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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  piggsy enslaved

| | See all sweden15's reviews (6)

whilst the gameplay story graphics and voice acting are brilliant and I have completed it 5 times. The only problem i have is the piggsy perfect 10 download. I payed 4 pound for it and downloaded it to find it doesnt download and install with the 3d option. i have contacted sony namco and ninja theory countless times to no sucsess. i even got told that enslaved hasent been released in the uk. i still havent recieved an answer or refund after 3 months and i think users should avoid the download like the plague

  Great game

| | See all Menno1992's reviews (1)

Really underrated title, story is simple but deep, combat system is fast action based and I loved it, puzzles are simple but rewarding and it has really some unique and amazing graphics.
Plus, it also has a cool DLC

  recommend the game to action with brains gamers

| | See all CirusDny's reviews (2)

When this game came out it was one of the games that led me to buy a PS3. I read the review over and over.
Now I bought this game and i ca only say that I'm impressed and inlove by it.

The graphics are beautiful, the game uses Unreal Engine so you the engine its good. The gameplay it's good dispite the negative comments about that. It has its flaws like the camera that sometimes fixes to unwanted angles, the "invisible walls" that makes imposible to reach some places YOU know Monkey can.xD

storyline is kind a cliche but it works and in the end it's a story you will like. The voice acting and characters movements and acting is all REAL SMOTH and GREAT!!! you will "fall inlove" with the acting.
the game has lots of platforming so old-times SEGA and Sonic fans will like it...D

Lots of action but not like GoW because you will hve to think sometimes instead of jumping with the stick bashing heads... But it's rewarding making a strategy to survive.

You play has Monky, the wreker, but you also can commnd Trip, the lady in danger that sticks an exploding tyara in your head in order to get your help since you die if you dont obey her...xD

now for the bad news... Its REALLY SHORT.. Only like 7hours. if you want all trophyes the time triples because you get a trophye to finish the game in easy, normal and hard...

has some bugs, like in the blocking tutorial the game freezes with the message of how to block and made me exit the game. Bosses that crash into walls and keep running in front of wall even if you hit them over and over...

Some miss interpretaton of your location relative to the platform you are and where you wan't to jump because you will be many times trying to jump to a platform and instead you will rool...lool

And to finish, the framerate in the PS3 (don't know in the 360) is low when the environments are heavy, but it's a mather of getting used to it.

Resuming, it's a MUST BUY for gamers that wan't a game with good story, beautifull graphics, action and platforming and most of all... FUN...

Good gaming everyone!!!

  Beautifal games, amazing history & espectacular characters

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

I have to say something about this game, cause I know this will help a future costumers, this game is really an adventure, the script is beautifal and I have no doubt that this kind of game are one of the reasons to play an adventure game, is not an Uncharted but you wil be not dissapointed:
Just play and dont think in anything else.

  enslaved odyssey to the west

| | See all bolowar's reviews (5)

not a bad game but like all of these type of games-uncharted etc over all to quickly

  Brilliant... a hidden gem

| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

Just completed this game after picking it up n the cheap and absolutely loved every minute of playing it. The graphics are vibrant and bright with fantastic vistas and draw distances, the views from some of the taller structures are incredible and make the game an absolute plesure to play, the storyline is probably the best I have witnessed on a games console, both exciting and emotional, the characterisations are superb, interplay between characters as good as most movies. This had me hooked from beginning to end and I'm so glad I played it. But more importantly is really is great fun to play... here's hoping a sequel is in the pipeline... I cannot recommend highly enough...

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  This game aint half bad

| | See all brad1986's reviews (7)

Average game, graphics are good and it is fun. The combat controls are easy to use and there are some combos so it does not feel like your just button bashing. There are some good additional elements like the "Cloud" which is basically this little disc you can float about on, unfortunately you can only use this in specific parts of the game. Game length is oook although I found the game a little too easy and so game play was shortened some what. Once you've completed this game there is not much more to do than trade in.

I bought this game recently for 15 pounds, worth it at this price.

  Well worth playing

| | See all otinanai0's reviews (1)

The game is very captivating. The scenery is beautiful and the cut scenes are well made. Most importantly the scenario is really good and the fact that you need to keep an eye on an extra character is working extremely well.

  Monkey Magic

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I remember playing the demo and enjoying it so I was excited about gettting a lend of it. I didn't start it for a while but when I did, I was hooked. An awesome action packed adventure with an immersive story and lovable characters. You play as a brutish loner called Monkey who is tasked with keeping a young "tech-savvy" woman called Trip alive until she returns to her home community as they were both captured by slavers, hence the game's title, "Enslaved". Along the way you'll fight off mechs, huge robot dogs who are the product of a mysterious company called Pyramid who were responsible for the post-apocalyptic world that the game is set in. The game's world is beautiful. Towards the end you meet Pigsy, who is a perverted pig. No, really. The story is fantastic, filled with plot twists, shocks, action and romance, there really is something for everyone. I managed to achieve the platinum trophy in this game too which was very pleasing. The trophies aren't hard, per-se but there are some that will test your skill. The collectibles are cool but can get very tedious, very fast. The ending was awesome, definitely one of the best I've seen in a while but the epilogue was average. I honestly can't rate this game high enough and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Uncharted or Prince of Persia games. I hope and pray that a sequel is is contention as this is a game that deserves to have one. Overall, I would say that this is one of, if not the best original IP of 2010.


| | See all RazzTheKid's reviews (56)

Ok its not the world best game, but I really enjoyed playing this.
Its not drawn out and the controls work well. The graphics are colourful but lack crispness and full quality. Storyline is great and you soon get attached to the characters. Eay to pick up and play. Good ol' adventure game.

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