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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (124 reviews)"

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  close but no cigar

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this is receiving very mixed reviews.
ign tore it apart.
i can hand on heart say that this is by far one of the best shooters i have played of late.
sure the single player is short and a little glitchy,but imho its not bad at all.
some nice firefights and some great on rails shooting sections.
kind of weird as to why they chose to use two developers for this game.
danger close for the singe player using the unreal engine.this is looking a little old now but for the best part it holds the game together.

taking over the multiplayer is dice.
this is a completely differnt beast.not quite up there bad company but some really nice modes and ranking system.my only gripe is that its kill or be killed on multiplayer.
added bonus for ps3 owners is the hd version of frontline
safe to say its no cod killer but fun for now

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I remember when MOH Frontline was out on the Gamecube! it was by far my favourite game for a long lonnnggg time! And then.. as many other MOH fans would of noticed the decline of the series on the next generation console. Enough about that, tears were shed.. sure, but now, i think COD has something to worry about. The BETA has been amazing upto now, actually BETA than what i fort.. ay ay ...no? played for a few hours, cant wait to play story though!!

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  its looks like MOH is back

| | See all Thekingz's reviews (5)

i have been playing the beta for couple of days i must say it is really fun if you like cod you will like MOH 9/10 cod better watch there backs

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  Reviewing the BETA...

| | See all colmPS3's reviews (1)

I have only played the beta, of which i have only clocked up 3 1/2 hours play.

However, even with my limited time on the game i have come across a variety of experiences, some good, some not so good... i say again, always remembering this is a beta, and will not necessarily reflect the finished product.

The good:

The game works on a great engine, as many have pointed out, it is not a brand new engine, but as i have played BFBC2 for over 100 hours, i am very familiar with the system.
Saying that, MOH has had a few tweaks, and these are only really noticable in the knifing button layout and animation, and what seems to be a smoother, faster paced movement style. More along the likes of Modern warfare 2.

The guns are great, and reward system seems well thought out.

The killstreaks are a nice touch, and with the option to choose between two at each tier, it provides a tactical gameplay element.

I have played many Call of dutys, which this game will inevietably be compared to highly, and rightly so, in regard to it being the the most popular FPS franchise. And i have personally played mw2 for over 7 days... how the time flys. I am a FPS fan, and think this game has alot to offer to the casual and experienced gamer.

It has progressed nicely in regard to multiplayer experience, from BC2, and benifitted with elements of MW2, in what i am finding to be an almost perfect blend.

The not so good:

Muzzle flash, that makes people hard to see when firing a gun directly at you at times.
And the invisble people that seem to be effected by frame rate or perhaps loading issues.

As i have stated, BETA, i fully expect these issues to be fixed upon release!
MOH is a differant breed, and people should keep this i mind, please stay objective, and just enjoy this game for what it is. A very enjoyable, shooter, with skill being slightly more important to success, which is nice to have back after mw2.

Great Game... Day one Buy

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