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Fallout: New Vegas

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  Fallout Old Vegas!

| | See all Noway4Carol's reviews (1)

The only thing new about this are some animation tweaks, first person aiming and a fabulous new place to explore and dominate...If you loved fallout 3 like me nothing in the world will stop you from loving this.I am not gonna lie this has frozen on me many times, but i have never had a corrupted file or anything like that.
If you look through the bugs and I can honestly say that is very easy,
you have a brilliant remake of an amazing game with new enemies, new weapons, armour and a much better first person shooter feel, with the added iron sights V.A.T.S is no longer necessary as it was in fallout 3, Shooting mutants never felt better...I love the feel of just taking a nice steady aim from a safe distance and still having that awesome slo-mo affect as enemies heads pop off!...If this was called fallout 4 and was still completely made by bethesda I would be very disappointed with how much they re-used but as this was made by obsidian the people that helped make fallout 1 and 2...and the fact that fallout 4 will be coming out some time in the future made by the bethesda we know and love...this is a stepping stone to greater things, this is a must buy simply because the massive scale of this game will give you the same joy you felt when you first played fallout 3...and if you have not played fallout 3 and enjoy first person shooters and role playing games you have to give this a go!

  Fantastic Game ... Shame about the glitches

| | See all m1k3yb0y's reviews (5)

Such a good storyline with so many options to choose from. Bit slow to start in my opinion but picks up early on if you follow the main mission storyline. Is similar to heavy rain in the respect that you choose your characters destiny, however, the choices you make in this game truly effect the story of the game throughout. If comparing it to fallout 3 it's very similar gameplay and graphicwise ... but there are a few new additions that compliment the game, such as the introduction of companions who help you on your quest and fight alongside you. I was so disapointed when I came across a few glitches though, they become so annoying. If you make sure you have about 5 save slots available and save every 10 minutes or so you won't be too put out when having to load a save to continue after a glitch spoils the game. Real shame about the glitches otherwise it would have been a 5 star because it's one of the most fun games i've played. Nonetheless well worth the money, endless hours of gaming.

  War, War Never Changes!

| | See all TheMike92's reviews (27)

If comparing to fallout 3 then not much has changed, gameplay seems the same, graphics seem pretty similar, but the story is fantastic (and in all fairness who wouldnt want all of fallout 3 in a new game) you start of getting shot in the head (not a conventoinal start to a game) then get dug up and fixed up by a local doctor, when you get out of the tutorial the fun begins, the companion wheel is great. when you recruit companions in this one you get to use the comanion wheel, which lets you choose the kind of aproach you take to them, for instance you can decide to give you recruit a stimpak, or be aggresive. which ever is your style. the gambling is fun and a little capmaker for when your bored :).the size of the world is similar to that of fallout 3 (which is great) and has roughfly the same amount of quests and side quests, personally i prefer some of the quests in this one :). also has a great ending battle (but ont spoil the ending) and last but not lest has a great cast of voice actors, including kris kristofeson and mathew perry! overall 10/10

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| | See all Shikakka's reviews (25)

Firstly, this game is as awesome as everybody is saying. Theres no doubt that it will be many peoples game of the year. A few people have said that its like a "Fallout 3" expansion pack but i dont see it that way. Yes its very similar and yes it is the same engine but you can tell just by the sheer in-game content and little differences that this is a new game in its own right. Ok now the good/bad points.

I can honestly say that the only two problems I have occured are the screen sticking/crashing (but i have only done 2 manual restarts) but to me this is expected as there are no loading times in game (apart from entering/exiting buildings etc) and the vast size of the Mojave/people/animals/creatures is bound to leave the game a bit sketchy as they are all there roaming about doing their thing all the time. My second bad point isnt even a glitch/error but mite be my stupid brain. I found that with there beeing so many quests/side quests/ factions etc that I was sometimes really confused when I completed a quest and instantly failed another or skipped other quests for completing one that I shouldnt of been up to yet. This can leave the player feeling kind of cheated and confused as i really wanted to completed the quests and would have saved correctly if I knew the "quest failed" was approaching. All i can think of is that Bethesda or whoever is in controll, take a quick overlook of the quests and find out which ones are relevant to the story and make these quests unloackable only after youve completed the quests previous. Makes sense right??? And you would expect this to be the case, eg in GTA you wouldnt just run to the last mission and finish the whole main story in 15 mins, no , because you cant, you must build up to this stage and this is my only mayjor problem with new vegas. THE QUESTS OVERLAP IN A VERY CONFUSING WAY.

My advice for the game is do one and only ONE quest at a time, finish it and move on.
And if your game becomes a bit clunky when your visiting a new area or a large interactive area, try and slow the pace down. dont run for a min or two and dont fire your weapon. The game is only loading but real time. All in all my best game this year. On my 3rd playthrough already and in hardocre mode. Dont be put off, its really fun. ;)

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  Would rate lower if I could

| | See all StuCullen's reviews (5)

The game is decent enough but the bugs are the worst I have ever seen. Lost many hours of game play from the corrupt saves that plague it and the constant crashing which has stopped me from accessing every part of the game. People may think this rating is harsh, but to be frank if people bought a film and could not watch it all the way through I'd imagine everyone would give it a low score. I'm only applying the same principle to this game.

