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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Resident....not so Evil.

| | See all PancraseKid's reviews (6)

Fans (like me) of old school tank control thrills might be dissapointed with this game as its basically an expansion of the new type of gameplay implemented with Resi 4. We all miss the old school horror games from the glory days of the PS1 but this is the direction Capcom have decided to take. Having said that as far as third person action adventure games go this is about as good as it gets on the system. Great controls amazing graphics and environments and the typical good guys chase bad guy story line. Resi 5 is one of the most complete games in the genre and whats important is that its a lot of fun to play. With a plethora of weapons to unlock and the same amount of different monsters to test them out on youll enjoy this game so long as you accept it is not old school Resi. The Gold addition has a few extra modes and costumes but there is nothing outstanding there outside the main game.

  Not for me

| | See all Badmfzombiekiller's reviews (3)

I bought this game on the strength of the reviews and I'm afraid I am another who has jumped on the band wagon, but I'm sorry, the run and gun thing is such a massive flaw in this game that I found it impossible to enjoy. It removes the whole realism aspect that we look for in gaming.
I assumed the game designers were trying to give us a sense of realism and depth. I mean let's try and imagine the reality of a horde of zombies coming at you, what do you do? Run and try and take a few out on your retreat. Shame, coz it definitely had potential but simply did not deliver. The reaction times of the character to me felt slow and I found it very difficult to get myself out of a tight spot, hence died a lot. A long load up time to respawn made what I thought was gonna be a fun game into a terribly frustrating and to be frank, a boring chore. It goes without saying that I did not complete the game so it'd be fair to assume my review as incomplete. But as a dedicated zombie killer my expectations were most definitely deflated by the whole experience. Sorry RE fans but I just don't get it.

  Everything's ok

| | See all teothewolf's reviews (2)

I'm an Italian shopper and i am satisfied about this product. It arrived with no shipping problems.
Besides, the game is awsome :D

  A must buy!

| | See all susansweetpeanut's reviews (3)

Hey, what can I tell ya! Excellent game! for a tenner, its a brill price plus with cool costumes, All the downloadable content and versus mode this is a great buy get it while you can.


| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

As soon as this game gets going,it is absolute chaos,you're surrounded by virus infected people and creatures.
It is almost like you've been taken straight to the last stage,it is that frantic.
Even though the undead have been replaced by virus infected people,it makes no real difference to gameplay,the creatures are really well done and you get very involved in the shooting and running just to survive.
Yes,your partner is a bit of a pain but she isn't quite as bad as some partners in some games,she just uses a lot of ammo and gets in the way sometimes. My only real problem with it and the reason i would argue it is not as good as RES' 4 is because it is a very short game,even the mini games are short (must be completed in one sitting),also one of the mini games is very frantic too.
The main game saves at certain points so you don't need to look for typewriters. If you like a challenge,go for it. Other than some frustrating bits,i loved this game,was just surprised how short it was,and when it's chaotic,oh boy,is it chaotic!

  ok but not resident evil anymore

| | See all Splash24's reviews (21)

i've waited for so long to play this as ive played and completed all the other resident evil games but this one is slightly disapointing, it hasnt got the atmosphere and scary music like the other games do, it just feels like im playing an action game. It seems too straight forward unlike the others when u had to solve puzzles and find keys etc. the most annoying thing is having a partner who does nothing but get injured and waste ammo, its much better and scarier being alone. ok but the older ones are better

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  Amazing game, slight flaw with the ps move

| | See all Paulg1989's reviews (3)

First of all, for the game itself, I am giving it 5 stars, because it is honestly one of the best games I have ever played!!! Overall though, it loses a star for the ps move function. I was very excited when I got this version for xmas, as I also got the ps move, and one of the gun attachments, and I was looking forward to playing it this way. However, it's just not practical. As other reviewers have pointed out, the trigger on a gun, which you would think would shoot, is actually used to aim, then with your other hand, you press the button on top of the move controller to shoot, so how are you supposed to use the navigation controller to move about when both hands are needed on the gun??!!! The only flaw in an otherwise perfect game though, and I would still recommend it. (Also, it does work well with the ps move without the gun attachment, just use index finger to aim, and thumb to shoot, just that I wanted to use the gun attachment)


| | See all Lounds's reviews (1)

I first played this with my mate in 2 play co-op on splitscreen, which I found fun to play but was a bit small for aimming, then he got bored and I carried on playing with just me on one screen and the graphics looked mint, i was playing with controller which I found the controls very difficult to use, I later played with the move controller and nav combined and was surprised at how much easier it was to play and shoot, also you can enable the game to let people online to join at anytime and they will enter when you arrive at a check point, and because I'm a noob a lot of the pro players will point out where the treasures are which you can then sell at end of a chapter for loads of $$$.

Anyways if you have a move I would recomend this game, a lot of people are complaining about having to use the T button to aim and move button to shoot but i feel it suits it well, i lay my arm in my lap and play and its comfortable, I will probably buy the Sharp shooter attachment gun when it comes out to try on this and then KZ3, but until then i am completely statisfied.

P.S Play.com gave me great service and I got it with 3 days of ordering.

  Resident Move 5

| | See all WolfReaper's reviews (7)

I did not like this game 1st time around found it hard to aim and quite boring tbh. Since it is now compatible with the ps move it has vastly hightened the experience, yes the controls are still a bit clunky, but at least you can aim properly which was (what i thought) the main problem with the game.