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WWE: Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  liverpool fc

| | See all zinatiamo's reviews (60)

all in all good game for mainley wwe fans or wrestling to me this game does lack a few things but they all do thats why they make one every year and add that little bit what is missing other wise it wouldnt be worth making a game every year they would have no games to make if they put everything in to one game back to the point the camera angles are rubbish on some matches not all and the crowed and commentators dont seem to be as good as they was in 2009 and there aint been to much work put in to the graphics not much differnt from last year althought they are good was hoping they would be a bit better as there a year apart for instance the outside of the ring looks empty and bare you will see what i mean if you buy this game it is good and the moves have improved alot still worth the buy and play has it cheap i did give it 5 stars so it is worth the play and for anyone with a 40gb playstation if you aint got many games like myself i own about 6 it will load and it does take alot of space for one game but its worth it if you have alot of games with a 40gb ps3 stay away cant wait now for 2011

  Best Smackdwn yet, but stil not the definintive experience

| | See all sadiqktoia's reviews (10)

This is definitlely the best next-gen smackdown game. Graphics are excellent, the royal rumble's been vastly improved and Road-to-Wrestlemania is great (wish there were more though). As always the roster is fairly large with a variety of wrestlers and there are tons of match types. The new story creator is good but you have to put a lot of time into it. Online is still full of lag and no fun at all. WWE fans should pick it up but non-wrestling fans should try or rent first. Also the trophies are very easy, got platinum in a week

  Better than i expected

| | See all godofwarfare's reviews (19)

I didnt get this game until a week ago, because since Here Comes the Pain most of the WWE efforts have been extremely poor.

When I first put the disc in I noticed it would need to take 3.5GB space which is part of the reason I didnt score it a 5 star, smaller capacity ps3s will not be able to run this game.

Moving onto the actual game.

Graphics - Impressive characters models, all very distinctive and easy to tell who they are even in different attire. The interactions between characters to perform moves are much better e.g. big show v mysterio, it doesnt look like big show is lifting mysterio without touching him now. One thing im not impressed with are the championship belts, haha they are so funny looking and small. Graphics get 4/5.

Gameplay - Essential for a wrestling game, if the controls are too confusing people simply will not purchase this game, part of the reason legends of wrestlemania didnt do too well! The use of R1 and the right stick is easy enough to grasp, and simply triangle to execute a finisher is well thought out, finishers in previous games meant pressing a certain button combo. These controls, although im told are similar to 2009 are much much improved on 2008 which was abysmal. Gameplay is easy enough and gets 4/5.

Camera Angles - When in ring the camera is ok, nothing really gets in the way and I like the Slow Motion Finishers, they are a nice touch and make them look even more devastating. But when you knock someone outside the ring, the camera moves really far aways, its so annoying and its a constant nuisance.

Customization - Massive, simply infinite, Create a story mode is vast, its the first year this has been implemented and im already enjoying making the likes of ziggler, christian, kane champions instead of the usual big wigs, this mode will expand over the next couple of years I hope. Create a finisher mode is nice and easy to use, I made a move called the shock drop and honestly think it would take someones head off in real life, the only thing is, there are only 10-12 initial holds to start off the finisher, which leaves the remaining moves limited, you can now create a top rope finisher which is quite good. Create a character and entrance are fine as always. Customization gets 5/5.

Roster - A little out of date considering when this was first brought out the likes of Mcintyre and Sheamus were already around, but really, it doesnt pose much of a problem to be honest, although DLC roster updates could be introduced. 3/5

Overall I like the game, My finishers and created man are quite cool and I like being able to make the should-be main eventers win titles. I recommend the game if you havent got it already.

  a poor effort in general but good custom options

| | See all JasonDR's reviews (36)

I have owned 2006, 2007 and 2008(which was the pitts) i decided to try this one. I can say i am very disapointed. Lets look at the good first. The custom options are very good and u can create wrestlers, entrance movies add custom songs from your hard drive and anything you make u can upload for others to see and download and rate. You can also download other custom wrestlers people have made, so i downloaded hogan, savage, warrior and there are some very good creations.

now the bad. the career mode is really poor! Ive played 10 matches and won two belts, its just match after match, there is no story to it. just matches(i used a created wrestler this may make a difference???) but its so repetitive and boring.

If you choose road to wrestlemania there is more story to it but i feel this is a week addition to the series. the general manager mode option is also gone which i was a fan of.

graphics are ok, i still expect better. u still get limbs going through the ropes and hands not connecting properly and the crowd is still poor.


| | See all cityground's reviews (5)

be aware that this game takes up lots of memory and will not even load if you do not have enough memory left on your hdd i have cleared loads of space on mine and can still not get it to work very annoying!!!!!!

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  Definately improved, not quite perfect tho

| | See all MusicGamesMovies's reviews (8)

After the disappointment of smackdown vs raw 2009 I vowed never to buy another wrestling game having owned every game since the first smackdown came out.
However by little brother bought me this for xmas and I thought I'll give it a try, after the first play I thought they've changed too much and I didn't like the new button/move system, camera changes and momentum/finisher system.
Getting used to it now I think this is definately a huge improvement from the previous releases and it has been made much more realistic.
I love the trophies added, makes the experience more fun and the modes are much better than before. Road to Wrestlemania, creation modes and gameplay all better.
However I still think THQ need to tweak some factors to perfect it, not as good as the psOne or Ps2 versions, i miss the interactivity and choices in career mode, create a title, challenges and the unlockable ledgends.
If your a fan and enjoyed the other games than definately buy it, especially at this price.

  The most awesome wrestling game ever made

| | See all DomageDrummer's reviews (3)

Lets start from the top.

1) CREATION CONTROL- you can do anything
2) GRAPHICS- better and better each year
3) GAMEPLAY- Ignore that guy a few places below, its simple, one button block system!

there are so many more reasons, basically if you love wrestling and are a true wrestling fan, you should love it! BUY BUY BUY BUY

  Best WWE game so far!

| | See all nitahjb's reviews (2)

I am loving this new WWE, the road to wrestlemania story is awesome, the new create a story is also cool. Real cool game for fans. My cousin doesn't like wrestling but he actually enjoyed the game. Plus the price is very cheap. You won't regret buying it.

  too complex for me

| | See all Millenwagon's reviews (34)

I used to love the old WWF/E smackdown games for the ps one and ps2 so i thought i would love this, sadly i was wrong. For me the controls are too complex with too much to remember, and the tutorial mode at the beggining is awful.

The game itself isnt too hard, and it is much more realistic than the previous games (10 powerbombs in a row, i doubt it) but i dunno, for me it just isnt good enough and could have been a whole lot better. The older games were successful because they were simple yet effective, now they've taken the simplicity away and lost their key features.

There are some really good modes, and you can customise and create just about anything as far as wrestling goes so for WWE fans you will probably love this game, for me though, it has lost a lot of its fun factor.

The graphics are slightly above average but dont expect anything too spectacular.

Conclusion: WWE fans a must have, previous game fans... rent this first then decide for yourself.

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