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Madden NFL 11

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Great Action, Ive only played the demo haha

| | See all Jonny20's reviews (3)

This game is so great!! Im Welsh, so new to the NFL, I cant put the controller down, unless I lose!! lol Which i'll just throw a tantrum haha!! Im gonna wait til the price lowers though & may buy the 2010 version to keep me waiting :D

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  Just Great

| | See all spidreman83's reviews (2)

The last American Football game i owned the original John Madden on the mega drive and hasent it it changed!! i am really hooked as its very easy to pick up looks so much better then fifa! and you can learn alot bout NFL by playing this!!!!

  like NFL, you will love this.

| | See all chicago's reviews (4)

I have been buying Madden for nearly 20 years and even if you got Madden 10 this is still worth every penny. FIFA doesn't change much, but people still buy that every year. The Madden moments part of the game is very good and the AFL game mode. Enjoy

  pure class

| | See all burgertron's reviews (3)

as response to the poor reviews above, you clearly dont have a clue how to play this game......the "quick game" feture now makes a 45 min game like on madden 10 only last 20-30 min on madden 11. with the option to make your own playbook or to stick with your teams exsiting plays still makes this game a true american football experience!
if you love american football purchace this game and you will fibd this game as fun as i do

  If you own Madden 10, don't bother

| | See all Volatile's reviews (1)

I think I'll start this review with the changes to this years game.....hmmmmm, with there being so few, that could be a problem. Firstly, the Franchise and Superstar modes are exactly the same as last years game, which is a huge let down, considering that they are the core of the game. I remember the depth that the Madden games used to go into in the PS2 games, and it's painful to see the watered down version EA has been pumping out on the next gen consoles. Any graphics upgrades have gone completely unnoticed by myself, and although there are some new pre-game visuals, its the same from team to team. The Superbowl finally has some fanfare though, which is a feature that has been missing for too long. The new gameflow system works pretty well streamlining the game, but isn't above calling ridiculous plays on occasion. The new commentary with Gus Johnson can get a bit ridiculous and over the top, and the menu music is nowhere near as good as last year (I nearly ripped my own ears off when Kiss' "Rock & Roll All Night" came on, with it's incessanlty long, repeating ending). There has been a pretty good upgrade to the running game, but it feels like it, and most of the other good features, have been shamelessly lifted from NCAA 11.

The biggest let down for me though is the fact there are still annoying glitches in the game itself that haven't been fixed from last years game. Corners still on occasion make cuts before your own receivers like mind readers, linemen still ignore the occasional pass rusher, and once again levels seem to have very little to do with the stats players can put up.

The reason I gave this game 3 stars is it's exactly like Madden 10, and if you haven't bought the game in a few years, you'll still enjoy it. Unfortunately, Madden 10 wasn't the best base model to start with, and veteran Maddenites hoping for some major improvements will be dissapointed. If you want a good football game, spend a little extra and have a copy of NCAA 11 shipped over.

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  madden 11 garbage

| | See all alexreid123's reviews (2)

its the same game every year lack of inovation again!!! choppy gameplay,lots of issues and full of presentation gimmicks!!!
the only thing different is gameflow gimmick n strategy pad!!! DO NOT BUY

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  Annihilates Madden 10!

| | See all marborg's reviews (2)

I just received this game today, and straight away from firing up a normal exhibition match I immediately see the improvements. I love the 'Gameflow' feature which allows the coach to talk to the quarterback in the helmet. It allows the game to have a much faster feeling to it and you can finish a game in half the time than Madden 10.
The way the players move and catch and block etc seems so realistic and really does make it feel like you are participating in an actual game.
There has been a lot of negative assumptions about this game because of previous let downs but trust me it is a much better gaming experience than all the others!
I suppose the main fault that I find with the game is that they seem to have used a lot of the same commentary and cut-scenes (eg: when scoring a touchdown, players do the same actions like in 10, and some commentary sections are exactly the same). Apart from that, I am very much enjoy my Madden 11 experience!

  Madden is heading in the wrong direction!!!

| | See all FFHoppy's reviews (1)

I have been a massive Madden fan all my life and have bough every Madden game ever realised. Having got this Madden I most say I am deeply disapointed. I have also bought NBA2k10 and must say they have taken a massive step in the right direction with the my player mode which I cant understand why a similar method isn't used in the new madden. Also on the become a superstar mode why havent they brought back atleast the drills you have to do to create your player having just a few points you can stick anywhere is a set backwards. Next the online gaming sucks just as much if not more than the last Madden with it constantly timing out which has nothing to do with my internet as I am constantly playing other games online with no problems. And last but not least the Franchise mode hasn't had a single change from the last one. (Bring back the radio convos with player about the games rather than the extra point).

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