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Dead Space 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  JUMP? yes you will

| | See all kriovu's reviews (7)

lights off,headphones on,volume up.now you have the ideal setting for this game.like the first one your nerves will be shot.just make sure there's nobody in the house to tap you on the shoulder.OUTSTANDING!!!

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  Should be 5 stars

| | See all carlcho's reviews (8)

I started playing Dead Space 2, and i have to say from start to finish it should be a 5 star game, but one flaw sadly lets it down. Note to people who buy this, if you do as i did and try to complete this on hard, make sure you save it in seperate slots, because this game unlike most others never gives you your full energy back when you die, which is fine until i came across one of the later chapters and i dont care how good you may think you are at this game you will find yourself in scenerarios where you can never get past a certain point because A. You dont have enough energy or B. You dont have the right weapon or any ammo. it is absolutely impossible in some cases and you are left with no alternative but to go back a chapter which will be infuriating to anyone, also when you are in this predicament you will find that when you open lockers or boxes you can bet instead of ammo or energy it credits you get instead. Great game but because of this infuriating flaw. 4 stars i'm afraid.

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| | See all robsbox07's reviews (11)

I'm not even past the first level yet but thought I'd write a review now because it is that good and I am well and truly hooked!
This is a Massive improvement on the first Dead Space, The Graphics and sound are Unbelievable! The lighting is amazing and looks so realistic!
The game is also in 1080i which looks razor sharp compared to the first Dead Space that was in 720P.
There have been a few improvements in terms of the movement of isaac and seems to move really smooth without being clumsy! A nice touch is when you stamp on corpses and if you stamp repeatidly isaac swears, t's as if your kicking the Sh^t out of someone! Great Touch!
Being as brief as poss I would say that if you liked the first one then you will love this one even more!

Amazing and probably the best sequal I have ever played!

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  fab n easy

| | See all gleek4's reviews (10)

yes loads more aliens and very challenging at times as for one reviewer saying not having the right weapon at the end all you need is the plasma cutter and the line gun as i did all the way thru the game and i had same in 1st dead space just get nodes and upgrade those two they are the the best in the game and its one hell of a gauntlet to the easy end boss do it in casual mode


| | See all Nails1976's reviews (45)

This game is superb great story superb graphics 10/10 it has it all. If you like the first dead space your love this one, once again there are alot of scary bits which are superb. I would recommend to any third person shooter lovers, online aint to bad either 10/10.

  D E A D S P A C E 2

| | See all Demand's reviews (2)

Brillant, just pure brilliant. This game will scare you, make you jump, amaze you and keep you entertained for hours on end. The graphics are fantastic, the storyline is superb and the gameplay is second to none, its so addictive and fun to play.

Its got all the tricks which made the first one such a hit but has also improved slightly on certain aspects - not that much needed improving. Example, the slightly awkward-to-read map has been replaced with an excellent arrow pointing system which makes the game alot smoother to navigate. The Zero Gravity is now alot more realistic, you actually float around instead of the moving from platform-to-platform used in Dead Space 1.

All the weapons are still here, with some excellent new one's aswell. A special mention to the Javelin gun which is fantastic, it basically fire's a spear which you can impale the enemy and stick them to the walls, then with its alternative fire you can send an electric shock to the same spear to cause extra damage. Also, if you fully upgrade the Javelin gun, after you've sent an electric shock through the spear it then detonate's and blow's up. Its totally brutal!!!!!

All the old Necromorphs are all in attendance, but again, with some excellent new one's. Also, a special mention to the Stalkers which are brilliantly done. Best to describe them as shy Velociraptors which don't like to be seen and they are out for your blood, they hide behind things and when you let your guard down they come charging at you with a high pitch scream and a deadly head butt to knock you to the ground.

Anyway, ive talked enough, there is so much content in this game i could go on forever.

This game is superb, its really hard to see how this game cannot become game-of-the-year and its only February!!!!!

Buy the game, turn the sound up, turn the lights off and enjoy the ride!!!!

  One of the best games on the PS3

| | See all Lennymcgra's reviews (20)

This game is awesome, great graphics and brilliant gameplay, the game is long and never gets boring. The game is much smoother than the first and the zero g parts of the game are excellent, i would highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to see the power of the ps3

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  Great like the fisrt one!!!!! but too dificult at the end!!!

| | See all Sungod's reviews (6)

Best sound and super scary.
But like the last game - I watched the endgame on you tube as the last level is so idiotic difficult even in easy mode that it spoils it again for me. And you have not the right weapon at the end forget it - watch on you tube.
Who started this stupid BOSS fights in the first place ?!

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  Must Buy

| | See all lewishred's reviews (2)

Dead space 2 is the long awaited sequel to the first. The original game was a immense suprise from EA back in 2008. Taking alot of notes from Capcom's Resident evil 4, but put the "Horror" back into 'Survival Horror Game'. The game was also well recieved by both critics and gamers.
Now we have the sequel, can it live up to the hype, read on to find out.

We assume control of Issac Clarke once again, as he battles through a Spacecity know as 'the Spawl'. Issac is suffering from dementia and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff, the main bulk of it being a haunting spirit of his SPOILER ALERT: dead girlfriend.
While the first game had a suprisingly good plot, it was going to be hard to live up to. For the most part this game does, you encounter some great characters and still has that element of disturbia to it.

In the graphics department not much has changed, I believe everything is mainly more polished and better presented. The graphics of the first game were brilliant and this compares very well and is definatly the better looking of the two.

The game plays very much like the first, a few control changes have been made but nothing drastic. Issac still has to strategically dismember the necromorphs, and try to survive. Zero gravity also plays more of a role in this game, however works alot better with his booster boots allowing you to push through the air with more ease.
I would also like to add this game is absolutley full of epic moments, one of which Issac boosts in the air from one train to another in mid transportation.

The main story will take you about 10-12 hours on normal diffculty, but also can be played again on a harder setting (Believe me you will probably want to) When your done with that you also have the multiplayer mode which is suprisingly good. The matches pit Humans against necromorphs (4 people on each team) The humans have to complete objectives while the necromorphs have to try and stop them. This for me was great fun and a nice add on to the already brilliant game, personally loved playing as the necromorphs as you could be quite sneaky at times. (Also note the PS3 version of the game, comes with Dead Space extraction. The Wii lightgun game has been ported to the PS3, with great results)

Dead Space 2 is the best horror action game this generation. It provides more epic moments and greater scares than the original and is a great continuation of the series.


| | See all honda1979's reviews (20)

Dont usually write reviews, but this game is pretty much perfect in my eyes. I loved the first Dead Space, and this game is even better. Graphics seem sharper, probably among the best i have saw on PS3, the lighting and atmosphere is top notch. Sound is fantastic, must be played loud and in the dark. Basically keeps all the good points of the original, with polished graphics, smoother faster controls and still very very creepy. Top game. 10/10 from me.