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TRON Evolution (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  A lot of fun for TRON fans

| | See all Orakaa's reviews (15)

If you liked the TRON and TRON LEGACY movies, you will probably really like this game as it uncover a lot of mysteries and events taking place between those two movies.
It plays a bit like Prince of Persia but thanks to frequent checkpoints, you don't feel frustrated whenever you die.
Intense disc fights, lightcycle pursuits... I am almost at the end of the game as I write this review and want to play even more. I generally don't like multiplayer but here I will probably give it a go to be able to play more and enjoy some free roaming lightcycle fights.

  Fun and Frustration

| | See all Lethinia's reviews (4)

I read through previous reviews about the game being the Prince of Persia in Neon and they're completely true, but I loved the Prince of Persia games and when I first started playing this game I really enjoed it too. But there are those moments that make you switch off the console in annoyance. For example the first time you take on a tank - I nearly threw my controller at the TV - but once you go past the annoyances it's actually a brilliant game in my opinion. The storyline is a decent link between the two movies and it's actually quite enjoyable to watch the cutscenes just to find out what's happening. Controls can be a little annoying leaving you shouting at your character. I have Playstation Move but have no idea how to use it in this game. Online play is pretty impressive and it's fun to just hop onto a light cycle whenever you want. Soundtrack is the same soundtrack used in the new movie and it's fantastic! It adds to the fantastic use the developers put the enviroment to, even though it's a limited colour range, it still looks beautiful.


| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I thought this looked amazing but as soon as it started I knew straight away that I'd bought a turkey - it's truly awful. The gameplay is a direct rip off of Prince of Persia with you wall running and lots of jumping. Combat is boring and repetetive with constantly respawning enemies and it's just a case of lobbing your frisbee at them a couple of times. Hopefully it will improve, but right now (about 20 mins in) it's really dull and boring. Prob worth a couple of quid if that.

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  Online better

| | See all TRO19721's reviews (2)

I checked this for weeks before deciding whether to take the plunge, after seeing it halve in value within a month.

The actual story mode is frustrating at times, with a free running (parkour) emphasis ..... but if you press select a "bit" shows you the path to go. So helps big time.

However, the strong point is online. To be able to have non-story relating battles on bikes or disc wars against other blue / orange tron warriors on a 10 minute battle saves this game, big time.

Infact it is the better part of the experience.


| | See all GadgetMan35's reviews (2)

After giving this game a 2nd try, I've decided to change my review!
I started with the online multiplayer which helped with controls, then started the campaign mode, the game is easy enough to play through, earning loads of trophies as you go.
The 'prince of persia' challenges become lengthy and annoying at times, and nearing the end of the game the bosses become harder, even having to defeat enemies you have already beaten!
All in all, the game can be challenging, with good graphics and addictive online multiplayer, if your stuck for something to play then buy this game!!

  TRON Evolution

| | See all johngarrett's reviews (65)

i think scoframatt this is the best game yet that I have played I think the neg feedback is because he has not finished it me Im on chapter 3 and I love it some parts of the game are hard but most games do this you have to think about it If the film is anything to go by the game it will be a box office seller my last word 1010

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  Tron is like Prince of Persion in neon

| | See all Monkeybrain's reviews (17)

First off I would give this 4 stars but I gave it 5 to raise the average after scoframatt's awful review.

The game plays out a lot like the good prince of persia games so if you like them you'll like this. The controls are great and are not complicated. You actually have to think about what you are doing and how to traverse the environments rather than it be on rails, again much like Prince of persia. If I have fallen off and died its my own fault for not doing what I should have and no fault of the games design, I expect the previous reviewer would prefer if there wasnt any challenge and the game played on rails. The combat has been deliberately designed to make sure you keep moving and not just stand there and button mash. To be more powerful you need to use acrobatics and disc moves to dominate your opponents. The lightcycles require getting used to as you need to memorise the level. It's very easy to fall off and die. These sections can be tricky but they are a lot of fun. The game also supports Playstation Move for the lightcycle sections (PS3 version only) for added immersion.The tank levels are fun as you feel very overpowered compared to the competition.

I haven't tried the online yet as I have been focusing on the singleplayer but it does look very impressive. Any experience points and upgrades you unlock online can also be used in the single player mode.

The graphics in the game are great and despite a limited colour scope (black and neon colours). The lighting and reflections make things seem real in a unreal world. Speaking of Unreal it uses the Unreal engine and holds up very well. The backgrounds make the scope of the environments look epic. The cinematics can look brilliant at times but sometimes it looks worse than the ingame graphics. This is mainly because the game looks so sharp and vibrant that the cutscenes look soft by comparrison. The game can also be played in 3D on compatable televisions (PS3 version only).

Sound design is top notch and the voiceovers are very accurate. Not all the cast from the new film lent their voice to the game but the stand ins fit perfectly. The music matches the mood of the game and sounds a bit retro (like the 80's film). The game also supports DTS audio (PS3 version only) which is better than the standard Dolby Digital.

The story is quite essential if you like the Tron universe. It is basically the second part of a trilogy. It links directly into the new film, and the film does reference events that happen in the game, and believe me there are big events that happen in this game. The Tron universe is represented very well.

So for fans of the film it is essential. It plays great, looks great and has an essential story. For non fans it is a great game that you will enjoy. It also serves are a good introduction to the new enhanced Tron universe that will be in cinemas in December 2010.


This review only applies to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The versions on other platforms are not the same and I have not played them. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are exactly the same with the exception of 3D graphics, Motion control and DTS sound which are exclusive to the PS3 version.

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  Avoid like the palgue

| | See all scoframatt's reviews (1)

I so wanted to like this game after waiting 29 years for TRON to have a sequal. Big fan of the film. This is simply to worst game I have ever had on any console. It makes you wonder if the developers actually played it. It is so hard to navigate jumping of walls, and hitting magpoints. 9 times out of 10 you just fall and derez, and have to start again. This is harder than Mario Galaxy for platform antics and far far more frustrating. The cut scenes do not fade in and out, but are just that cut....leaving you sometimes thinking if you have missed the last half a second of speach, and they are really fuzzy in comparison to the rest of the game. It is a shame I so wanted to love this game....I hope the film is better. The game is now on my pile of "to be traded in" I gave it 4 hours, but it became too frustrating dying over and over again to bother to continue. Like I said in the title, avoid at all costs, if you love TRON this may tarnish your opinion of the franchise.

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