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2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  Fantastic Valur for money

| | See all dogluva11's reviews (2)

this game is fantastic - i have all the fifa games, no it it not worth 40 quid but for 7.99 you cant go wrong

  A souvenir rather than a game

| | See all Evgene's reviews (4)

2010 World Cup: South Africa is a great game. Graphics, ratings and gameplay-wise it's a lot like FIFA11. Except you only get International teams, no manager mode, no career mode: nothing. You only get to live and relive the 2010 world cup.

This is of course still great value for money, but I think it's more a peice of memorabilia than an actual game.

  still great

| | See all acmillan's reviews (3)

Decided to get this game about a month ago for this price great game and one to go back to every few months. If you missed this one get it

  Frustrating and tedious. Very poor.

| | See all kevstar27's reviews (14)

Great presentation, great graphics and a huge amount of teams to choose from but these are the only good points and scant consolation. The actual in-game play is woeful. It's near enough impossible to score a goal, especially from range and the only way you can usually score is by counter-attacking. In good old EA fashion though, as soon as you score a goal the AI goes up your end and bangs one in, it's pathetic and unrealistic. The 50-50's are unfair as you usually never win them. Trying to tackle the opposition is impossible yet when the AI wants to get the ball off you it seems to do it with relative ease. Whenever you try to tackle you will either miss completely or you will touch the ball only for it to: a) remain at the opponents feet. b) ricochet into the direction of another opponent. c) the ball will go out of play in the opponents favour. or d) the ref will blow for a free-kick to the AI. Very rarely will you win the ball cleanly and effectively. Trying to run past a defender for pace is pointless as you never can even if you are Ronaldo or Walcott and trying to outrun some slow Uzbekistani fullback. Skill moves are very hard to pull off. Alot of the time it's hard enough just keeping the ball for 2 seconds as you are constantly and effectively hounded by defenders. The passing is woeful and inaccurate and the game is just generally very frustrating and tedious to say the least. Big shame.


| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

This is by far the best world cup EA has created in their FIFA World Cup series. The atmosphere, graphics, and user interface are much improved over last world cup.

First, the positives:

The game play is pretty realistic. The defense is much harder to break down than in previous versions, which seems to keep the scoreline in check.

The online mode is awesome. You can actually pick a team and challenge other teams in world cup.

As far as the graphics go, I believe they're pretty strong. Stadiums, game action, and atmosphere, everything looks good. The crowds make you feel you are actually in the stadium.

Having 199 teams is a huge plus. You can even pick Afghanistan. LOL

Having two Button game play is a great addition for new comers in game.

Penalty kicks have improved and they are alot harder to score.

Btw the Goal looks bigger.

The negatives:

You still can`t play against friends in 2 vs 2 match up.

There are no clubs in it, but that doesn't bother me since I have Fifa 09 and Fifa 10.

Overall. it's a great game. If you want more features and clubs go buy Fifa 10, but if you want better graphics more International teams get this. This

game comes out every 4 years so I didn't mind paying for it and enjoy having my hometown team in there. So if you are hardcore fan of soccer or your

country didn`t make it to world cup buy this. You won't regret.

  "and andorra win the world cup"

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

Best fifa game when it came out, by far. One of the few "competition" games that really improved on its fellow yearly release. Its an excellent game, for all football enthusiasts.


| | See all macwill18's reviews (4)

This is the best world cup game ever made. It is a must have. Even though the 2010 world cup is over, don't let that put you off, a must have!!! :)

  Much, much better from EA!

| | See all BigShow82's reviews (15)

Now this is more like it. As soon as I had played one game I could tell how much better this was going to be. The shooting has improved, the heading, the reaction times, the passing. Just about everything! It is still a hard game when u have it on a high level but it doesn't take the enjoyable element out of it. If u make mistakes u will get punished. Trust me if u play this and then try FIFA 10 again u will see the how much they have improved this game straight away.

This is the first game since Pro Evo 6 that has had me totally hooked. I can't stop playing it and neither can my mates. We played it all weekend not long ago and we didn't get bored. The only real draw back is that u can't play as your favourite club but hey its a World Cup game so enough said. Sure there are a few annoying things but when is anything ever perfect? I'm sure these will be addressed.

I for one can't wait for FIFA 11. If its anything like this then EA have pulled their finger out and got it right back on track!

What a game!!

  very good but a little ltd

| | See all Lucas24's reviews (25)

got this as part of a deal when buying my PS3 and being a Pro Evo fan normally I was a little dubious. However the game doesnt disappoint, either start in the finals or qualify, plus the option to have friendlies along the way in qualifying it does give a couple of good options to play.

However once you have done the qualifying and the tournament there isnt much after that, and id imagine after winning the world cup it will be a bit boring, would have liked to see a league option or a custo cup/tournament option, still its a very good game and will see me through to when the FIFA and PES series come out later in the year.

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  Sing Sing Africa!!

| | See all cosmiccalamity's reviews (1)

I really am enjoying this game on my ps3 it captures brilliantly the atmosphere and realism of the World Cup. EA sports have improved the gameplay and the graphic are what you would expect from Fifa. They updated the squads playing in the Cup on the opening day and have other extras. I especially the story of qualifying section which gives you chance to replay bits from the road to Africa the current World cup scenarios and the last world cup if you unlock them. A great summer distraction while waiting for the new Fifa. Authentic and enjoyable, well done, oh a and vuvazelas galore!!