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Fallout: New Vegas

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  Worth the price.

| | See all Lost91's reviews (14)

This game is absolutely amazing the only downfall is that it has lots of glitches apart from the glitches, its a good game but i still prefer fallout 3 the first is always the best.. All round 4/5, worth the price. This game gives you many hours to play. and the storyline is also quite good.

  Brilliant but rushed

| | See all Whirlpool77's reviews (10)

You cant help but feel that this game was rushed, It should have been held back so it could have been polished. That is the reason im giving this 3 star. Overall, brilliant game but expect to be annoyed by constant freezing and glitched quests.


| | See all jankollerisgod's reviews (5)

this is probably one of the most immersive games i have every played, and is as good as any other RPG out there. this game is what an RPG is all about, and it delivers it in bucket loads as well! the charachters, the sotryline, the weapons, the scenery, all absolutely wonderful. And the differnt paths you can take to finish the game are brilliant as well, everything from fighting for the greater good to taking it all for yourself, you really do have control over how things are to turn out in the Mojhave wasteland. Little side missions can have an effect on how the main storyline concludes, with the fate of entire factions in your hands, its definately a game for those of you who like to be part of the world you are playing in.

But i will comment on the glitches though, they can be annoying. My playstation crashed on numerous occasions (luckily no orange light of death though!) and there were times when i couldnt find companions despite them being on the map, and got stuck in terrain. But tbh these are quite minor faults in an otherwise brilliant game. i mean i didnt think they hampered my gaming experience.

The only other qualm i had about it was once you had completed the main story line, you couldnt then carry on and go and complete side missions in your newley altered world, like you could on Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. So i would suggest that, before you go and finish the game, you save it so that you can go back and do the side missions.
Once again though, this is a minor issue and is really only a personal qualm, others may not be as bothered by this and i wouldnt let it put you off buying the game, especially for this price!

Overall all, a brilliant game with enough material to keep you hooked for days on end, with only occasional toilet breaks. It misses out on 5 stars simply because of minor issues, and i would have given it 4.5 stars if i could.

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  Very good overall but a few glitches

| | See all Knapman47's reviews (2)

Following Fallout 3 I decided to buy this game. As soon as I started playing, I knew this game was going to be great. So much interaction and freedom. The game isn't linear and allows you to complete hundreds of quests aside from the main one. You will get many, many hours of fun playing this game. Its one of the longest single player games i've played without getting bored. I can only think of Final Fantasy for a longer game, but I got bored of that and never completed it. You won't do that with Fallout New Vegas.

The map is massive, which makes the graphics relatively poor and there is a lot of lag. My PS3 actually locked up several times trying to load new scenery, but luckily the autosave is so frequent, it wasn't too bad. I also found some missions were impossible to complete because of earlier actions I had done, which inevitably meant I couldn't progress with some missions.

I wanted to fully complete the game, with all the side missions completed and discovering every location on the map (there are so many, it will take forever to find them all!). However, I was very disappointed that once I had reached level 30 in the game you could no longer develop your character and you couldn't gain experience. This was basically a gamebreaker for me. Developing my character was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the side missions, but once I reached a stage where he couldn't be improved, there didn't seem any point. Annoyingly there were still loads of side missions left to do as well, but I left them and completed the game soon after.

Overall though, this is a fantastic game with numerous pathways to completion and different results each time you play. I've only played once, but Im sure to play again with a different strategy. I've given it 4 stars due to the few problems this game has, but I would highly recommend it to any potential buyer.

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  Fallout new vegas

| | See all Nixonsback's reviews (7)

its much more bigger than fallout 3,many more weapons and now u can mod them with scopes,extended mags.etc.the story takes a bit to kick off but when u get into it it will keep u entertained for ages.when u finish the story there is many more side quests to try.

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  An exciting new world.

| | See all Fallingstars's reviews (2)

Being a fan of the pervious game, i was very excitied when this was realsed and i have to say i was not disapointed. The start of the game was not as interactive as the pervious but it slid me into a world more visually pleasing which left me with an addiction to explore for hours! I have to agree with how glichy this game can be which is very disapointing but is the only reason i have maked this game down. I can only hope there will be a follow up but in the mean time vegas has many more hours to keep me entertained. A must have for any consoling collection.

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  It's got to be said, this one is glitchy, but good

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

Being new to fallout, I decided to give it a go after some recommendations.
Fair play, it's a very good game... But...

10 mins into the game, I got stuck in a tree, had to wait for some guy to come talk to me before I could get out.
Hell, this game is laggy, walking around everything freezes and you get scenery popping up from no-where as someone decided not to pre-load stuff. (Bad idea)
The acting... Well... It's alright, nothing more than that really.
Graphically, it's pretty poor actually, way too pixelated.
Mind you, pick up this game, and it's going to be very hard to put it down. It's so addictive, so it doesn't really matter that the first decent rifle is in new vegas, because you're going to put the hours in to get there.

Mind you, if you're after an RPG, I'd point people to Dragon Age every time, it's a much better game

  The best just got marginally better

| | See all MrToolos's reviews (2)

Ive invested about 50 hours in this game already and still got 100s of areas to discover (400 in total I believe) So the gameplay is pretty much as you were from Fallout 3 with a couple of minor tweaks. There are many more factions to cope with in Vegas which keeps you on your toes. I agree with a previous reviewer that the compass system could be improved, particularly when looking for someone in a building with multiple floors (maybe onscreen arrows pointing you in the right direction). Ive had a couple of freezes and had to re-start but as long as you save regularly you can cope with it, its certainly not a buggy as Fallout 3. In my opinion the best campaign (non multiplayer) game Ive played. I estimate you could get 150+ hours gaming if you explored all the locations and attempted all side quests. Awesome graphics, great characters, vast amounts of weapons and engrossing story

  Good, but a few annoying glitches...

| | See all Crewe8's reviews (165)

I never played the 1st fallout, i went straight to this one...After getting used to the controls, i found myself intriged with it, alot of ground to cover and all different missions to complete....
My bad points are, screen freezes for a few seconds when walking around, and the aims of the quests on the compass can be fustrating, could have done with a simpler map/ compass...

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