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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  resident EVIL 5

| | See all KTMKID's reviews (8)

A classic game that has the benefit of having all the extras added on to1 disc and the grafix are supper, with a great story to it. can use as 2 players.and with the move. although I do not have the move yet. This game is for shot them up fans, and has a lot of depth to it. well worth the money.

  hugely underrated

| | See all leprechaun's reviews (21)

I originally played the demo of this when it was released and was unconvinced, but my friend bought me this for my birthday and we haven't been able to put it down since. best co-op game either of us have ever played. online is great too, if you and your friend have copies of this and headsets, then this is a must buy game. jaw dropping graphics and great sound. for such a low price for this game with all the downloadable content included, it's worth every penny. best played with friend online, single player AI can be poor but what do you expect?

  gold edition

| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

what a bargain for this game.well worth the money.
there are loads of extra things with this game,you do still have to unlock certain things.
a must buy!

  Amazing Game - Poor For PS3 Move!

| | See all Yonzinho17's reviews (27)

I love this game and is one of favourites for the ps3 so when I purchased the ps3 move I had to buy resident evil for it with the gun attachment. To my disappointment has not been made well to go with the ps3 move at all, the trigger button on the gun is not even the button to fire instead its the aim button and the fire button is on the top of the gun which you need both your hands for, this leaves the question what hand do you use for the navigation controller to control the character when both your hands you need for the gun??!!! really poor idea whoever came up with the idea, that aside this game has amazing graphics and is def one of the best games to play on the ps3, just dont get it for the ps3 move!

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  Good but crazy implementation of Move!!

| | See all demonear's reviews (6)

This is a fantastic game that fairly successfully integrates Move but why oh why did they map the Move button pressed on top with your thumb to be the shoot button!? The trigger at the front is used for aiming which makes the move feel even less like a gun than it already is. You can't even configure it to be & there's no point buying the Move Gun peripheral for this for that very reason... mADNESs!

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  Excelent Game

| | See all clubedasmoedas's reviews (1)

The Best with Playstation Move Controller and Without Playstation Move Controller .

I love use Playstation Move Controller in this game.

  Excellent Game

| | See all RockyRacoon1990's reviews (3)

Obviously St1mp0 is someone who has joined the bandwagon and hasn't played the series... -_-

You have never been able to move and shoot in a Resi game. Yes it can be annoying, but it isn't a reason to give it two stars.

The graphics still hold true today, excellent story line and is fantastic when played with a friend.

The expansion packs are awesome, and all in all, 18 quid is a brilliant price.

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| | See all St1mp0's reviews (4)

this game has a lot of impressive graphics and an enjoyable storyline! and is very fun to play... however! there are too many things which i found incredibly annoying throughtout the game!

for example:
for some unknown reason your character is unable to move and shoot! if you wish to kill a target your character must remain stationary! which is very annoying!
the a.i controlled character (if you play the game on solo mode) is by far the dumbest thing ever created! she does not follow orders and is constantly getting herself injured, forcing you to risk your life and waste you aummunition saving her!
her accuracy is terrible and you find yourself having to constantly refill her ammunition capacity as for some unknown reason she is so trigger happy! and with ammunition being as scarse and as expensive as it is, is something you do not wish to do!

i still enjoy playing it, but i imagine it is more enjoyable playing with a friend!

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  Even more RESIDENT EVIL fun

| | See all Drelldenied's reviews (189)

This edition includes the game add-ons "Lost In Nightmares" ........... which tells the tale of how Chris and Jill (the two main characters) got separted in their conflict with Wesker (the villian of the game, and evil mastermind from all previous games)

And "Desperate Escape", a sub-story to the main one in RE5, which oversees the aftermath of Jill's brainwashed confontation with her old partner and her daring escape with new character Captain Josh Stone. (NOTE: This paticular episode has lots of shooting and action in it while Lost In Nightmares is more of a strategy, puzzle and survival episode)

Both are excellent additions to an already phenomenal game packed with days of gameplay, that should please true RE fans and first-timers.

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