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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Simply the true Devil May Cry 2

| | See all knight1994's reviews (1)

One of the best action game ever made.
The characters, the gameplay, the madness. Everything is simply perfect.

  Impaled by its' own idiocy.

| | See all AdamPS3's reviews (12)

"Less is more". Common phrase. I wish the creators of Bayonetta had listened to this. The game is atrocious. My true feelings cannot be uttered in this review as they could be seen as "offensive". The graphics are the only above-poor element of the entire game. Gameplay is erratic and overly-difficult and music is charming at first but becomes repetitive literally within a few minutes. But the worst bits? The voice-acting and script. You know when foreign films are dubbed incorrectly and the plot becomes incoherent? This is worse. Characters are so idiotic that I wanted to slap them for most of the game. It seems like the creators were ignoring the genius of Devil May Cry and God of War and were intentionally trying to sink to the subterranean depths of Ninja Gaiden. Heck, Ninja Gaiden is actually BETTER! Shocking. Another terrible fact is that the game is useless at everything. As a hack/slash action adventure? Bad. But the single motorcycle level? Possibly the worst level in the history of gaming.To conclude, this game is not only horrific, disastrous, abominable and beastly, it is also utter garbage. Avoid like the plague unless you like unoriginal and boring adventures with a low-IQ Sarah Palin lookalike.

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| | See all Pro128's reviews (3)

A very good game for action fans.
Looks like an Action movie like Kill Bill with cheesy and almost stupid cutscenes and action scenes. Lots of special-effects and special moves.
At this time and price it's a great buy...

  A good laugh

| | See all jami777's reviews (22)

I was skeptical about this game, so I waited for it to drop in price before I tried it out. Not the best action game I've played, but a damn good one =D well worth it at this price!

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  hack n slash

| | See all Nataneraser's reviews (6)

At first could not get into it, however by time i began to immerse myself in the game. Cut scenes, even though a bit cheesy, are nicely done. It feels like devil may cry but with a female character instead xD recommended to hack n slash fans :D


| | See all muzza1's reviews (8)

I really wanted to love this game but its a bitter disappointment, the constant bombardment of cut scenes and load screens kill the flow of game-play and the music could only be worse if it was free-form jazz.
Game-play: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Music: 0/10

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| | See all PokemonBanzai's reviews (3)

It took me 16 hours to complete on a normal level - The difficulty level is perfect - it keeps you hooked you don't want to stop playing!! perfect to go with pringles! I love the game as much as Uncharted 1! It's so good!!


| | See all Shev23's reviews (1)

My initial thoughts for this game was of it being a rip of devil may cry, but there is so much more to it, and i think the combat far surpasses it. Its got plenty of replay value, humour, epic boss fights and set pieces. Considering the price is well worth a purchase. Very surprised not to see it in the top 100 best sellers. Hidden gem of a game!