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Batman: Arkham City

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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| | See all miffy24's reviews (33)

Perfection,the best game i have ever played,nothing else to say,i like call of duty and grand theft auto but they can't touch this.


| | See all Sunny28's reviews (5)

What a game, I never played the first one Arkham Asylum but thought I'd give this one a go, and I wasn't disappointed. The graphics are amazing, the game play is awesome and the missions are indulging. I thought the gameplay might get repetitive but I was mistaken, with the new gadgets, suit add on's, and skills moves to gain, it makes gameplay a lot more enjoyable. I am considering buying Arkham Asylum just to have the set and I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this game.


| | See all GHOSTDAWG's reviews (6)

it dont beat uncharted 3 but it deserves to be in you ps3 games list its awsome but mind you once i beat it i traded it in as there is just too mutch too do its a massive game and very challengeing its fantastic buy it worth every penny

  simply stunning

| | See all Frankyle's reviews (21)

as with the previous game, the visuals are (as above) "simply stunning" I was pretty excited to see it was also playable in 3d but to be honest the 3d isn't the best I've seen on ps3 so far but it IS pretty faultless and there is barely any ghosting. Gameplay ...I'm not even sure anything I can say would even begin to justify how atmospheric and absolutely amazing it is to play! ...if you're a fan of Batman, you just HAVE to buy this!!

  harley quin haha mmmmmm

| | See all findersfee's reviews (13)

wicked game, batman is a bit of a dip sometimes though, the woman haha now this is how females should be there all quality, mental but thats good, my ideal girl ever would have to be harley quin ctazy lil chick, but yes loads of fun,

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  Batman: Arkham City

| | See all Lorenz19's reviews (4)

Being a hard to please gamer its nice to come across a title thats very hard to fault. People may look at Batman Arkham City and say youre just swinging and gliding your way through a city despatching bad guys on your way to a boss fight but its testament to Rocksteady in making this concept so enjoyable to play.

Having only played the demo version of Batman: Arkham Asylum and not being overly impressed with it, I was only intending to buy this game as a stop gap for a week to trade it in for Battlefield 3 the following Friday but that didnt happen as im well and truly hooked and this will be staying in my limited collection.

Graphically I wasnt thinking Arkham City wouldnt be up to much as im not a huge fan of the Unreal engine but it definitely works well in this dark title. Swinging and gliding your way around Gotham looks fantastic and although this is a little tricky at first to get to grips with, it doesnt take long before it becomes second nature and then its a dream.

Hearing much about the combat system when the first title came out I was expecting much and I definitely have not been disappointed and for me its on par with the Assassins system. The special combos took a little while longer to perfect but again, when you master them, its great to see batman (and catwoman) pulling of those moves.

The game is long enough, being about 12 or so hours long in my opinion and that was without completing any of the side missions.

I have just completed the Plus mode (playing with all your gadgets from the previous game) and enjoyed it even more. Anyone know how to play again this way as I only seem to be able to play it once from the start.

Rating Arkham City out of ten I would give it a 9 as I would like to see the Batmobile, Batwing and Batbike in the next one....am I asking too much?

Great game Rocksteady, looking forward to more caped crusading in Batman3

  Batman...Arkham City

| | See all RAGGERS69's reviews (4)

Having never really been into Marvel or superheroes,even as a kid,i just cannot fault this game...Have played Arkham Asylum it was well worthy of its 90% plus review score.so,so good....Arkham City?????It improves massively over the original in every respect,which isnt easy.the call of duty series has been one of my all time favs,but credit where credit is due..ARKHAM CITY IS THE BEST ALL ROUND GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED...EVER!!!...It just oozes quality,from the fantastic graphics and visuals to the immersion and atmosphere.then there are the puzzles,story,numerous missions and characters all of which are just top notch quality...Just when you think the game has reached the summit in terms of impressing you,it does it again and again again.The game impresses right from the off with its quality,but give it a little time and it will blow you away..It will be a long time before a game of this all round calibre comes along,if only because the ps3 is maxed out with this,but for me, this is my game of the Decade.You cannot fail to be mesmerised by this,even if this isnt normally your bag...Enjoy....

  something else!!

| | See all sweetbeef's reviews (3)

the title says it all. the game is massive, putting it down is the biggest challenge i've faced to date. worth every penny. the first game was something special but the squel has so much more to do. you get completely emersed as the mighty batman. dont delay, buy today!!

  Simply, a great game!

| | See all MarkLittleVai's reviews (22)

First of all, i'm only about halfway through the game but it's been so good, that if the rest of it is rubbish then i really wouldn't be that bothered because what i've played so far has been so great lol and i know the rest is gonna just get better and better.

It pretty much carries on from where the first game left off, and all the controls are the same, only this game is so much bigger - you can actually fly around for miles and even set way points for youself, just like in Grand Theft Auto - but a batman version. the new gadgets are good, and it's very easy to get in to this game. The thing i like most is the fact that it's one of those games where you can play for only 30 mins to 1hr and you seem to get so much done, and go to so many places within that small time frame.. some games you can spend hours stuck in one room on the same puzzle or whatever. great action, great voice overs from Mark Hamill as the Joker as usual and the apmosphere is up to the same standard as the first game.. maybe better!

  Not a Batman fan? Buy it anyway!

| | See all ThatMichaelKid's reviews (1)

Well, let me open this up with the these facts. I'm NOT a Batman fan, I (used to) think that he was the most irritating 'Super-hero' ever, never thought he was accounted as a Superhero because he didn't have powers, Hero maybe but not Super. I have the previous game, I haven't beaten it and I haven't played it for months, not that it isn't good it's just not great for me.

EVERYTHING changed with this game. I brought the game on the 21st Oct (Release) and I beat it Wednesday 26th Oct, this is because it because addictive and I literally had to try beat it, I had it set on easy so I can challenge myself later on but nevertheless certain missions were hard to complete, challenging to say the least.

This is one Batman game that you should definitely get, the story is amazing and definitely follows the previous game, Arkham Asylum which you should also play to get a feel for this game. The visuals of the game are just as good, if not greater, than the story, everything about it just so planned out, I absolutely loved each and every bit of the game, except one.

Catwoman. Don't get me wrong, obviously it's a Batman game and it's not like they're going to make an individual game for certain characters (so I don't know what the review about it being a Batman game has to do with playing as other character or whatever), but I mainly brought the game for her. She's personally my favorite character, she has a good story line but literally 4 levels are hers, and that's not very many out of the how many levels you play as Batman, especially since you need a code to unlock Catwoman. I felt restricted by her movements when climbing walls and stuff, it wasn't as free as I've have liked which didn't give me the freedom I was expecting with her, I was expecting so much more. Hence why I gave it four stars (five if it was like this or if I only enjoyed Batman's area, just felt a little, not greatly, let down by this.)

That is literally my only downfall to the game, not a lot of trouble with it just my personal opinion. However, that shouldn't stop you getting the game whether Catwoman, Robin or Batman is your favorite. The fighting is amazing also.

I hope they put more into the next one, if they make one, and I hope more is put into Catwoman if she's included and playable!

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