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Dead Space 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  DEAD SPACE 2 is amazingly immersive.

| | See all bovmalta's reviews (29)

What can I say!? This game is amazing and it got me from the very start. It is quite scary but its scariness is what makes you keep going and not the thing that makes you to put it down. The story is amazing and the characters are likeable. The graphics , the sound and the voice acting are stellar and they are really well done to provide a great survival horror experience which is unique. Replay value is high and you would love to play it over and over again because it is amazing in every way. Have not tried multiplayer but it is just an add on. Go buy this game and bring the terror to space.

  scary? hell yes.

| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

I really love playing this game, never jumped so many times playing any other game apart from dead space 1. Game play is brilliant, graphics very good,play in the dark with surround sound to make even better . one of the best if not the best game of year.


| | See all barros's reviews (3)

This game derserves 5 star 1 million % really guys whats with the 2 stars and bad comment?!? 1st one was really good and still good, DS2 is just Wow plus it comes with edditional series which were made for Wii :) buy it play it then leave a comment unlike others who didn't even try or got very scared lol I am a fun of this game bought even all the dvds to see what really happened the story is good but not good graphics as the game does. Before I was very temped to buy Wii so that i can play the resurection as well but got move and ps3 camera to play the ps3 version which seems okay and yes i can give that one a 4 stars coz still trying get use to ps3 move version and abit unusall for me. apart from that this will make u jump, give u nightmares, yes u have to fight ur way through so that u go to the next level, beautiful grafhics and game play, lights off turn up the home cinema systems and after work i'll be in dead space again to move on to next level hahaaaa :) have fun


| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

I didn't really play dead space 1, but saw the reviews for this & thought I would give it a go whilst the PSN was down.
Completed it a couple of weeks ago & have to say its one of the best games I have played.
Amazing graphics, really detailed & crisp, the atmosphere & sound especially through a surround are just stunning.
I can't fault the game really, just didn't want it to end.

  Great Game...Worth the Every Penny

| | See all Nuggets3000's reviews (1)

This was my first dead space game I have played and this game blows you away. Feels more like Resident Evil 5 which is really good. The guns are really good with special features and the graphics are stunning, some of the views on the game are really extrodianry. Overal its a must have for any gamers


| | See all andyhadj1980's reviews (4)

I am a huge dead space fan and this sequel is total awesome!!!MUST BUY! I 'll wait for Dead Space 3!

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  How did they make this game so much scarier than the first?

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

This game, is absolutely, totally, unforgivingly brutal.

From the word go you're thrown into the mayhem that is a Necromorph outbreak, the scenes are gory, if Isaac isn't causing some (Massively) gruesome damage to necromorphs, they're causing some (even more massively) gruesome damage to him.

Superb graphics, combined with a terrifying story line and soundtrack that will always have you looking behind you (to find you have a necromorph about to rip your head off) and quaking in your seat.

The new necromorphs you'll see in this game are VERY smart, they'll hide, charge at you at stupid speeds, or explode to simply sever your limbs straight off.

Even when you accidentally cause a blast door to open up a vacuum (and consequently cause you to lose your arms if you don't react fast enough) will cause a scare.

I would advise people planning to buy this to make sure they play the first one before picking up this, as the fmv showing what previously happened isn't great.

Also, play this with others watching, it's very easy to miss necro's coming at you.

Totally sold with this game.

  Review games not demo's or betas...

| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

I have just completed this game and have to say it is absolutely superb, graphically it's up there with the best with incredibly detailed environmets and character models, sound is fantastic and if at all possible you should play through a surround sound system or headphones, some of the effects used are jump out of your seat scary. Luckily the game is also great fun to play (as was the first Dead Space title) stomping necromorphs never gets boring and the upgrading is both interal to the game and fun to do. It is longer than the first game but maybe slightly easier to play and the only criticism I could make is that they have not included any big bosses to finish off but that is a small gripe as overall this game is a contender for game of the year, The extraction game is also fun but by no means essential. Buy ithis title, you wil not be dissapointed...

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  Engrossingly brilliant again!!!

| | See all Goldiewankenobi's reviews (40)

I love this franchise...as a survival horror fan I loved the first game and was eagerly anticipating this sequel. Isaac is a character you can easily link with and the story, graphics, engine, dynamics, ideas and imagery are all absolutely brilliant. The **** your pants moments are as frequent as the first game and the weaponry etc has been modified for a greater game all round, nicely evolved from Dead space number one. I hope they maybe make a trilogy from this and end it all with one last game although it isnt clear that this is a definite. All round if you like Resident evil/Killzone/Doom//Gears of war...this would surely be up your alley. Thanks for a superb couple of weeks gaming....I might just run through number one again as I await Killzone 3.

  Dead Space 2

| | See all StevieG123's reviews (30)

Incredible game, i played the first, and wasnt all that into it, but this one looked a little more my thing. Perhaps I'm wrong and didnt give the first one a chance, but it seems they have seriously upped their game and delivered a game which has plenty of action and scares! (although i think the action can take away from the nerve shredding side of the game as did resident evil 4) still, brillian game, and well worth the money! 5stars would be jumping the gun, its not perfect, but still a very very good 4stars...

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