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Killzone 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  excellent game

| | See all Kastaja's reviews (1)

One of the best shooters for the console, I was positively surprised. I bought it only for the single player game and it was definitely worth it. Some of the driving parts were a little annoying but otherwise a great game!

  a must buy

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

ive just completed this game and i have to say its a belter and does not let you down great graphics story game play everything youd expect form killzone it just keeps getting better and better and it has very good online play everything you want and need from a fps shooter one of the best

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  Truely a brilliant game!

| | See all Allstar180's reviews (92)

Campaign is great all though could be just a little longer. I'm not a great fan of driving vehicles in FPSes. Find them a little tedious. But driving machines in this game is just epic. And loving the silent mission, COD style, where you take on the enemy silently by shooting them with a silencer or meleeing. Malee on this game is brilliant on campaign and on line.

There is a level on this game where you have to take on this massive machine and I mean MASSIVE. I've played a lot of games taken on huge armour machines that are a round 100 foot high. Making the gamer feel like oh god how am i gonna take this on.

But nothing prepares you for this armour machine on Killzone 3. The machine I'm on about is called "MAWLR" this machine is a round 500 foot high. But because of its great level of detail and graphics. It makes you think "HOLY S***!!!". A great level!

Oh and lets not forget about the on line play. Its the best on line shooter on the PS3 so far.

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  you cant hide from the helghast

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

This is an amazing game, and when i say amazing, i mean fantasticly amazing. This is the best sony entertainment game i have played. The campaign is the best campaign i have played. It just beats batman arkham asylum. The online is pro too. There are 3 online modes, it is great. Although it isnt as adicting as COD online. There is going to be a kz4 i know it because of the ending on kz3 campaign. This has to be one of the best action games of the year. Already it is in my top 3 favourite games of the year. Know your enemy.

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  One of The Best Titles on PS3

| | See all Pagey3103's reviews (1)

Having owned both xbox360 and PS3 i have played some of the great games for both consoles. Killzone 3 is excellent I would describe it as one of the best titles for a PS3 exclusive title, its a mix between Gears of War and Halo.

Gameplay has evolved this first person shooter massively as you can take cover behind objects and pop up and shoot from behind it. Only Gears of War has enabled you to do this previously.

The campaign story is decent and has a decent plot but by far the look of the game graphically is some of the best graphics I have seen for the PS3. They have clearly put alot of effort into making this game. The Helghan world looks amazing and the atmoshere of the game increases the experience of playing it. i would say the graphics are better in game than some of the movies between missions but that is only a good thing.

Genereally all missions are addictive and you will want to keep playing them althouh the missions where you are in vehicles are not enjoyable as, in most of the vehicle missions, you only controls the weapons and not the movement of the vehicle itself, which is controlled by the CPU. I found these mission to be boring and annoying and it was more a chore to get them completed to move on to the next. And for this reason I would only give it 4.5 stars if I could

Another thing is that all the helghans appear to have the same British accent for some reason however it does not spoil the game.

Its definantly a game that should be owned by any PS3 owner.

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  WOW!!! ........And the campaign has a story to it!!!!!!!!

| | See all MRHONESTYHIMSELF's reviews (3)

For a long time now I have been playing "First Person Shooters".

And I'm sure like most people, that I've not really come across a game that could better the Call Of Duty franchise.

There were the odd few over the years that had a chance to take cod's crown but they just didn't have it in them.

Infinity Ward and Treyarch just got it right I guess! Although Id have to say that Infinity Ward just edges it.

Up until about a half hour ago Modern Warfare 2 was the pinnacle for me ,of any game regardless of Genre (Even when you have to put up with all the pathetic little children who ruin most games by cheating) it just WORKED!! The handling and movement was perfection. So SMOOTH!!

But then I bought this (KILLZONE 3)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What really made me happy about how amazing this game is, is that it's a Sony exclusive.
If you like cod then you will love this....GUARANTEED!!

Please don't listen to the Xbox fan boys as they're just jealous that they don't get to play it.

I own both consoles and the PS3 is technically far far more superior it just lacks MORE ultra brilliant games like this.

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  Still the best

| | See all Daddage's reviews (44)

As a massive KZ2 fan, I am biased, but seriously - this is the best FPS there is. Campaign mode? I don't really do it, good as it is. The online multiplayer is the place to be - so immersive, and now you can use better hardware, like the jet packs and Exo, a good step beyond what KZ2 offered. Plus, you don't have to grind all the way up from a grunt - I started as an Engineer, and now have pretty much full unlock within 3 weeks of occasional (lengthy) play. The new missions types e.g. guerilla or ops add a bit of variety. Not so keen on the new squad functionality. Seems clunkier than KZ2. I'd prefer to revert this to KZ2 functionality, with on-screen squad member stats view. That's my only criticism.

  wow what a game

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

killzone 3 has blown my head away it is a very solid game the single play is fantastic the online does compare with cod but the online is unqine the online play is mjuch easier to use than the kill zone 2 but if you want to get this game i would suggest that you have completed killzone 2 because this is a follow on from it. i hope they will be making more killzone games


| | See all EliteMonk's reviews (6)

After being a huge Call of Duty player for many years I have finally given up on the game, I recently bought KZ3 and to my suprise it was incredible, the Graphics are incredible with a fantastic HD look, the storyline is quite good throughout! I must say from playing some of the Multiplayer it also strikes me as a much more entertaining experience! I would definately reccomend this game for anyone but especially people who are looking for a brand new First person shooter!

Campaign - 8.5/10
Multiplayer - 9 - 9.5/10