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Transformers: War For Cybertron

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  war for cybertron

| | See all speedyread's reviews (3)

Transformers War for Cybertron is a impressive game but ill get strait to the point i think transformers war for cybertron has a fantastic campaign you can choose to be Autobots or Decepticons.
You have great weapons, the only thing is about this game is it has five levels for each campaign but the levels are really long.
I don't really know why everyone is saying that online is great, i think the only good thing about online making your own transformer the online play not terrible but online gameplay i would give a 2 star.
the story line has saved this game from being a game for staying on shelves in stores and to be never be played again
more information please add trickyready

  Old Skool Epic

| | See all FireflyIV's reviews (12)

This game is definetly a portrail of the old skool Transformers allowing you to play as both Autobot and Decepticon through campaigns. Over all brilliant gameplay through out missions keep you going through out with a very good story behind it i really enjoyed this game. Play as third person ofcourse one thing i did find annoying was not having the ability to Transform at will all the time but apart from this is give it 4 Stars and believe its a must have for fans of new school and old school Transformers

  Overall, this is a great game... let down by one major fault

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

I would say to anyone who is a transformers fan to play this game. If you are just an FPS fan, then maybe give it a rent and try it out.

Overall, this is a very good game and a must play for anyone who loves Transformers. The storyline is top-notch and adds a massive chunk of lore to the transformers universe by answering the question of how he became Prime and why they left Cybertron.

As a FPS game... its not perfect.

It suffers from one MAJOR issue, which I really can't understand how the designers allowed this. Its simply unbalanced in terms of ammunition and health pick-ups!

I can think of countless times during the game, either in a normal fight or against a boss, where I simply ran out of ammunition because there was NONE around to pick up, and was close to death because there was also NO health pick-ups.

It results in some of the most frustrating and insain gaming i've experienced in years.

I had a situation where I was fighting one of the harder enemies who carries a sheild for around 16 minute because I had NO ammunition in either my two weapons or my vehicle mode. I was also very low on health and none to collect.

I had to wait for my 2 A.I controlled characters kill him... slowly while I took the occasional swipe with my axe. It took a while and involved a lot of shouting.

This situation is unfortunately made 10 times worse because this game can throw LOTS of enemies at you at one time. Some fight sequences seem to go on a long time, and some enemies or boss fights can be harsh.

Another thing which you may find weird ingame, is that your Vehicle based weapon has a limited amount of ammuntion too. You would expect the transformers main, body weapon (which they use while either as a jet or a car) to be limitless incase your main hand weapon ran out? But no!!!

It also can run out... hence the reason you find yourself unable to attack anything. And the hand-to-hand fighting is useless and just results in you taking a lot of damage.

Its a shame, because if it wasnt for frustration caused by bad resourcing of ammuntion and health, this would be an amazing game!! And I mean amazing!

The online deathmatches are a lot of fun too.

The game has two other, lesser, issues unfortunately.

1) The cut-scenes suffer from BAD, and I mean BAD... screen taring. You can see the pre-rendered scenes finding it hard to render correctly and you get massive drops in animation rate. You also have times when the ingame animation suffers taring and loading times can just drop it to a halt.

2) The game ALWAYS does a "checking" thing at the start, aftering putting the disc in... which can take a while!

Ignoring those two small issues... and that MAJOR one with design... this is a great game worth playing. Mostly for the storyline.

  Transformers at their best

| | See all Triad9's reviews (7)

Firstly I have to say I was unsure about this game due to the last Transformer game tie ins. No one wants to pay out full price for a game which become a complete flop, which fortunate enough this isn't. The single player is enough to keep you going as it tries to draw you in. You have the Autobot side and the Decepticon side which you have the choice of three characters to choose from. This being different depending what art of the game your in. The graphics are appealing although cartoonish quite satisfying and has the detail you want and expect. Yes it is based as the 80's but with a difference as if you ever watched the movie the characters are a little different. You will notice this as prime is a bit of a tank instead of a truck which is a bit of a shame but doesn't ruin the game.

As for multiplayer this is a fun experience there are enough people online so you should always manage to get a match. As you would expect you play as Autobots or Decepticons but much more interesting which works. You have your choice of different robots like medics, defenders, leaders and so on and as you play they upgrade. So if you play well you get more equipment to carry with the robot you were playing as. You get to customise your weapons, robots using different colours items and just set out how you want it. This is a great thing being able to choose what you want rather than being made to be stuck with little choice. As I imagine other people might say its a little like MW2 which yes it is a little. This is only when your getting kill streaks but very much different which is a good thing but still its own. This is not one of those games that feels like its taken someone else ideas.

This is a unique game of its own I think most people will enjoy this game, yes occasional moaners here and there but everyone has their own opinion. Single player probably wont have you sucked into it as the multiplayer, which is an experience I will never forget. I believe as long as people are playing this game online I think will be around for a while. If it had of been single player we would probably play it once then chuck it to one side with the other games. 4 out of 5 because of the single player just didn't quite cut it as good as some of the other games out there.

