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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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| | See all lethalsaint's reviews (15)

I got this and I must say i'm very pleased, the price gave this an extra star but the game is very good, has a long load but it let's you practise your combo moves while waiting.Coll graphics tons of combos, funny interesting characters and loads of gunzz!!! Let's not forget how sexy this game is.


| | See all OMFGthisISMINT's reviews (2)

I had to buy my PS3 again because my old one broke :( and bayonetta was the game i got with it.......i would never go out and buy a game like this but after playing this one i have changed my mind....i would never of went near any game like DMC or God of war but i think i will now and 1 more thing the graphics are amazing in HD!!!!!!!!!

  Absolutely Brilliant!

| | See all Jurge92's reviews (5)

One of the best games i have ever played!!! The combat, atmosphere, graphic and in-game movies are simply extraordinary! I did NOT experience any form for frequently and length loading breaks. If you like God Of War, you will love this! God this game is awsome!! 17,95 is giveaway price for this amazing game! BUY!!;)

  Fair but flawed

| | See all samad5's reviews (21)

This must be some game on the 360 to have gotten the rave reviews it has because ultimately on the PS3 I'm afraid to say that it's a different affair.

First the good bits. The game has good varied boss battles, tons and tons of moves to master, plenty of power ups to purchase and is pretty lengthy to boot.

However, the bad bits are glaringly obvious. Being a port of the 360 game no doubt the graphics are washed out & grainey, animation is choppy and as a result it becomes difficult to see exaclty what is going on when things get really hairy and hectic on screen. Load times are also silly due to the abscence of a hardrive installation option as is the norm with most games on the PS3. The results are that load times in between levels are lengthy, in-game loads are far too frequent and very annoying for a game that is focused on fluid combat.

This might sound like nitpicking but as Bayonetta was being billed as the new action figure to knock em dead it falls some way short. Compared next to the competent DMC4, excellent NG Sigma 2 (which is the way a 360 game should be made on the ps3) and upcoming GOW 3 the technical flaws really stand out. A muddled story line doesn't help either something at least the other titles were strong on.

Being offline sadly I can't comment on the possible patches that might fix some/all of the problems mentioned but somehow I doubt they could as the game on the PS3 was a case of poor programming to begin with. Overall it's worth a look at a bargain price but just don't go expecting a GOW killer flaw or no flaws.

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| | See all Scionreloaded's reviews (9)

I'm a great fan of Devil May Cry,God of War etc. but this game is in my opinion much better than them! You got 16 Chapters,the graphics are great,gameplay is like Devil May Cry with some new interesting moves. The story is nice.

If you liked Devil may Cry you'll love this game!

  didnt exspect that !!!

| | See all Calibur's reviews (1)

I would have thought this game would have been avarage, but i cant but this game down it amzing is sooo diffrent from what i have played in the past, it nothing like god of war and it not trying to match up to it, bayonetta fills a cap in the market, i love everything about the game u can play again again and again!!

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  A great game, but not for everyone

| | See all iqqillon's reviews (2)

Let me start with, it's a great game. One of the best I have on my PS3 and one of the greatest of 2010 at the moment.
The action is great and it has a unique style and difficulty. But both of those aren't for everyone.
The style is heavy on the demon and angel motive with a lot of over the top sexist poses and impossible action scenes thrown in. Though fun, some people might detest this.
One time you're fighting burning angels, the next you are ridding a bike on a missle flying into space! It's insane!

The combo system is near perfect. Since the game slowly forces you to master it. After finishing on Normal you'll have a general idea, after Hard you'll be really good, but after Inf.Climax you'll be great at it. Do note that the difficulty is indeed insane at some points, and I mean "Demon's Souls eat your heart out" insane.

Most people also complain about issues that came from the porting. Since the latest patch these things are almost not an issue anymore.
There is some slowdown when there are 10-20+ enemies on the screen, but the loadingtimes and screen-tearing are fixed mostly!

Try the demo on PSN to see if you like the style and the combatsystem. But I tend to just yell BUY IT. It's a great game!

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  Great game & fantastic environs

| | See all veltor's reviews (1)

My controller's been taking a hammering from this game. I keep playing the chapters over they are so good!

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| | See all Mortalfreddy's reviews (2)

I Loooooove this game! its the best action game ive ever played. love the shooting with the legs and hase some of the best combt eveeer! Its a lot like devil may cry but better! and the boss battles are amazing!

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