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Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Star Ocean The Last Hope

| | See all SammyFab's reviews (3)

Easily over 100+ hrs to complete this and if you are looking to platinum this game looking at minimum of 400+ hrs.
great storyline with good custscenes which you can skip for ease.
Wish PS3 would look at doing more JRPG games like they used to!!!!

  A Great JRPG for the PS3

| | See all shikamarunin's reviews (2)

A great JRPG for the Ps3 and everyone know it needed one. If you have played and enjoyed the previous Star Ocean games then you should enoy this one.

Story is set before the first Star Ocean game when humans start to make the first stepsin colonization in space and on other planets. The story is executed perfectly and the characters are well done.

The graphics are also great but don't expect something like FF13 or Heavy Rain as this was an Xbox 360 game first and while detail was improved the base graphics remain the same. You can also change the character images in the menus and text boxes from modern CG to the classic Anime style.

The music is also good. I didn't like the localized voice acting. Some of it was good and some was bad. But I generally hate the dubbing of japanese games/anime anyway.So I was happy with the option of changing to Japanese voices.

The gameplay is similar to all of the Star Ocean games. The battle have more free movement similar to Star Ocean: Till the end of time. The item create is back as well.

Overall to Star Ocean fans, Tales of fans and general JRPG fans this games is a great buy and shouldn't be missed.

  Worth a Go...

| | See all godofwarfare's reviews (19)

I really enjoyed this game as a nice filler until Final Fantasy arrived, it kept me busy and I really enjoyed the open world exploration.

I played roughly 25 - 30 hours of this game and reached 5 planets, which is amazing as there is another 10 planets to discover, I picked this up and started playing instantly, no tutorials needed, just a very fun active battle system, no learning curve what-so-ever.

RPG fans who feel FF13 is too linear for them may want to take a look at this game, its massive, loads to do and collect.

The graphics are just above standard so dont expect fireworks there, and the camera is very annoying when trying to navigate through caves but thats not often enough to turn into a full complaint, it just doesnt detract from how fun the game is!

The characters are unique and the voice acting is 'ok' for an eastern import.

Sadly I wont be playing this until I have exhausted every avenue in FF13 but rest assured, I will return to this game and complete it. Its a shame the release date was roughly the same time as FF13 as it has been put under the radar. In a couple of months this game will be 15pounds, I highly recommend you try this, as its the second best RPG on the PS3 to date.

  A great JRPG

| | See all CloudIX's reviews (1)

Simply a joy to play, the story and voice acting can be a little iffy but the gameplay is better than all previous interations. The game lasts a long time and can take 100+ hours if you want to do everything. A must for any PS3 JRPG fans who are either waiting for Final Fantasy XIII or have played it and are looking a new one. A definite must for fans of the star ocean series.


| | See all Joshwaaah's reviews (2)

Absolutely incredible game. Storyline is fantastic and easily over a 100 hours of game play. Also replay potential on top of that. Graphics aren't the best however the time has clearly been spent both on the story and game play. Biggest issue is the length of some of the cut scenes however you can skip this and get a detailed synopsis instead. Definitely worth buying.

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  very good

| | See all AndreaLan75's reviews (3)

i play the 360 version....very good. The best alternative for classic j-rpg turn battle.

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