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Yakuza 3: Special Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Fantastic underrated game.

| | See all Mandalorion382's reviews (1)

This has to be by far one of the best games out on the PS3 it is even better then Uncharted 2. The Story is fantastic and you will love every character in the game. Even if you have not played the old Yakuza titles it does not matter.

Graphics 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 10/10
Story 10/10

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  Absolutely breathtaking!

| | See all Terra10's reviews (2)

Where to begin? This game is just amazing. There is so much to do at times it's almost overwhelming! For newcomers to the series fear not, as there is a very detailed recap video showing what happened in Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2. I am a newcomer and after watching those vids, understood exactly where 3 picks up from.

Let's take a look at some of the things available to do in this game.

Main story: Will take you around 20 hrs to complete IF you choose not to do any sub stories or take part in any of the mini games. I won't go into detail on the story as I don't want to spoil anything for potential buyers, but in short...the main story is extremeley DEEP and told very well.

Sub stories: A total of 101 sub stories are available and a lot of them are hilarious, to complete all 101 will take you a while.

Mini games: There are a total of 16 mini games to take part in. These include, Pool, Darts, Karaoke, Fishing, 2 Arcade games within "Club Sega", Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Cee lo, Baseball batting cage etc etc.

Dating: There are a total of 9 girlfriends in the game which you can go out on dates with, you can take them to some of the minigames mentioned above, for a meal or even a spot of shopping! Each girl also has her own sub story to be completed once you have taken her out on 2 dates.

Exploring the cities: Throughout doing missions on the main story or sub stories, you are freely able to wander around each of the 2 cities. There is Kamarocho and Okinawa. Both contain a vast amount of activities to see and do, from shopping for items to taking part in mini games etc.

Brawling: Let's be honest, this is a brawler at heart, and probably the main feature that stands out. The fighting is amazing, very arcadey feel and easy to learn. There are "Heat" moves which are powerful devestating attacks that can only be done when your heat meter has peaked past a certain point.

Honestly, I could go on and on. If I were to talk about everything you're able to do in this game, this review would be very long. Understand this though, Yakuza 3 is an amazing game. It might not be to everyones taste. but those who give it a chance will love it! There is nothing more I can say, others than BUY IT!

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  One of the best games this year!

| | See all RedBullRacer's reviews (3)

I have completed many games this year so far, Mass Effect 2, Bayonetta, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and a few others...but Yakuza 3 is the game that I find myself thinking about the most. It has such a rich world, with so many things to see and do.

SEGA have created a world which feels alive, a fantastic story, great characters, loads of minigames and a great fighting system with so much depth. This really is an amazing game!

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| | See all HoseDoctor's reviews (8)

I recently spent 6 fantastic weeks in Japan staying in Osaka and Tokyo and this game just brings back so many memories. The attention to detail right down to authentic produce from the shops and the fantasticly accurate and kitsch Karaoke minigames is outstanding and really gets the Japanese vibe spot on. I guess this game would appeal to anyone into 3rd person action games with a fighting system that can be basic or in depth depending on your skill level. Be aware that this has Japanese language and English subtitles and that the majority of cut scenes are dialogue boxes rather than spoken word, I realise this may not be everyone's cup of tea. But for me this game was perfect, an over the top representation of Japan that really captures the feel of actually being in amongst the bonkers chaos of Tokyo's busy streets....just with more fighting!! Superb.

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  A must buy...

| | See all xXxtechnogirlexXx's reviews (6)

This is my first expierence of the yakuza series and I must say I'm really impressed. The game has a strong story line and amazing fast paced combat you never get bored of. Like shenmue only faster combat and with a bit blood and bruising on enimies which is a realistic and nice touch. Visuals are very pretty.

If you haven't played the first and second no fear, they offer a catch up movie if you wish to watch them at the beginning (I did) as it brings you up to speed because things can get a bit confusing as there's quite a few characters.

Overall 5 stars and worth a buy. If you buy this it's likely yakuza 4 might come to these shores fingers crossed because I'm addicted

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  Fantastic looking visuals, fluid and fast combat, BUY IT!!!!

| | See all finchy1977's reviews (2)

Looks fantastic, good and addictive storyline and so much to do...fishing, golf and pool to name just 3 and i haven't even scratched the surface of the game yet....amizing value for money

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  Yakuza deserves your attention

| | See all apocreg's reviews (2)

Its a little rough around the edges but play it for a short while and you'll soon say how unique and cool an experience it it.

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| | See all Razgriz1's reviews (3)

The third game in the criminally overlooked Yakuza series is just as good as ever!
-Another great story, with the return of many familiar characters.
-Loads of sidequests and minigames
-The extras that come with the game make it fantastic value for money
-There is a story recap at the start for newcomers (though i'd still recommend playing the originals)
-A fun combat system

-A couple of the minigames were cut when it was localised (though there are still around 16 left so it's a minor issue)
-The game starts out slowly and takes a while to pick up the pace, which may put some people off.

-The game is dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles, which some people will like and some won't. Personally I prefer it in Japanese (it would be kind of weird travelling around japan with everyone speaking perfect english)

Conclusion: Yakuza does a lot of things right, it has a unique setting, interesting characters and a good story, but like all the best things in life, it's an aquired taste.

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  Highly Disappointing !! (Demo)

| | See all Sto2min's reviews (3)

I had high expectations for this game and was delighted when a demo appeared. Downloaded played and well what can i say boring repetative bad controls and sloppy AI. A lot of effort has gone into this game but it just seems to be half done not polished enough and don't think it'll be a game i'll be putting high on my to buy list .

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  Yakuza 3

| | See all pjstevo79's reviews (5)

Cant wait to play this been waiting since it came out in japan a year ago.played the jap and english demo its amazing just like the rest of them.Just hope Yakuza 4 comes this way to.

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