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Fallout: New Vegas

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  Fallout New Vegas

| | See all popout's reviews (1)

Nice expansion pack, thats about all it is. Was expecting something new, disappointed.

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  Great but not amazing

| | See all lozzacaile's reviews (1)

Been playing the new Fallout game for quite some hours now and there are quite a few clitches and the game has from time to time freezed on me which sees me doing a hard-reset on my ps3. It is a tad annoying but the game is so good I don't tend to mind. I am annoyed by the fact that the magazines which you collect in the game don't raise your stats perminently - once used they have a time-limit on- not too keen on this. Making your own ammo and modifying your guns is a great feature. I'm still early through the game and haven't yet found anything to make me say "wow - that's new". So great game but nothing amazing!

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  Awsome Game! Fallout Fans will love it!

| | See all Jamie1976's reviews (4)

Firstly to anyone new to the Fallout franchise. This is a RPG (Role Playing Game) and a FPS (First Person Shooter). It is a free roaming game, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything! You have several choices of what to say in conversation when you meet new people which can affect the outcome differently and you even have a karma level. Be bad, get treated bad. Be good, get treated well. Secondly, for previous Fallout players. Here are some the improvements, in my opinion. You get to repair your own stuff, so if you have 2 shotguns for example. You can use the parts from the one in poorest condition to repair the other. Very handy when you find yourself in battle or overcumbered. Small bits of plant life have started to grow in the wastelands and these can be used for medical recipes. You can recycle ammo using empty cartridges and the right ingredients. Gamble on roulette, black jack and slots in numerous locations. Storyline is great and the game seems more vast than fallout 3. Companion Mode is very handy and makes battles easier with the help of a friend. AI friend that is! Not sure if Area 51 will be included in the game yet. If not then i'd imagine it will be a likely addon later down the line. All in all 5/5 great fun and it should keep all new players going until Christmas!

  Yeah maybe it is the same old car with a new paint job ...

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

but with a heck of a better paint job and go faster strips added on the side.

It is very similar to similar to the previous fallout, in fact very similar and is a bad thing no. I'll say it again, no. I loved fallout 3 and love this game as well.

However whilst I am impressed with the game, I would've liked maybe a few more improvements such as less glitches (already experienced some), better combat and a tweaked interface, rather than lifting the pip boy from fallout 3. And as such I understand people rating it down because of such things.

- What they have done though is a nice addition and the improved story is a very welcomed one.


| | See all taffyapple123x's reviews (4)

FO:NV is quite simply, breathtaking, with over double the amount of weapons found in FO3, the new ammo crafting and hardcore modes make this game an absolute gem. Acting has really improved and so has the story, from the moment you start it grips you, making you wondering what will happen next. As for bugs, i have only experienced one major freeze when entering New Vegas, but I am sure Bethesda will patch this amazing game asap. GET IT! :)

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| | See all Chubzy's reviews (6)

Ive been waiting for this game all year, now its arrived and im not dissapointed!
The nature of FONV is the same as FO3 which is just what i wanted. Im glad Obsidian havnt changed much a bar a new story line and improving/tweeking the gameplay.
Ive played for around 6 hours so far and cant put it down!
The wifes going to feel neglected again...
Game of the year?? i think so.

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  amazing, its more of what i love,

| | See all mgsgenesis's reviews (2)

dont listen too Rowan09,
ive had the game since thursday and ive not experianced any freezing or glitches,
yeah the game is the same of fallout 3, but it has a better story
and well if you liked/loved fallout 3, then you will love this game,

i recomend anyone that loved fallout or is new too the series to get this game

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| | See all ParadiseLost35's reviews (2)

Better than 3, though more a companion than a follow up. Theres even some blue sky in there.

Only problem is that it still tends to freeze at time but still, the best game ive played since Fallout 3

  Same old car, but it's got a new paint job...

| | See all Rowan09's reviews (3)

So I'll start off on the negative points.
I'm 10 mins into play and I've already got the trademark Fallout freeze up! You would of thought they'd have tried to improve on the freezing issue from FO3 but apparently not...
Instantly it's clear there's huge potential for replays in the story mode, but the skill tree is almost identical to FO3. It's clear that at the end of the game you will have nearly 100 in all skills and all the best equipment for all styles of play. Therefore just like with FO3, I'll be thinking, "yeah maybe I'd like to replay and follow a different story path, but I'll end up with exactly the same character as I had in my last play thru." That said there's a hardcore mode which may bring some variety...
As for improvements:
Weapon customization
Alternative ammo's
You can finally aim down the sights!

To conclude, if you've never played FO before than buy this one, it's the most ironed out, you'll love it. However, if you played FO3 it's the same car with a new paint job. Don't expect any major changes, but aiming down the sights of a weapon is a miracle!

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| | See all CaleBrock's reviews (12)

and when you think the game cant improve from fallout 3. it does.

- Better storyline
- More diverse characters
- A better and more diverse location (Nevada wasteland)

still glitchy and full of bugs but when you play this game you will think, 'who cares?'

Easily the best game of the year for the RPG lovers who love a game with a engaging story, black humour, and a open world for hundreds of hours of exploring.

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