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Fallout: New Vegas

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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| | See all gavgav1888's reviews (1)

This game is the best fallout so far. It took me around 1 week just to complete the main storyline and even then here are around 100 side missions to complete.

  Not as good as 3, but still worth a go

| | See all starblaze12's reviews (1)

So i'll keep it short and sweet, if you enjoyed Fallout 3 you will enjoy new vegas, however this game lacks the simplicity and beauty the fallout 3 story gave you, but this game is great, little hit and miss in some areas but with some improvements in others. If you can find it in a bargain bin I recommend you pick it up if you have a friend who has ask them if you can lend it you'll have fun killing a few hours touring a post apocalyptic vegas

  Forget the Bugs, one of the greatest games created

| | See all CraigyM2K's reviews (1)

Yes there are a few bugs but that cannot take away from the vast scope of this game, it immerses you in its post apocalyptic charm and makes you think you are the character.

The people you meet in the story can channel a reaction out of you like they would in real life wether they are a money grabbing gun for hire you want to turn into plasma goo or a little old house wife living in the wastes with her dogs you cant bare to steal from when shes not looking. The great thing is the game lets you do what every you want, hate that gun for hire merc, blow him apart then, hate that old house wife, snap off her head and murder her dogs too, the possibilities are endless.

Just stop reading this long review and buy this game, just buy it already..... I swear to go you will love it, now stop dawdling and get buying


| | See all brick6234's reviews (4)

One of my favorite games ever. It starts of slow if you are new to the genre of gaming but when you get into it, it can leave you playing for days on end utterly hooked. Even if you do complete it with all four storylines, so far two dlcs have been released with one in the pipeline to keep you playing.

  come on in, the waters great

| | See all ZOPPEY's reviews (19)

Just to let anyone know who may be thinking of buying this adventure, the new and very big patch came out on the 7:7:2011 and its fixed all the bugs and issues so have no fear about investing in this game.


| | See all WHOSYOURDADDY78's reviews (9)

First off , yes the game does freeze on occasions but if you can look past this small problem then the game is SUPERB !!! With how short games are now (usually 6-8 hrs) this puts all to shame. I played this game doing ALL side quests along side the main game quests (which are loads of fun) and it was over 100 hrs of gameplay ,HONESTLY ! Im no noob at gaming as i like and play alot of rpg / shooter games alot and this kept me wanting to play it more and more with a geat story and funny humour. Plus you can play through again on hardcore level upon completion to enjoy all over again. So well worth the money , BUY IT NOW ;-)

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

some friends recommended this game to me and its pretty bad ass. I don't have much else to say about it. I am sure there is already a hundred reviews on it. As an avid gamer this is one of my top 10.

  Freezing game

| | See all Lartsa's reviews (2)

Game starts freezing after few hours of total playing time. It is impossible to continue playing after that, so I don't recommend this to anyone. Read the Bethesda Forums before doing any decisions..

  What's the problem?

| | See all jack0002's reviews (1)

I completed this game earlier today and I gotta say it was brilliant! I don't understand how freezing could be an issue, it froze once for me during a loading screen, and also there were several bugs here and there, but that did not at all ruin the game for me, and for 14 pounds, I find it hard to argue. The graphics are also good with all the gore included XD

The story was great and the side missions were also exciting, you could wonder off into a building and have an extra hour or two of gameplay with the amount of things to do. Also, prior to Oblivion, each person you talk to has there own personality, background and role in the game, most of which will give you missions to complete and earn rewards and XP.

I'm going to be playing this again, mainly because I didn't have the chance to do everything, I can choose a different storryline this time!