  This game is 'Mega'tron

| | See all happyman701's reviews (7)

I was slightly worried when I heard that they were going to make another Transformers game.

But as soon as I started playing I never wanted to stop! The campaign is quite short but it is long compared to other games. You can choose to play as Autobots and Decepticons.

The game goes right back to G1 - before the Transformers had made contact with Earth.Also Hasbro has said that this game is the history before the Cartoons.

The voice acting is great - and they even used the original voice actor for Optimus Prime from the original G1 series

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  megatron mega fun

| | See all shoey85's reviews (4)

I am a transformers fan, I love the G1 series, the rest of the cartoons I never watched because they were not true transformers.

I liked both the movies, they were not bad, but not great either.

This game is great if you are a transformers g1 fan, but dont mind a little few twists in the characters, and also if you are a game fan, as it is fun, and easy to pick up, get the hang of and play.

I will start with what is missing, which isnt much.

It could do with a longer single player campaign, but compared with most games now the campaign is a good length.

Lol I would have liked the 90's movie sound track added and the 90's character voices added, optimus is on the money but the rest come from the movies, or sound like they do, but its not a big thing, just a fan thing. Would have been awesome.

I would have liked more playable characters or more in the game, single player that is.


Well everything.

Gameplay is fantastic, gfx awesome, voice acting great, tight story, fantastic multiplayer, authentic transformers action that feels true to the original g1 story, which is the big plus, it takes you too that world again.

It took me a while to purchase this as I didnt want to be let down by it, and I have to say as a transformers fan I have not been in anyway, I wish the movies were done like this.

Escalation mode is a blast, multiplayer is addictive and the lvl up system keeps you going back.

This is the best game, best anything form of media produced for g1 transformers since the g1 series ended.

Trust, buy it

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  Too short and too much of the same

| | See all LordCobweb's reviews (3)

Seen the reviews and thought I'd give it a go. Ok, so I only played the campaign mode but thought all 10 levels were more or less the same and they took arounf 30-45mins each to complete. So bored by this time that couldn't be bothered to play again. Good graphics and good to go back to the old school with the original Transformers feel but not for me. Then again, not really a shoot em up player.

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  Awful predecessors transformed!

| | See all 0ptimus's reviews (4)

Anyone played Transformers and Transformers ROTF on PS3? Well don't. And i'm a Transformers fan. 2 games that were, above all, BORING. Well, good news. This game isn't. In fact, it's a right laugh.

The style of the game is very definite: it's aimed at the 80s cartoon and fans will be delighted with the homages to this era. Even the trophy names are taken from the 80s cartoon movie.

It nails the three key elements of a good game; Campaign, Multiplayer, Online. It owes its success a little to Modern Warfare 2, as the Online style is lifted directly from it (classes, killstreaks, perks, etc) but the interest level is upped by the ability to transform and is fun from start to finish.

The single player campaign allows you to play as Autobots or Decepticons, and experience the battle for control of Cybertron. Fans will be delighted that Peter Cullen takes the role of Optimus (not Prime, you should note!) and does a great job as always. The other voice actors do a great job of their characters, and the script is tight and well delivered.

The 3rd person shooting gameplay is very solid, but a couple of key things are missing which would have improved it; a definite cover system ala Gears of War, and a bit more hand to hand comabt when you get up close, but you'll still have great fun clomping through the battered realms of war-torn Cybertron, shooting a Decepticon in the face, and then transforming and blasting off at high speed.

As a nice treat, the game features an Escalation mode which sees you surviving against wave after wave of robot enemies. Just like Nazi Zombies in World at War. Lots of fun.

It's impossible not to find this game fun. It has it's faults, but none that will inhibit your enjoyment. A great throwback to the 80s Transformers, the experience is tight and polished from start to finish. Very good.

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  Finally a great Transformers game

| | See all ManveerS's reviews (4)

Well, i had doubts about this game thanks to the two other terrible games that i bought and put down after a couple of hours, but this game reminded me of when i was young and used to watch the original G1 series, the characters and graphics are amazing and it so so fun to transform, even after the hundreth time! Both campaigns are great fun but i have to say a bit short of what i expected, it took me around 7 hours on hard, which for once on a game is actually pretty difficult!

The multiplayer in this game just blew me away, as the classes are just perfectly balanced and take some practice and skill to use. It is sometimes challenging to play against a group of high levels but it feels so good to shoot a fusion cannon shot at a flying scientist and seeing them explode. The graphics on this game are amazing and it blew me away with the colour and the explosions.

To be honest, anybody who wants to have fun and experience what a good transformers game should be like, perhaps after playing the first two, should really get this game!

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