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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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As a latecomer to PS3, I've played the best games on PC for the last 14 years or so. After my recent switch to playing consoles again, I can confidently say that Uncharted 2 is the best game I've ever played. The graphics, dialogue, characters, set pieces etc... it's all perfect.

As in the first game (I've not played the 3rd game yet), I cared about the characters, as they were charming, witty and realistic. I empathised with them and cheered after they survived every scary encounter.

It took me 18 hours to complete on normal setting (I'm not a treasure hunter... only stumbled across 32 of them) and I found the length to be just right. After the first game, this sequel really shows all the other developer's how it's done. Also, buy this game just to see the best digitial bum on any format... Chloe's behind is perfection personified ;)

As stated, the graphics are amazing... I'd say they look as good as the best PC games of 5 years ago (the time when the console was released of course). But the graphics on PC games were actually really good even 7-8 years ago, so these PS3 graphics still look awesome to me today, and I'm a PC snob who usually sneers at console graphics. This looked and sounded out of this world on my 42" TV.

Overall, a 10/10 game.

  A Must Have Game for PS3

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I bought this game after a reveiw from a friend and to be honest, I fell in love with this game.
The characters are perfect, the animation is perfect, the dialog is witty and the gameplay is also amazing. The camera shots for some parts really do take your breath away, Naughty Dog have done it again with bringing us another brilliant game.
Although the game could have lasted a little longer thats no matter, if you have your PS3 online you can get literally hours of fun playing multiplayer either by yourself or with a group of friends.
I reccomend this game to anyone who has a PS3 (already got 4 of my friends into it!)
So do yourself a favour and BUY THIS GAME!

  Nate rules!

| | See all AliMalu's reviews (1)

Quite simply the most addictive, enjoyable, best looking and greatest game around! Do yourself a favour and INVEST!!!


| | See all RedArrow666's reviews (4)

Dont waste your time reading any reviews, just buy it. It WILL NOT let you down. Although if you haven't already i would recommend playing the first Uncharted game otherwise you will struggle to link with the characters and understand their background.

  Quality PS3 Game

| | See all Mclaren's reviews (3)

Having found Uncharted 2 a very exciting and capturing game, I urge you to acquire it without hesitation, because it is the best PS3 exclusive available. Meanwhile I wish to point out for first time review viewers, that this game is supposed to have a 5 star rating, but until last week there were more than 250 reviews about this game, mainly positive and now they were removed.

  Best PS3 Game!!!

| | See all Frasier86's reviews (12)

Intense, addictive, action packed, comical, dramatic - all the things you need in a game. Easy gameplay, multitude of new weapons, and a new stealth element makes for an enjoyable experience. The cinematics are just incredible but then you realise that you are controlling Drake when something big is happening which makes it a lot more than just sit back and watch something major happen - you are a part of it!

Albeit shorter than the first game, it is nonetheless one of the most enjoyable games out on the PS3 to date! A must buy for anyone! Out of 5 stars I would love to give it 10 or higher!!! Mind blowing game with out of this world graphical sequences!!! I just want to keep droning on about how incredible it is but the only way to believe me fully and see where I am coming from is to buy it yourself!!! GET PURCHASING!!!


| | See all Ommadawn's reviews (10)

I bought this game based on the strong/near perfect reviews.

This is NOT perfect.

The animation is STILL clumsy and slow to respond, the shoot-outs STILL take far too long (and there are too many of them), the puzzles have been seen many, many times before, etc, etc, etc.

I was a huge fan of the first Uncharted. It was a real showpiece of what the PS3 could do. With all the talk of the improvements that have been made I fail to see any of them in this product.

Graphically it's very good (and there are thousands of beautiful women in the world that are dull). This game like many new games looks fantastic, but where is the gameplay?

I can't stress enough my disappointment playing this game. Don't be fooled by others. This is not the best game on the PS3. It may be the best looking and it ends there. Invest in something deep (not as good looking) like Dragon Age.

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| | See all StuPS23's reviews (3)

If you liked Uncharted 1 (Drakes Fortune) this follow up is an absolute must. It follows the story from the 1st game well with the 3 main characters all making an appearance at some stage as well as some interesting new ones. The story line is fantasic and as other reviewers below say, the game is so well planned it's just like watching a film, except you get to be the hero! Gameplay is smooth and faultless, large maps and areas to explore, loads of action with baddies, vehicles and towards the end even Yeti's! Sound effects, music and autosave all brilliant. Probably the best game I have on the PS3, and I'm hard to please! Buy it, you'll never regret it.

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  Uncharted 2 simply the best game this gen on any console.

| | See all Thommohawk's reviews (1)

Sequel to one of the very best games on any system this gen, which makes this game THE best game on any system this gen, which is a fact, even over ModernWarfare2 or MetalGearSolid4 - check it, this game scored a true average rating of 96/100 across all reviews which is higher than any other game this gen and it's justified. If you don't own a PS3 then this is the killer app to own one for, and if you do own a PS3 but haven't played this game yet or you haven't bought it then definitely you should. This game will be GameOfTheYear for 2009, guaranteed.

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