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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (124 reviews)"

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  great game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this is a great game with good gameplay, graphics, controls, and to have frontline as well which was the best war game of its time is just magic not sure why its getting some bad reveiws can only think that cod lovers dont know a good game when they see one

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| | See all bobster0070's reviews (5)

This is a very addictive fps with awesome graphics, no lag, no problems what so ever, not like a certain black ops ( console killer! )
Highly recommend plus the added bonus of battlefield bad company 3 beta access! At this price too!....

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| | See all BOLDWICK632's reviews (28)

This game is not COD no its BETTER then that by far the graphics are much smoother and much much more clear the guns are much better to use they do not jump all over the place when you are trying to shoot some one.
I love the way that you can choice to ear every one or just your friends on team speak much better idear.Im telling you if medol of honar keeps them coming out as great as this then COD will have to buck up there idears about making there games better in stead of just trying to make much money as possible.At this price you can not go wrong but i must say its better to buy this game bran new or you will have to kick out for the online reg to which is 7.99 cause if its second hand then its more likely its been used so you will have to pay the online reg.SO OVER ALL THIS IS A GAME THAT SHOULD BE ON YOUR LIST.

  MOH not COD

| | See all CheapNCheerful's reviews (3)

Why do so many people slate this game due to length of the single player or the multiplayer isnt like COD. It really gets on my nerves if your a COD fan boy then leave MOH alone simple don't like it then don't keep it. I'm really enyoing the whole game so far with the bonus of the done up old school MOH in HD aswell. Its a great little package and so realistic too! Stop slating this game making it out to be like COD when its not! It is its own game. Stop comparing it to other FPS. Its a must have at the price of 17.99

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| | See all shoooter's reviews (28)

First off i have been gaming for 23 years and i know what i am taking about when it comes to games and this game is a prime example of of EA just trying to fund BF3 it is just rushed and terrible.

1 The in game graphics in the single player are ps2 at best on a hd tv the maximum setting is 720p it even says it on the back of the box
i am playing this on a new sony LED tv and it still looks terrible its very grainy with pixel blotches when things explode not smooth at all big frame rate drops.

2 the single player game play is terrible the movement and player interactions give you a feeling of running though jelly its like playing MOH on the ps1 the AI is horrible which was fine then but its now 2010

3 the multi player has better graphics as its made by DICE and is a mix of bc2 and cod but it has to many problems to be fun the maps some of the worst i have come across and its dominated by spawn killers and snipers its the 08/12/2010 and online there are about 200 players this game is dead waste of money.

  Awesome single player

| | See all Propensity2sale's reviews (9)

Look I get really fedup with so many peoples reviews, what are they really expecting from a game? I have only played the campaign mode and i have to say it is such an exhilerating ride, with so much realism, I was blown away. I found the game reasonably sized in term of length. It is not as long as say Uncharted 2, but it was one heck of a ride I really didn't want the game to end. The graphics were fine and i play it on a 50inch 1080p tv...The AI is not brilliant, but reasonably realistic. What do you expect them to do, keep rolling around and jumping from one rock to another for cover? If you had hundreds of bullets firing over your head, you would be lucky to even attempt to move from your position. This game is brilliant and would recommend to anyone that wants a really decent FPS game, based on modern times. AWSOME game. Now I am back to UC2 & MW2 multiplayer.....

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  Is it a COD Black Op's beater?

| | See all markied66's reviews (3)

Admittedly the single player games graphics are a big let down, but lets be honest, who buys a game just for the single game?. If I buy a game it has to have multi player, and yes, this multi player is one of the best I have played. Maps are small but there is a lot going on. If you like the arcade style of COD then buy that, but if you want a game thats hardcore, and this is hardcore, then MOH is the game to get.
In my opinion, this game isnt as pretty has COD but for pure adrenaline rush this game is it.
It sorts the men out from the boys...

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  Great game

| | See all OllieDB14's reviews (5)

Campaign is one of the best ive played in a while
but just let down by the length
online is very good
but just let down by the spawn system

  Bang Bang !!! You're dead !!!

| | See all maedsl's reviews (6)

COD and MOH both excellent games
COD = Arcade shooter
MOH = Realistic shooter
Multiplayer is fast and brutal. Run n Gun and you die. Simple as that.