I'm sure there will be a patch released to fix these errors soon, however this doesn't change the fact that these errors exist essentially meaning Bathesda have released an incomplete game. Therefore I urge people not to buy this game until the problems have been fixed as then maybe they will release a full game in the future rather than a shamelessly careless rushed out product.

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  More of the same including the problems but still amazing

| | See all Hoppsy's reviews (7)

I thought i'd wait untill I had completed the game before writing this review and had a lot of fun, spent around 40 hours doing so and have still not seen a lot of the in game content. Fallout new vegas has virtually the same gameplay as fallout 3 and runs on the same game engine so if you loved fallout 3 you'll love new vegas. Additions to the gameplay although not groundbreaking, do add to the fun the biggest addition being the ability to have some control over followers you can have join your party throughout the game.

The game is truely immersive and you can find yourself spending hours and hours playing without realising the time has past, its that good but it does have its problems. As i mentioned the same oblivian engine is used for new vegas and there where a lot of bugs in the fallout 3 which i'm happy to say have been some what ironed out however i did experience a couple of annoying crash's and a few bugs, thankfully the bugs where not game breaking and although stopped me completing one side quest didnt take to much away from the overall enjoyable experience i had playing the game.

quests are fun and pretty varied although towards the end of the game i found the number of (purposefully) contradicting quests was a little confusing, there is a story branch that leaves you with lots of options and during the first playthrough i found this a little confusing. I have tried to be objective and mention the bad points of new vegas but the fact is a loved this game and even with its issues its one of the best RPG games available for ps3.
if your an RPG fan you'll no doubt have this game anyway, if your not give it a try and it just might change your mind about RPG's

  Great fun and as deep as you like. Shame about the glitches!

| | See all Oilman2uk's reviews (1)

Having played and loved Fallout 3 I was really pleased to hear they were doing another.

This is my type of game. As involved and deep as you want it to be or just blasting your way through the key challenges. In a world where you can complete 40 quid games in a day and just go on to play online challenges I totally get the scale and complexity of the various challenges this offers. I have played for about 30 hours and not even half way!!!!!!

However, Obsidian/Bethesda..... Come on....... get your act together. I must have rebooted this at least 15 times so far. The glitches are somewhat horrendous.

Game freezes when trying to trade with travelling traders!!!!
Game freezes when entering certain caves
Game freezes on going through doors into different areas.
Game freezes when fighting sometimes..........

this is most annoying. You have to switch off PS3 at back and totally restart everything.... aaarrrggghhhhhhhhh.

However this said, the saving grace is this games autosaves so often you rarely lose too much.

I love this game and just wish it was glitch free. It would have been 5 stars then.

  Immersive Gameplay

| | See all Gallanteer's reviews (1)

The twitchy finger brigade looking for a quick shooter with a linear plot and no thinking required should look away now (or keep playing COD in all its forms).

Obsidian have finally redeemed themselves after the disappointing Knights of the Old Republic 2 by creating a new gaming world in the rebooted fallout franchise, using the existing F3 game engine.

Yes, there were many bugs in F3 that caused the PS3 to crash or the occasional Super Mutant Behemouth to stand 20 feet in the air, and I am sure FNV has just as many (six hours in and I haven't noticed any yet though).

If you are looking for a game that offers more than a normal linear gameplay of FPS games, more depth and character creation then Red Dead and a world that REALLY reacts to your actions (good and bad) then this is the game for you.

The graphics quality may not match up to Red Dead or MW2, but the gameplay far exceeds them.

Forget about the Iron Sites, stick with the VATS system, it's what makes this RPG a bit different from the rest in terms of the game engine and reminds you that this in an RPG and not a FPS.

Prepare to lose many hours or days of your life playing this - it may be frivilous, but very rewarding.

As for the linear players amongst you? Play Bad Company 2 - the thinking man's FPS!

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  Very good

| | See all Hodgees's reviews (2)

Very good game, reccomend it. Would have been 5 stars, but there is just 1 problem, Fallout 3. Fallout 3 has a better story line, bigger map and much more playable. Sorry New Vegas :-(

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  More of the same - but does that have to be a bad thing?

| | See all Uzumaki's reviews (9)

I've been playing the game for a good few hours now and i must say, once again Bethseda have produced a fantastic game. However, gamers should be warned that this is by no means a massive change from Fallout 3. The gameplay is pretty much the same, as is the scenery

What you should expect is tweaked graphics that are slightly better all round, a better/longer and more in depth storyline, and more involvement from support characters. The new factions you can align with in the game are also a nice touch

They've also added a few tweaks such as weapons mods and creating your own meds, but again, nothing revolutionary here.

All in all, a fantastic game once again

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