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Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (124 reviews)"

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  Brilliant Game

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I bought this after seeing it on a game show on the TV - before that, I had heard of the glitches and poor graphics etc - when I played it I thought those people must have been playing a different game - this is AWESOME! The gameplay is brilliant with frantic fire & manoeuvre down streets and through villages and ultimately up a mountain! Sure the game is short (probably about 6hrs max (maybe shorter if you're good at these type of games) but it's short and very sweet. The graphics and gameplay blow COD Black Ops away. Another thing - this game is set now, COD Black Ops is set in previous conflicts like Vietnam, Cuba etc and so it's pretty retro. If you want a modern spec-ops game then this is the one for you. On the glitches front - I experienced only one through the entire game - but a quick reload of the previous checkpoint (this game is very generous with the checkpoints) and it didn't happen again. I HIGHLY recommend this game.

  Great Game

| | See all gashalasha7's reviews (10)

This is a brilliant game. So realistic which puts COD to shame. You feel like you are in the game, as previously mentioned in another review, if you get hit by a sniper you die, as you should. Only criticism is the shortness of the campaign.

  Buy this game don't listen to the bad reviews

| | See all gazzzzzzzzzzza's reviews (1)

I love this game , as soon as I played it I knew it was for me , I play cod lots but get sick of how easy it is and it's like kids in a school yard with ak47 lol, sill I got the new one and it is fun but get loads of probs online , not with moh tho it's a better game more real , if you get hit with a snipper your dead as you are in real life haha , run for cover to cover to get some where , I like it better than cod give it a go you won't be let down promise :) 10 out of 10 or and the story mode is just as good , really don't know what the rubish reviews are about maybe they are puting moh front line disk in that's like the first ever one lol

  Way too short.

| | See all grumpyrich's reviews (1)

This game is too short. So short I feel ripped off. So ripped off I am writing this review. Save your money and buy COD Black Ops or Battlefield Bad Company 2. This game has so many glitches you have re-play a level or a chapter just to get past them. Your team do not die but in one part I lost a man and was unable to continue. 4 re-plays later he turns up. Then in another part near the end, my buddy fails to enter a tunnel. " Follow me" hes says and then just stands there. 8 times re-play to get past that bit. Next thing I know, the credits are rolling. What a rip-off. You should not have to rely on multiplay to make a game.

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  Surprised by the bad reviews!

| | See all readiejr's reviews (4)

I recommended this game to a friend and was shocked when he said that it didn't have a great rating!
A few people have said this is a sniper's paradise but I have found there to be a good balance between the classes. If you are used to playing Modern Warfare then you will get your butt handed to you when you first play online, you just need to learn to be more cautious and move from cover to cover.
The different online game modes keep it interesting, I can't comment on the campaign mode being short as I haven't really played through that much of it (I like most people I know, bought it for the online experience!)
I would personally say give it a go but don't give up if you suck badly at first, push through it and learn from your mistakes and it will turn into a rewarding game.

  medal of honor is not meant to be COD!

| | See all FireMe2008's reviews (1)

I can't say much about the single player as I have not really played it. much but the AI didn't not seam that smart!

But multiplay and the frontline HD is worth the buy, I believe the multiplay is made by a different company and it shows!! Its alot better than the last COD's multiplayer versions. As it is alot harder to play, graphics also better! This is not a game for under 16 COD is! no spray and pray, you need to know your weapon well.

People might think I have a problem with COD but I love it, I have had every COD since the first on PC! But I Just can't stand people saying this game is no good because its not like COD.

  Medal of Honor

| | See all mikkee's reviews (2)

Just come back into gaming after a 5 year gap and how things have changed. Just bought myself a PS3 with M.O.H and then read it's reviews and thought oh no what have I done.!!!! But this is a superb game, stunning and love the online mode, my only drawback is the game is too short.

  Worth getting

| | See all obsessedgamer's reviews (2)

This game is definatly worth getting. It makes a change from shooters like cod which seem to be the exact same game in different settings resold every year. Multiplayer is created by dice ( creators of battlefield BC2) and has the same feel as BC2. Although online can be stressful at times, it is an excellent game

  give it a chance

| | See all reddotsight's reviews (2)

EA take a bow.......
First of all what u need to understand is MOH is not trying to be COD it is its own game, if u like any of the battlefields then this is the game for you! single player is a bit short but i think the multi player is when this game comes alive, there are plenty of game modes and plenty of leveling up to do not to mention the medal and ribbons to acquire during your battles. in a nutshell if u fancy a break from COD then you wont go far wrong with MOH, just give it a go!!!

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This is a magnificent game really enjoyable even though its on the shortside. Everyone seems to be comparing this to COD when all they need to do is judge this is a seperate game because lets face facts it doesnt compare to COD. What marks this game down for me is the fact the controls are difficult to judge but in terms of gameplay i cant complain. We get the added bonus package of an old classic Medal of Honor : Frontline which is a nice package. Enjoy

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