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Blazblue: Calamity Trigger - Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

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  2D fighting brilliance and all in glorius HD

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I have been waiting for BlazBlue for so long now I cannot remember! However the wait was well worthwhile. It is probably one of the most fun fighting games I have ever bought. If you know what I mean by fun. Firstly the controls are very easy to manage and there are not too many choices you have to make before you can get on with things. And once you do you wont look back. Like any fighting game you have got to get beyond the button mashing if you want to experience the full range of moves available. I started slowly with the training mode and got an idea of how to link moves together. Ultimately you have some extraordinary effects through the Drives. But I have yet to get an Astral Heat off the ground.

BlazBlue feels quite different from the Tekken and SF games I have played before. I do not know if it is because they are becoming samey-samey (though still good) or if BlazBlue is fresh because it is a new game. I am no expert of the genre.

It got all the standard modes you would expect: Arcade, Versus, Training, Online, etc. But it has also got a little gem hidden inside. There is an innocent looking choice called STORY. That is all it says STORY! But when you select it you are off into a new experience completely. It is deep, intricate and plays exactly like an RPG Adventure game. You learn everything about the stories that brought each of the really weird characters to the 13th Hierarchical City (cannot remember the full name, but it is quite Japanese). I wont spoil anything, but you also find out what BlazBlue is all about. The commentary is mixed between sugary sweet and dark anger. Very well put together.

  Very awesome

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This has to be one of the best fighting games I've ever played, partly because of the anime style of the characters and backdrops and mostly because of how fluent the controls are. They might take a while to get used to, but when you do you'll be pulling of massive 25-hit combos with ease.

The characters themselves are unique, including a ninja using a giant nail for a weapon and a half-cat half-human who loves to eat. The anime style is great, the sprites for each character looks amazing especailly in HD and the background for each arena is equally impressive.

There is a story mode for each character which you'll have to play through multiple times to get 100 percent for them, the story is really hit or miss but I found it fun, mainly because of the sharp writing some of them deliver.

If you go for the limited edition then you get an instructional DVD, which you'll probably want to watch if you are struggling a bit, and also an artbook. Unfortunately I don't think its as big as the American artbook but its still very cool. And all of this comes in a biggish cardboard box with the BlazBlue logo on the front and it looks great.

Basically if you enjoy your fighting games then you can't do much better than BlazBlue.

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  a lot of fun

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I actually got the american version of this almost a year ago and I have to say at first I was a little skeptical as I'm not really a fan of fighting games, specially sprite fighting games but man was I surprised, the controls feel great, the characters are awesome and it's just a lot of fun, it's fast and there's tons of moves but it's also simple enoguh to pick up and have a go, the real is multiplayer, beating up your mates is satisfying although people who use Jin... well let's just say he's very cheap.. the online doesn't lagg at all either which is cool and it's very playable. So yeah I would definbately pick it up if your a fan of the genre!

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  Utterly Bonkers!!

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Imported this from the states when it was released there a few months ago, and was very impressed!
If you're 2D fighter fan and enjoyed the Guilty Gear games just order now!
The graphics are stunning and controls are sharp and fun to pick up but difficult to master (as all fighting games should be ;-) )
The characters are all very different both in appearance and technique and there's something for everyone., the game is bonkers and covers all the crazy Japanese-ness you might expect.
This really is a cracking game, not sure if this edition comes with the J-pop soundtrack CD but it'd be a shame if it doesn't!

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