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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (124 reviews)"

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  An honest review

| | See all RWC1992's reviews (1)

Medal of Honor. One of the greatest war titles to be released on consoles through the generations. If you are a fan of the Medal of Honor games like me then you will have proberly have played them all. This is a completly new take on the series setting it in modern day warefare. A great idea which i think has been delivered superbly. Of course the comparison to Call of Duty has been made ever since it was in production. Of course nowdays every first person war game seems to be instantly compared to Call of Duty. Ok Call of Duty is undoubtable an excellent game franchise. It just that Activision beat EA Games to the punch and released a modern war idea first. However the feel and idea of these two games in different. Medal of Honor is designed for a realistic, rough, war torn feel. Call of Duty is designed for a smooth, hollywood style, action hero feel.
Again Battlefield pops up as a comparison but again its going for a completly different angle on the war genre. Controllable vehicles and air combat / map destruction have never been part of the Medal of Honor franchise. Nor has it for Call of Duty. So people in my own opinion for these games to independently succeed we have to stop these ridiculous comparisons to three very individual game types. Ok they are all (now) modern war first person shooters but thats where the comparison should end. People, its ok to like all three games, i do! Sure they all have their downfalls but every game does, just enjoy them seperatly and with increased sales, the three producers could have enough income to produce some really excellent games. No doubt il recieve some remarks about this comment but someone had to say this.

  Better than Black Ops

| | See all minky987's reviews (24)

This game is receiving many negative comments, which it doesn't deserve! The campaign is great and graphics are great too. It might be slightly short but then you have Multiplayer. A huge 24 player online match, fast pacing and huge maps. It might not have so many guns and maps as black ops but it is a change and is a very good fps game, my favourite this year!

  Take it for what it is, not as a COD wannabe!!

| | See all gunnerboyedd's reviews (9)

After reading many reviews on this game, mixed reviews at that, i decided to dive head first in and buy it. This was a risk as Black Ops was recent and still massively popular. However my risk was well rewarded by , in my eyes, what was the most amazing FPS game ever. I haven't based this review on multiplayer gameplay (Which most of you COD fanboys will pick up on and insult instantly), i have based this review on the depth at which the single player campaign goes. Most complaints about the game were about its campaign's short length. I cannot stress enough that this game is based on a TRUE CAMPAIGN, what can they add to it? if they add extra content they will be contradicting themselves. The story is totally enveloping and gives an amazing realisation of war as never been seen before in a gameplay sense. The single player (and parts of the multiplayer ) leave COD in its dirt track, the realistic graphics, sounds, guns, personnel contact and conversations between NPC's is that which COD should be aiming for to top it. So as for the single player mode my final verdict :- Outstanding, buy just for this.

Now onto the more controversial area, controversial due to the decision of incorporating 2 developer's (Dice and Danger Close, Dice being incharge of multiplayer). As we know Dice was the developer behind Bf2. The multiplayer is very similar to BF2 (Infact almost identical), my only downfall with MOH's online is the lack of weapons , 9 being a very short number. However in my opinion for the more realistic, intricate and more challenging play , the multiplayer on MOH is of a much better quality than COD's. So my final multiplayer verdict:- Very good gameplay, amazing graphics for multiplayer, only downfall is weapons issue,

Final Verdict on the game as a whole:- Absolutely amazing game, definately one for the records. Enveloping single player mode, breathtaking graphics, surreal realism in the shooting business, Outstanding online. In my books this makes for an amazing game, as long as you accept that its not COD and don't compare MOH to COD.

  loved it

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

had this game from when it came out it is just amazing great story great game play as well even with the front-line game included with it as well over all a great game to play

  Incredible Game - Definitely the bench mark from now.

| | See all MADSLC's reviews (19)

First let me start by saying this is the single most amazing sounding game I have ever heard in Pro Logic. The effects of things flying past you are second to none and the spatial and distance awareness is incredible.

