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L.A. Noire

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Great game !

| | See all VULCANGLOCK's reviews (7)

This probably isn't for everyone..... however persevere and you will slowly realise what a great game this is . After the first few cases you may think that the game is going to be a bit 'samey' and therefore tedious but these first few cases are just to get you into the swing of things .
As the story developes ( and OMG , does it develop ! ) you get caught up in the whole 1940's genere . The background music is great and the incidental dialogue portrays the attitudes of people in those times with regard to race , social standing etc .
One of the biggest kicks I got was thinking that the main character looked exactly like one of the main characters in 'Mad Men' .
An even bigger realisation when I spotted two or three more characters from this series -and finally towards the end of the game the actor in the tv sci fi drama 'Fringe' (or lord Denethor in Lord of the Rings ! ). The facial expressions, lip synching and script make this a must buy - especially at this price !! The story is superb . The background story related by B/W flashbacks seemed pointless at first but became very relevant as time went on . I agree that it would be nice to have different weapons available - other than ones you pick up from dead characters . The fist fights are good .
Driving is quite difficult at times , but putting on the siren or tooting your horn ( in a civilan vehicle ) helps a great deal .
The gameplay map is vast and there are many things I didn't bother doing like finding the hidden vehicles, viewing all the newspapers etc ... Rockstar have done it again and produced a superb game . My only real dislike is the unecessary use of the 'C' word in one part of the game - After 30 years as a police officer I'm no prude - but just like 'Read Dead Redemption' ( probably THE best game ever ! ) some of the language is not needed - It doesn't add anything to the gameplay or story.......
If your in any doubt as to how much work went into this game then sit through the credits at the end ( about fifteen minutes worth !! ) and
you'll realise what a vast professional undertaking this was .
The only thing I can say is PLEASE Rockstar -- make another one !!

  Way too easy don't get the hype at all

| | See all matador78's reviews (4)

I was really excited about the prospect of this game and newly got it on release date, the mixed reviews put me off and I went for alternatives.
I've finally got round to playing it and I'm so glad I didn't pay the full price at release day.
I honestly don't know how anyone could give the game 5* the game play is ridiculously easy, very repetative and don't get me started on the street crimes my 4 year old daughter could have done them!!!
If I'd have played say 4-5 cases and reviewed the game it may have been different, but I've just platinumed it I can't see how you could give the overall game more than 3*.

Great idea, poorly executed.

  Briliant game but lacks replayability

| | See all Timo74's reviews (1)

Initially this game appears to be a five star game, with it's awesome atmosphere, storylines & it's whole idea of playing as a LAPD cop who works his way up the ranks through the different desks but it did seem to lack in the replayability department for me. I must admit, whenever I picked up the controller to play the game, I found it extremely difficult to put down due to the gripping storyline and not wanting to step away from the screen until I'd solved a case, but after a while you begin to feel the game becomes slightly repetitive, especially with the street missions where you seem to be doing the same thing every time (There are 30 of these). I also become very frustrated by games that offer trophies for things such as finding film reels in hidden locations, as you find yourself searching for these once you've completed the game and it just doesn't feel fun. Overall though I would definitely recommend it, especially as a rental like I did.

  heavy rain and gta had a baby while taking steroids

| | See all lethalsaint's reviews (15)

Brillliiiiaannt!!! This is the best game game of 2011 by far. Worth ever penny

  most boring game

| | See all SonGokuuuu's reviews (1)

This has to be one of the most boring games ive ever played and it doesnt even have multiplayer but the graphics are good but whats good graphics without good gameplay and fun gameplay

  Amazing...Amazing... Amazing

| | See all Yelinho's reviews (5)

Rockstar surprised me soo much in this game. Not the usual shooting driving around, more shooting more driving around. A very strategic and mentally challenging game. If you like games that require planning ahead and tracing back on your tracks then this is really for you. They story is a decent length not too long and not too short... the ending is a slight let down only because, i expected something a little more dramatic and obvious caught me by surprise but not in a good way. either way this game is excellent!

  5 Star

| | See all Skelton88's reviews (3)

This game is one to have, Brilliant storylines which involves shooting, chases on foot and by car, fights etc. Interviewing suspects is great you can dig deep into their one or irratate them to losing your case, try it out.

  Completed it and loved it..

| | See all CheapSeller's reviews (24)

This game is something new for the Console series, having you placed into the shoes of a 40's detective rising up the ranks. First off the graphics are excellent, they remind me of Red Dead Redemption and the 1940's cars look accurate, and drive accurately. The story this game holds is not of your average Grand Theft Auto, it may of been helped by Rockstar and may of hold some similarities but its not an sandbox kind of game, you can't just run around stealing cars and shooting people because you're a cop. I've played the story through 2 times and its been fairly similar, but I still feel the urge to play it through again. The most, accurate attention to detail Team Bondi made with this game is their new Motion Capture device, which makes facial animations absolutely superb, its never been done in a game and it really immerses you in the experience, and to tell if a Suspect is lying or not. As any other game, it does have its flaws, such as no upcoming DLC, there is only about 4 DLC Cases on the market, and no more are being released, car chases are good, but the car movement of the person you're chasing looks scripted and it doesn't look real and sometimes you'll notice a few little glitches when the character talks, such as their mouth going funny for a brief second. Overall this should be a good buy for any console owner at the minute, its a good game while it lasts but once you complete it there wont be much left to do on it.

  Best game of 2011! Truly Awsome!

| | See all hillbilly's reviews (4)

This game is by far the best game brought out this year. It is competely different to anything I have seen in gaming so far. The game gets you very involved, it's not just driving fast and shooting people even though I am still a very big fan of Grand Theft Auto!

The cases take you through lots of tough investigation including interrogations and revieling whether they are lying or telling the truth. There is also a good mix of car chases and shoot outs but amongst all of this you get very attatched to the characters and there is a real wild ride with where the game takes you.

If you want a game to fill the gap for the next Grand Theft Auto then this is exactly what you want, all you need is a little bit of patience and a decent amount of effort, and this game will have you glued for hours!