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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  A great game with a great story.

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This games strongest points are its characters, its animation and its story but thats not to say that the gameplay is poor, because it isnt.

The game plays like a cross between Prince of Persia and Uncharted with jumping, swinging platform sections between combat that has you use the available cover to get into a position to use your fighting abilities. There are also a few sections that have Monkey ( the lead character ) hop onto his Cloud which is basically a hoverboard, during these sections you can explore areas covered in water or chase after fast enemies to rescue your companion Trip.

Graphics are excellent, the odd frame rate issue crops up from time to time though I suspect this is due to the system loading up data for the next area in the background. Other glitches include slow loading textures on objects and some odd blurring effects when panning the camera quickly. On the whole though, the environments are stunning. Cut scenes deserve lots of praise, the characters facial movements are subtle and convincing.

Controls are fairly simple but manage to cover a wide range of moves. From time to time, reactions can see a bit slow.

The story will draw you in and push you to have a go at one more chapter, of which there are 14. None of the chapters are that long, so you feel like you are making good progress and you will never feel stuck thanks to your objective being clearly marked.

There is already one DLC pack available which gives Pigsy his own adventure.

I really hope there is a sequel, I want to know where the story goes next.

  Awesome game!

| | See all Skylar2's reviews (1)

This game came as a total surprise to me. I hadn't even heard of it until seeing an ad in a games mag recently. Once I bought it, It had me hooked for days! The graphics really aren't as bad as some people have said, the facial expresions are very human and relatable. It also features the best voice acting i've ever heard in a game (and i've played hundreds of games). The characters are very likeable and you will start caring for them very quickly. the whole thing plays out like a movie and draws you in from the start.

5 stars for Enslaved for an enjoyable and satisfying experience :D

  Not impressed

| | See all Antmanb78's reviews (5)

This game promised so much and delivered very little. This game feels like something you play on the PS2 rather than the PS3. I don't understand the positives for the graphics, all the long shots look grainy and the only depth in the graphics is the up close cinematic sequences.

I finished it in two days of play playing it on normal mode. I would probably give the game 3 stars but for the truly awful controls. It has literally been years since I played a game with such restricted camera control. You can be running in a straight line and suddenly the camera will swing round beyond 90 degrees and you find that the way you are pressing on the controller is wrong. Come on all modern games like Drake's fortune have clever controls so if you do turn a corner you don't need to change the way you are pushing on the controller. When the camera shifts to above you the graphics really look like original PS standard. There is an awful lot of fixed camera angles so you do not get to fix the camera angle yourself which leads to great frustration in parts.

How anyone can compare this to the fantastic Drake series is beyond me.

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| | See all Ianjong's reviews (19)

I thought from the reviews this would be ok, but it's better it is brilliant! If you like Uncharted 1/2 you would love this. The acting is superb and the gameplay is second to none - a real treat to play. Awesome.

  a really great game

| | See all thegamemaster13's reviews (1)

got this game 3 days ago still not finished it as im playing on hard. a fabulous story line really gets you involved. the only down side is the combat as the enemies just keep coming at you.but over all a epic game

  Class game

| | See all GingerNinja28's reviews (1)

This is a class game... anyone that beat it in 24hrs, are not playing it on "hard" and i can only assume have played it on easy! I've been playing it a good few days now, non stop, and playing it on the hardest level will make the game alot more challenging, hence extending the longevity of the game.

  One of the best games this generation.

| | See all mitchjay92's reviews (6)

I absolutely loved every minute of this game down to the story, graphics, character development, etc.
The combat is a bit shallow with your basic light and heavy attack, evade, block, etc, but it doesn't damage the game and works well for how basic it is.
The story is one of the most original and thought provoking ones I have experienced and I've gone through the game twice and earned the platinum trophy within 5-6 days and loved almost every minute of it! (With exception to collecting some of the tech orbs.)
I would recommend this game to most people but if you didn't like Uncharted then you may not like this as you can see the similarities quite clearly, although they are not similar enough to call Enslaved a rip-off.
Absolutely fantastic game which has been overlooked and hasn't got the attention that it truly deserves.

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  birilliant game!

| | See all adamc90's reviews (3)

i loved every minute (even if there arent that many of them) of this game, the character designs and voice acting as well as the story are amazing. yes i admit it is very short in length and the combat can get a little manotanous at times but the story and characaters are what really grip you, i thought it was brilliant.

  Not for everyone, but well worth it if you enjoyed the demo

| | See all Lamminator's reviews (2)

Ok, granted, I managed to complete it in less than 24 hours, it is a very linear game with no sidequests or deviations, but what can you expect from a story in which you are enslaved for the purposes of getting Trip home? I mean, come on, she's not going to let you wander off and race mechs or something while she hides in a bin. Having said that, it is very good for a game to come back to every so often to try and get that little bit closer to 100%. Personally, I enjoyed playing it, it was mostly fast-paced, runny-jumpy-climby gameplay with some good mech fights, which you can easily see get harder on harder difficulties, interspersed with the odd slower bit where stealth is the way forward, until you have no choice but to engage the mechs.
All in all, a good game to get if you enjoy a fast paced action-adventure, but probably not for you if you like a game with lots of sidequests or post-game content and a deep story.

  Needs more challenges and depth

| | See all marctay's reviews (5)

I was really looking forward to this game but sadly was dissapointed. It is frustratingly easy over in about 5 hours the chapters are way too short, there is hardly any characters or story to the game and the woman trip keeps on nagging you to do the obvious or while your doing it she doesnt shut up, very annoying the whole story is missing until the prologue at the end which also leaves alot to be disired just when your getting somewhere it ends. like where did this technology come from, the war, who was in the war?...There is hardly anything to do in the levels but jump or beat down monotonous hords of mechs about three different kinds through the whole game, it just seems empty although it is beautiful once again more emphasis has been put on visuals than substance.

Excellent graphics
Beautiful Environments

Bad :
Monotonous gameplay
No depth
Too short and very easy
No development in the beginning slow
Lack of additional weapons, powerups, timetrials, etc
Like a very basic version of Jak and Dax just not as funny


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