Most will compare this to the bench mark of COD so I will too. Quite simply MOH is the king. It is different though both on and off line. Starting with the latter COD single player sucks and always has done. It is possible in COD to get through many parts of the levels without killing anyone due to the trigger system. In MOH you actually have to complete your tasks before moving on and it is better based around one player so you dont rely on your team or feel hastened like you do in COD because you want the opportunity to kill the enemy before your team do.

On line, MOH comes into its own. For the first few times I played it I wasnt sure. It doesnt have the fun aspect of COD with the perks but once I realised that MOH was aimed at being as realistic as possible and understood that you have to play as if it were real i.e. run from post to post and check before sticking your head out I settled in for the long run. I have never been to Afghanistan but if I did, I think it would look exactly as depicted in the game. All levels are set in the Helmand Province towns mountains markets etc.

Graphically it is incredible and the art work is the best I have seen in any game. The environment in destructible and you can blow up trees walls etc. and move crates and barrels and hide behind them. I could rave about this game forever but at the price it is you should just buy it and find out for yourself. There are 5 Team Deathmatch levels which may seem like not enough (is it ever?) but they are bigger and you will appreciate the time that has gone into them. There is much more height and you can really see so much further than in COD for example. I hate sniping and snipers but the game has even got me at it. The way it is geared you often play through levels as a variety of classes depending where you spawn.

On top of this though there are more on line maps but unlike COD, MOH dedicates maps to the game types and the Piece de Resistance has to be the Combat Mission mode which is played by the same number of people that play the Team Assault (Deathmatch) mode. This mode has three levels and each game lasts up to 25 minutes. This mode rocks, the maps are elongated and you have to move through 5 objective points often barricaded and requiring one of your squad to jump into a tank to break down a barrier. No other game has managed what the developers have here the sense of realism is again sublime and you move forward with your squad really well. The game is territorial and allows you to focus on what is in front of you.

This game is incredible and I love COD too but this is way better.

  Great game!!

| | See all mrswerte's reviews (5)

wasnt really expecting much from this game after reading some reviews but it REALLY is good!graphics are better in MW2,but online is still as addictive!i like playing this more than Battlefield 2 at the moment...go give it a try!!!

  The Sound Is Amazing

| | See all Pringle72's reviews (5)

This is a great game - Okay the story was quick and easy, but still very polished and fun to complete. Mutiplayer is great, this section was developed by the Battlefield : Bad Company team, and is really good. But the thing about this, that stands out from all the other similar games (COD), is that the sound is amazing. Gun fire noises are nothing like you have heard... my ears are still ringing from last night. Buy this and turn the sound to full, you feel like you are in the middle of Black Hawk Down. You can't go wrong for under 20 pounds.

  try it :)

| | See all jacobandtravis's reviews (1)

the campaign is great but a bit short. the multiplayer is different but still great even though there are not many maps but if you want a change from call of duty this is a great choice
also the remastered vrsion of medal of honour is still amazing and with added trophy it makes it even better :))

  Why have I been bothering with Black Ops?

| | See all phil316's reviews (2)

I have been a loyal COD fan until BLack Ops, but I'm not anymore, Black Ops has been sold and I replaced it with this.
Medal OF Honor multiplayer is excellent, very realistic, more of a grown up game, and the controls mirror COD so its easy to pick up. Sure there are less guns and maps than COD but they are all very good and game play is fast and very slick. I have never lost a connection to the servers, or had any glitches so far.

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  Story is average, multiplayer is a joke

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I was looking very forward to playing this as it's pretty much a mix of Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 but it's no where near any of those games. The campaign for starters is far too short and easy. I done it on hard mode and had it done in about 5 hours although I didn't finish it for ages as it just didn't interest me. The online is an absolute joke. Spawnkiller, campers, lag, everything that makes online multiplayer bad is here. I would advise you to wait for this to go well down in price before purchase. The only good thing is that you get Medal of Honor: Frontline free in the limited edition.

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