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Fallout: New Vegas

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  A lot like Fallout 3... but that's not a bad thing!

| | See all nikkiw267's reviews (8)

I loved Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas doesn't disappoint either! Yes, this game is extremely alike Fallout 3 but in my opinion that's not a bad thing! There's still a huge selection of weapons, and the VATS combat system is still very fun. A lot of the enemies are the same as in Fallout 3 too.

The storyline is fantastic and the gameplay is so flexible. My only compaint is that it does freeze now and then, so so frequent saving is important.

I would certainly recommend this game to anyone! You can make the story last as long or as short as you like as there are so many side quests to make your way through.

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| | See all Dannyboyy's reviews (59)

this game is absolute garbage fallout 3 was better but i didnt like that much but this just constantly freezes and lags theres glitches everywhere and the graphics look like something off ps2 or even ps1 the only good thing is how much there is to explore and do but its so fustrating if the graphics were better and it wasnt so buggy it would be good but the bad points just ruin it 4 me

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  An Essential Purchase

| | See all TheHypnoToad's reviews (8)

This game is the follow up to the very impressive Fallout 3 and the action switches from the ruins of Washington to the desolation of the Mojave Desert.

You play the part of a courier that's left for dead in a shallow grave after making a delivery. Waking in a doctors house you're given the opportunity to customise your character and then unleashed on the world at large.

Players of Fallout 3 will recognise many of the contents of New Vegas, Radscorpions, Deathclaws, the Brotherhood of Steel, Mr Handy/Gutsy etc etc.

The above being said there is a lot of new components to this game: weapons, factions, abilities, gang types and armour. The ability to add modifications to your weapons adds a new dimension to the game as well.

The map is large and the amount of encounters is absolutely stupendous, the Explorer perk lets you see exactly how many are available to you.

The story line is engrossing and the number of side quests to complete is astounding. I've played for approx 30 hours and have yet to visit/complete half of the story.

Other than the colour palette, graphically not a lot has changed. However, this is not an issue, don't fix what isn't broken. If you want a graphically lead game, buy a COD.

There is only one snag in all of this goodness......lagging. The game will freeze for a few seconds before continuing. This isn't a constant problem though. Previous reviews have mentioned crashing and this has happened to me as well. However, over the course of a fortnight the game has crashed approx three times, not a massive drawback for me.

This game is truly one of the best of its type with improvements over Fallout 3 and only the lagging issues prevented it getting 5 stars.

If you've played Fallout 3 you'll love the next instalment and if you haven't you'll be buying it to see what you missed out on.

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  Brilliant Game, But Has a Slight Downside!

| | See all iGamer's reviews (2)

When I got this game I immediately started playing, has very good storyline, but it is quite short, there are around 100+ side quests that are really good and enjoyable along with gun mods, this game makes the complete package, its like Army of Two and Fallout 3 along with Black Ops all in one game,

But after playing for a week or so, I noticed major lag / Crashing in a couple of towns and at one point I actually went through a wall, I have had this game for about 3 weeks now and ive had to restart my PS3 numerous times ( The disc didn't have any scratches whatsoever )

But generally this is a great game and a fantastic Bargain!

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  Fallout 3 but in Vegas baby!

| | See all chinny89's reviews (37)

For those who have played Fallout 3, it adds a little more depth to the original like being able to modify your weapons, choose different ammo, and of course gamble!
It is still fallout at the end of the day, free roaming do-as-you-like game!

I felt the story is a bit short, but allows different endings which makes up for the length of the game

A recommended buy if you're a fallout fan, even if you're new to the game it has no link to the previous so give it a go,

  Great game, but.....

| | See all fruitbat3's reviews (3)

This is a brilliant game with a really enjoyable storyline, i found it easier to get into than fallout 3 because the begining explains a lot more about your characters story and what the main objective in the game is.
The major problem in the game is the sudden end. I recomend that as you start getting towards the end you ignore the main quests and move on to the side ones which i found much more fun and some of them do take a while.
overall its a great game and i still recomend that you buy it!

  Really Good!!

| | See all Simonlee's reviews (16)

Seeing as it was at a bargain price I gave New Vegas a go, After playing it now for 7 hours I think its really good, great graphics and sound and story line and have had no crashes or glitches yet, well recommended!!

  Improved from Fallout 3 but...

| | See all donk3yk0ng's reviews (4)

I'd recommend you buy Fallout 3: Game of the Year because:
1. Physics are just as bad
2. A lot more buggy than FO3
3. Downgraded graphics
4. Terrible storyline, Fallout 3 has a MUCH better one.
5. Even though they have a lot more different voices for New Vegas it still feels like I'm talking to a wall (this is exactly the same on FO3).
6. The iron sights is an improvement but the accuracy is pretty bad that it'll make you switch to third person in the end.
7. You'd think to keep people hooked on the game that you'd make the game endless, instead I actually finished the storyline without realising and now I cannot continue.
8. In my opinion, the side quests are better than the primary quests but that's what it was like with Fallout 3 to be fair.

All in all, I don't recommend this game and just buy Fallout 3 GOTY, Bethesda does not deserve the money for this unfinished game, even Fallout 3 is buggy too. No doubt they'll stick to the same engine for Skyrim which is unfortunate because I was going to buy that game, goodbye Bethesda and Obsidian but this will be the last game I am buying from you, what ever happened to almost-bug-less-Oblivion? I don't know and I don't care.

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  Worth the price.

| | See all hunter45's reviews (14)

This game is absolutely amazing the only downfall is that it has lots of glitches apart from the glitches, its a good game but i still prefer fallout 3 the first is always the best.. All round 4/5, worth the price. This game gives you many hours to play. and the storyline is also quite good.