catch a fish and this is damn near impossible due to the mechanics they have implemented it with. i gave up after 1hour but read somemore online reviews and it appears it took some people 4-5 hours

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  Interesting story .BUT

| | See all hikoro's reviews (4)

Story will keep you interested, but the gameplay of going one place to the next will make you.....sleep.
At some points of the game you may wish something big might happen. If you make to the last final chapter, NOW THATS when the pace/action really starts.

puzzles are easy if you read carefuly, graphics are ok not the best but ok. (I felt like I was playing a half finished ps2 game where the director said "oh...its ps3 ...err...just change a few things") Its nice to see something different, just wasnt as action packed as I thought.

Not sure whats up with game designers these days, games need action!, story and mystery alittle. Plus at sometimes that last bit of survival where you only have one chance to win...

Square enix needs to just remake drakenguard 1 or 2, then compare it to this again and see the big difference....its real easy^^

I would say just rent it, not worth buying

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